June 11, 2008

Coming Attractions

[By Crabby]

As you can tell by the reappearance of the suitcase picture, The Crab is once again heading off for a few days. But don't worry--through the miracle of Future Post Publishing and the even greater miracle of Merry, the intrepid Cranky Fitness Co-blogger, there will be plenty of stuff coming up!

A Special Guest post in a few minutes;
An awesome post by Merry tomorrow;
And on Friday, both a Tasty Reader Recipe and a Cranky Fitness Give-away contest with a Cool Prize!

Stay tuned! Am heading off this morning (with the Lobster and Lobster's Mom) for a quick New England tour and some Hanging Out in Boston. I'll see you all Monday or Tuesday.

(And in the meantime I'll try to get internet while I'm gone, because I have no life outside the blog I love to find out what you're all up to!)


  1. You picked a good day to tour Boston! Bright sunny and not as sticky hot as yesterday. Have a great time!

  2. I'm in Boston!!! Coffee? Cocktail?

  3. I'm in Boston!!! Coffee? Cocktail?

  4. I'm sure Boston is full of Internet.

    And--tasty _reader_ recipes? Just HOW do you intend to make us tasty?

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  5. Where did you get such strapping luggage?

  6. have fun travelling! i had a friend who went to boston about 10 years ago and she brought me back a baby food jar full of atlantic ocean water... i think i still have it somewhere.

  7. I love Boston.. soak it up for me!


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