June 08, 2008

They Say Its Your Birthday

[By Crabby]

This is not a real post--as you can see, it's being posted on a Sunday, when no one is around to read it.

Whose birthday is it today? Well, mine. But June 8th is also the birthday of a few other folks. Those of us who aren't dead yet will attempt to celebrate/bemoan our advancing years in whatever way works best. So enjoy, Kayne West, Joan Rivers, Jerry Stiller, Robert Preston, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Boz Scaggs, Barbara Bush, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Nancy Sinatra. Oh and best wishes also to the retired Belgian tennis player and some guy who apparently invented the World Wide Web.

The fact that no one is reading this is no problem, because I am probably not actually on Some Guy's World Wide Web anyway. Instead, I am off enjoying a Perfect Birthday Celebration. What happens on a perfect birthday? Well, everyone has their own ideas but here is mine:
  • A little bit of exercise, but only the fun kind like the rock walk.
  • A massage.
  • A couple of things to unwrap.
  • Dinner out with loved ones at a favorite restaurant that has excellent food but is Not Too Fancy.
  • Perhaps a gratuitous dessert containing chocolate.

Ahhhh.... I guess another year ain't so bad.

Does anyone else have favorite Birthday treats?


  1. Happy birthday, Crabby!

    I like lemon cake with vanilla frosting. Hits the spot every time. :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Cupcake :P

    My favourite birthday treat is time spent with my family.

    Cheesy, eh? :)

  3. Happy birthday, Crabby!

    I like a good old-fashioned chocolate cake. Although last year I made carrot cupcakes and they were yummy.

  4. happy happy HAPPY to a strangerfriend I truly treasure.

    my birthday is coming and we are doing a NONMizFitty thang up in herre.
    sure family time, friend time, reflection time BUT Im also doing an ice cream eating contest at ben and jerrys.

    Their thing is if you can eat XYZ amount in 30 minutes you get free ice cream for a year (its a team thing. me and the Renaissance Man).

    MY THING? we are SO gonna do it and Im tossing in a charitable bent (getting people to bet against us and that money goes to charity...B&J loves as they are rightfully confident that the betters will indulge that day as well) and giving away the free ice cream for a year to a child in a shelter.

    can you tell Im excited? sorry to ramble.

    happy massage day.

    happy happy.

  5. Sorry, it looks like some of us are violating the "Thou shalt not go on the computer on Sundays" commandment.

    Happy birthday to you-u-u-u!

    Did you have a special birthday workout? Last year when I turned 49, I did a special "49" workout: 49 burpees, 49 boxer sit-ups, 49 push-ups, etc. It's gonna be a killer when I turn 100.

  6. Happy Bird Day!

    Does that mean you get to have a multitude of cupcakes, each with its own candle?

  7. apparently you were wrong about no one being around...


    that cupcake sure looks scrumptious... the best thing i had on my birthday this year (just 1 week ago!) was a kashi mediterranean pizza. delicious, and healthy(er)!

    enjoy your day!

  8. "and some guy who apparently invented the World Wide Web"

    Today is Al Gore's birthday??

    A most crabilicious birthday to you!! You have become the hub of a wonderful wheel to many fans and friends, and I, as one, wish you all the best!!

    Dr. J

  9. Joyeux Anniversaire! Wow, Crabby, your description of a perfect bday sounds like MY perfect bday! I would just add a breakfast in bed. And bday ahem. Anyway.

  10. Happy b-day, Keenan Ivory!
    You too, Crabby.
    I'm with you on a good workout and chocolatey dessert as b-day requirements. Preferably something with the word "Blizzrd," "whoopie" or "death" in it.

  11. Happy Birthday!
    Surely there Must Be Chocolate in there somewhere?

    In contradiction to that rule, my favorite birthday cake is fruitcake. When I was growing up I had no idea there were people who didn't like fruitcake. What a concept. I also didn't know there was such a thing as BAD fruitcake, because all I ever ate was made from my family's pre-Civil War recipe (the kind that calls for a pound of butter and half a dozen eggs) except for the period in my childhood when I was allergic to eggs and we used my great-aunt's WWI Eggless Butterless spice cake instead (except _with_ butter because I was allergic to so many vegetable oils.) My grandfather, born in October, always had pumpkin pie for his birthday, so I come by this non-standard cake thing hereditarily.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  12. Happy Birthday, Cranky!

