June 10, 2009

SleepPhones Giveaway Winner

The Random Number Generator has chosen the winner of our SleepPhones giveaway contest (details and SleepPhones review here). And the winner is: The Incredible Shrinking Woman, Delle!

So Delle, please email us at Crabby McSlacker @ gmail dot com to claim your prize by Saturday night, June 13th.

Oh, and besides your name and mailing address, we'll be asking for your headband size (see how to determine over at the SleepPhones site). And if you have a color preference between gray and lavender, let us know, though it's possible offerings may depend on availability.


And to those who didn't win, two things to keep in mind:

We have some more giveaways coming up, stay tuned!

And you can buy your own pair. The SleepPhones people have offered Cranky Fitness readers a code for free shipping good until June 17th:

It's Cranky1716.

Thanks for playing and for all your awesome comments, some were quite hilarious!


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