June 05, 2009

Got Sleep? No? Cranky Fitness SleepPhones Giveaway!

One, two, three....Oh crap. There's just too damn many.
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I am lucky not to suffer from chronic insomnia. From what I hear, it's an extremely frustrating affliction. Sure, some nights I'll be excited or worried about something, and it will take a little longer to settle down, but generally, I'm one of those lucky folks who reliably drifts off to sleep within 10 minutes or so after I go to bed.


Some stupid @$#%&*%@ jerk is out there making noise when I'm trying to fall asleep.

Well yeah, it's true that on summer nights we do love to leave our windows open. Oh, and we tend to go to bed early. And there happens to be a big ol' condo complex right behind us.

And so inevitably some selfish, obnoxious oblivious louts will get very drunk and yell and scream and sing and blast their music in the middle of the night. They are clearly jerks. But then so are chirping birds, crying babies, barking dogs, or even otherwise nice neighbors who dare to converse outdoors anytime after, say, 9 p.m.

When I'm trying to sleep my definition of jerkitude gets very expansive. I too am sometimes a noisy jerk, but somehow this never occurs to me at the time.

Anyway, so how does one deal with noisy jerks, or with insomnia problems generally?

Well, please follow me to our Review and Giveaway Page where we can discuss some options! One of these is a product called SleepPhones, which I've gotten to try and will tell you all about. Plus, you'll get the chance to win some SleepPhones of your own!

(Read the rest of the post and enter the contest here.)


  1. My solution was a bit extreme but we moved. It was motivated more by the nasty stay at home moms but there was this one guy who would always rev up his mid-life crisis...I mean, motorcycle early every Saturday morning. Happy to say we are now in a lovely cul de sac with very considerate neighbors. How lucky am I?! The house across the way is for sale - just in case you're considering...

  2. Guess I arrived at the right blog! It is 10 to 3 in the morning here in New Zealand and I can't sleep. Not a problem I suffer from normally but I went to bed too early.

  3. LOL.. this looks like the view from our house:)


  4. HERE IS MY POST TO THE OTHER SITE. You are not the only one with sleep issues! Can I plug Hawaii again or a deserted island for a get away from the noise!

    Man, sleep! You hit home here! First, I live in busy southern CA & we are surrounded by homes & condos with barking dogs, people slamming house & car doors, carrying conversations at any time of day or night, freeway noise even though I am not right on top of it (it bounces off all the homes right into ours) & MORE! This is all heard even with the windows closed!!!!! I mean it. Our windows are old so it is almost like not having them! Owners of the condo will not replace them!

    Anyway, we tried the noise machine & drove us crazy too so now we put a fan on & face it away from us on nights we don't want to freeze! Still hear the noise but not as much.

    I also have the age hormones that are now going thru the "keep you up or constant wake up" thru the night. Ain't age grand!!!

    OK, enough of my bitc*ing.. but you asked.... :-) This is a VERY SORE SUBJECT with me as you can tell!


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