    For my birthday the end of this month, I will take myself out for breakfast: scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and carmelized onions. Then stop at my favorite craft supply store and favorite fabric shop. Probably alone, but maybe not.

    After a supper with the spouse (who I'm betting forgets it again), I will spend the evening with girl friends, sharing a strawberry pie. Maybe even one I've made myself. Strawberry pie is my idea of my perfect birthday cake.

    And somewhere right around there, my trainer is going to have me try my first unassisted pull-up.

    Mz. Naomi over there has a twisted way to celebrate her birthday!

  13. Happy Birthday! My birthday usually falls directly on, before or after the Houston Marathon, so I take a three or four day weekend and get in at least one good day of hitting the antique and consignment shops, maybe get a massage, and just hang out with no spouse, no boss, no worries.

    I hope you're having a terrific day!

  14. Happy Birthday girl!! HOpe you got some fantastic chocolate & are licking the plate right now:) My fave b-day treat is angel food cake with coconut-lime sauce. Which is convenient since my b-day is in just a couple of weeks!

  15. Happiest of Healthy Birthdays!

    My favorite treat is chocolate cake (with egg substitute and applesauce instead of oil), fresh mashed strawberries on top, and Cool Whip Lite.

  16. Happy Birthday!!!

    I like a steak dinner followed by some choc chip cookie dough and presents of course!!!!

  17. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Crabby!

    What on earth makes you think people don't look at the internet at the weekend - it's a hive of activity!

    Just ask that Tim Berners-Lee chap, if he's not too busy scoffing his cyber birthday cake as well !!!

  18. Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

  19. Happy Birthday! Seems there are so many Geminis clustered around this week. I sneaked past with mine last week. ;)

  20. Happy Birthday!!!! I love how for so many of us "birthday" and "chocolate" are synonymous:D

  21. Wow, thank you all SO MUCH!!!

    I made myself stay off the computer and had a wonderful birthday. (And yes, there were cupcakes involved). But you know how the day after your birthday is sometimes a let-down? Well, nothing brightens up the day after like checking in on the blog and finding a bunch of good wishes from such kind folks!

    Thanks again!

  22. Happy birthday Crabby! Thank you for your wonderful posts and for being a blog-friend to all of us! My birthday is exactly one month after yours - July 8th. I love petit fours and/or chocolate cake with chocolate icing. And dinner that involves Italian food would be my choice. Notice that I picked the dessert first - LOL!
    I hope you had a wonderful day!


  24. Happy birthday.
    Hope it was great :)

  25. You're right, I wasn't around to read it!

    So Happy Belated Birthday!!

  26. Happy Belated Birthday! Your birthday treats fall right in line with mine. Low-key, but special, nonetheless.

    Hope it was a great one!

  27. Well dang! The Bag Lady is late to the party..... Her company finally left this morning, so she can catch up on everything.
    Happy Belated Birthday, Crabby! Hope it was everything you wanted it to be.
    And what a sneak Hilary is....must go visit her now! Trying to get away without letting us know...

  28. Belated Happy Birthday Crabby.

  29. Happy Birthday!
    I hope you had a wonderful day! :)

  30. Here's hoping you had a great day!

  31. Oh dang, I'm always last!

    Happy Happy Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! I'm glad there were cupcakes. :D

    You're brave, I always hide on my own birthday, so much bad stuff has happened on that day over the years that I have become a little paranoid and superstitious. I love other people's birthdays though!

    I would have guessed your astrological sign as Cancer, however. ;)

  32. Happy (very) belated birthday!

    On my own birthday, I eat chocolate cake. For breakfast. And I love it.

    Glad you had a great day!


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