June 19, 2009

Crabby vs. Grok; Primal Blueprint Giveaway

Many of you are already fans of Mark's Daily Apple, the blog by Mark Sisson and his clever and dedicated "worker bees." (Note to Merry: hmm... Worker Bees? Suhweeeet! Do you think we could get some too, and just pay them in pollen and house them in hives?)

Anyway, as many of you know, Mark's Daily Apple is a great resource for healthy living tips, recipes, and news about the latest fitness and nutrition studies. Mark is an advocate of the "primal" lifestyle, and now has a book out called The Primal Blueprint. In it, he explains why you should eat and live more like "Grok," a caveman from 10,000 years ago.

What happens when a modern-day slacker like Crabby meets up with her hairy cave-dwelling ancestor, Grok? And how can you win a free copy of the Primal Blueprint? Please follow us over to the Primal Blueprint giveaway post over on our product review page to find out!



  1. Just a reminder that to enter the giveaway, you need to comment over at the review page... but general comments are fine here too!

  2. Since I'm not eligible for the giveaway, alas, I'll throw in one comment here.

    Worker bees sounds good except... don't bees sting? I think we should invest in minions instead. :)

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  4. I don't really like his blog. I think it has some good ideas, in the same vein as Michael Pollan's good ideas and what I like to think is common sense.
    But since the book launch, his blog has seemed... very full of itself, for lack of a better word, and a little cultish. Regardless of the shape he's in, I get a little sick of the ever-present pictures of Mark without his shirt. The entries on what to say to people who don't believe in Primal fitness are a little strange too, like teaching children how to argue non-believers in bible camp.
    He also doesn't cite much of what he writes about, and while I have enough of a science background to understand and agree with most of what he says, it sets off alarms for me that he's more interested in amassing a following of believers that will agree with him unconditionally rather than rational fans that agree on principle with his ideas. This is furthered by little hypocrisies in his writing (like saying fervently that anyone should be able to give up all processed sweeteners while he still admits to using splenda in his coffee. There isn't anything wrong with using a little sweetener in my book, but he seems to want to project perfection and accept it from his readers.).
    I could go on, but I'm sure I'm already garnering a lot of disagreement. I definitely agree with his general ideas about not spurning meat and fat but staying away from processed foods and moving slowly often. Maybe it's just a necessary pitfall when a blog-writer comes out with a book.

  5. Hmmmm....sounds interesting! I have been trying to eat "cleaner" these days...not perfect by any means, but getting better!

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  7. funny the products that he sells, especially the protein shake are full of all those things he preaches against. go on read the label... I dare you


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