June 12, 2009

The End of Overeating: Review and Giveaway

Sometimes people fail to realize that we have two bloggers at Cranky Fitness: Crabby McSlacker and Merry Sunshine.

(Crabby is the Crabby one, and Merry is the Nice one.)

Of course, some of the confusion comes from the fact that our byline gets dropped on some feed readers and email subscriptions and there's no way to figure out who wrote the post.

Note to self: FIX THAT SOMEDAY!

And other times, folks have noticed a similarity in our styles and come to suspect that we are actually the same person writing under two different names.

Well, in case you had any doubts, here is proof we are two different bloggers entirely:

If Crabby and Merry were the same person, "Crabby" would not have undertaken to write a book review post the day after "Merry" wrote a thoughtful, entertaining, and informative book review post! She would have given you a cat video instead, or she would have, as "Merry," written a lamer, lazier post so the contrast wasn't so obvious.

But, alas, Crabby is a whole different person from Merry, and did not think to check with Merry before scheduling this review and giveaway. So somehow, Crabby has to entice you to read her book-related post, even though we just ran one yesterday on a different book.

Hmm... How to do this?

By taking the low road, that's how!

So here are 5 good reasons why you should follow Crabby over to the product review page to find out more about "The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite."

1. The End of Overeating is near the top of the New York Time Best Seller List and everyone else is reading it so you might want to at least find out what it's about!

2. You might want to learn all about "orosensory self-stimulation" and the "hedonic hotspot," even though the first term is not actually as dirty as it sounds and the second is not the name of a trendy new nightclub in L.A. where you can spot celebrities.

3. The book has some fascinating accounts about what the food industry does to make you willing to sell your grandmother for another bite of their strangely compelling concoctions.

4. You can WIN A COPY of the book by leaving a comment!

5. And, in a completely pathetic bid to compete with Merry's scholarly analysis, I've included a whole new photo of the nearly naked Italian Men's soccer team. Which I won't even pretend has anything to do with the subject at hand.

So c'mon, everyone, come join me over at the Cranky Fitness Product Page and learn more about The End of Overeating!

UPDATE: Sorry, I didn't make it very clear that you need to go to the Product Page link to enter the contest! I'll include the first 10 comments here in the drawing too, but from now on, please go comment there if you want to win the book. But if you just have an observation, this post is good too! (It has to do with advertising guidelines--we can't do product giveaways on the main page). Sorry for the confusion!



  1. As I binger, I wonder if that would actually be a decent book for me to read?

  2. I'd love to read this, but alas! I have the wrong address.

  3. sounds like a good book me AND my husband need to read! i'd love to win this!!

  4. I would really enjoy a chance to win this book-it looks really interesting.

  5. And to think - literally seconds before I saw this post I googled "how to stop binge eating"

    Which is nearly almost the same thing as this book's title, even though I've never heard of it before now.


  6. You know what my husband said to me after I whined about training for and finishing a bicycle CENTURY and not losing any weight? He said, "I don't do any exercise and I'm losing weight. I think I know what your problem is - you need to stop eating so much."


    But I'll have the last laugh when the zombies come and his malnourished body fails him...

    Anyway, I'd love to win the book since apparently that's my problem.

  7. I just found your blog and I love it! I'm def going to look into that book. Thanks & I look forward to more posts!

  8. LOL Thanks for the clarification, Cranky...er...Merry...er, wait a sec... ;)

    Looks like a great book -- would love to win!

  9. Sorry folks, you need to go over to the product page to enter the contest... plus, the Italian Soccer boys want to party!

    But comments are welcome here too, it just won't enter you in the drawing.

    The comments above this one are in, though, because I didn't make it very clear.

  10. Coincidentally, I'm reading 'How to Conquer your Food Addiction' by Caryl Ehrlich right now. I'd love to read this one and get some more info on the subject. :)

  11. Aaaaand I'm now going over to the product page. :D

  12. I'd love the book too. Binge eating...sigh I know it well.

  13. I will check out the book at the store. I am interested in what he is saying but I know others need the book more than I do.

    Still a bit irritated with him for his comment on how people should say, "I'll hate myself if I eat that," Kessler advises." BUT I know there is other good advice in there so I will get over that & check out the book at the bookstore.

  14. Ah, shoot -- I missed the first 10 comments, but the book still looks like it is right up my alley. I'm terribly guilty of overeating (hence the weight-loss page on my blog) and you are just torturing me with that picture of carrot cake!!

  15. I am gonna have to read this...b/c lord knows I like to eat a lot

  16. I have struggled with weight since having my last child some 15 years ago. You’d think I’d have the determination and willpower to take control by now, but I have just recently started eating healthier. I have not lost weight yet, but feel SO much better. This book would be invaluable.


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