June 13, 2008

24 Hour Fitness Membership Giveaway

This one is pretty cool, because it appears to be a no-strings-attached gift certificate for 90 days at a 24-Hour Fitness gym.

If there turn out to be Secret Strings? Let us know! We don't want to be giving away Stringy Things. But the offer looks very legitimate.

As Far as We Know, This String is NOT Attached.

But what if there's no 24-Hour Fitness near you? Well, this baby is transferable. If you have a needy friend or relative who lives near a 24-Hour fitness, you could look like a Hero.

And suppose you're already a 24-Hour Fitness member? You can still enter. They'd prefer a newbie won, but I asked and technically you can be an existing member and extend your membership 90 days. So let your conscience be your guide--we won't ask if you're already a member.

One caveat: United States only, sorry.

OK, actually there's another caveat: Please don't claim the prize if you don't want the certificate yourself and can't think of anyone you know to give it to. This could be a very nice thing for someone so we don't want it to go to waste. It's summer; it's hot; a nice cool gym to work out in could mean the difference between keeping good habits going and sliding into sloth. If you win and decide you don't want it, let us know and we'll find someone else to use it.

So what do you need to do to win? Well, it's pretty easy.


1. Just leave a comment explaining why a 90 day free gym membership might be helpful to you. You can be sincere and convincing, or smart-assed and amusing, either is good. (Note: this is a not a huge blog, and we're doing this mostly over a sleepy summer weekend, so you're chances are pretty darn good.)


3. We will pick a winner, probably at random. On the other hand, if you write a comment that totally cracks us up or that makes it obvious that you would really really appreciate the 3 month membership, we may try to figure out some way of giving you extra credit in the form of additional entries.

4. If you are the winner, email us at Crabby McSlacker @ gmail . com (all one word) within a day or so (lets say by midnight, Friday the 20th, East Coast time) to get further instructions. After that, we may assume you didn't want it that bad and give it to another finalist.

5. You can also go to www.12millionlives.com where 24 Fitness is looking for inspirational stories. If you don't win the 3 month membership, you can console yourself with a 7-day free pass (with inevitable "restrictions," so read the fine print).

5. And don't forget to check over at MizFit's site too, 'cause she's always giving cool stuff away.

Good luck!


  1. This would be perfect. There's a 24 hr Fitness Gym right down the street from my child's soccer practice, where I spend 2 hours/3 days a week.....this gym would be way more awesome than walking around the fields till i'm dizzy.

  2. There is a 24 hour fitness in my small town. I would love to have a membership there.

  3. ha there apparently are no 24 hr Fitness gyms in my part of northern Minnesota

  4. Dude, a 90-day membership would rock. Right now I'm stuck working out at public pools/rec centers, and the schedules so do not work for me. I end up swimming at 5:45 a.m., and do you have any idea how early that is? Plus, chances are if I have 3 free months I'll get totally sucked in and end up actually paying for a membership there.

  5. Here is my reasoning...

    I am a single mom of six kids.

    I need to work out to have enough energy to keep up with them. (AKA: I NEED TO GET AWAY FROM THEM!)

    With three teenagers, and one elementary, and two under two, I need to look good at all the functions. (AKA: DID YOU SEE I WAS SINGLE? I'D LOVE TO MEET A DAD TO HAVE COFFEE WITH)

    Really.. I just need to get rid of my bum and these thighs that have seemed to follow me home and never leave!

    Oh.. and in that movie "The Sweetest Thing", when she was swaying her arm fat.. I'm in totaly agreement.. "WHAT IS THAT?"

    I never had that before.. I think after 90 days, I'd look like myself again, or at least not have this extra flesh trying to fall out the top of my jeans!

  6. i think i should win the 90-day membership so my darling husband can come work out with me (i already have a membership, he doesn't)

    or does flattery work? ...you guys are the most wicked, cool, hysterical bloggers around!!

  7. Serious?! I would love a gift certificate to a 24-hr Fitness Center! That would be awesome!

    I haven't been to the gym in a few years, and sometimes I miss it. Membership costs tend to scare me away. I'd take a 90-day gift certificate any day! I'd hit the weights more often as well as the spinning bikes. Very cool, Crabby!

  8. A story from 2 weeks ago:

    Ring Ring (or should I say *vibrate*)

    Me: Hello?

    Man: (overly energetically) Hello! I'm calling to inform you that you have won 2 weeks free at 24 hour fitness. Can I set up an appointment at your nearest fitness center to get you started?

    Me: Ummm... But after the two weeks? Am I locked into a contract or something?

    24hr Fitness Man: Well, if you are happy with the facility and the services we will continue your membership for up to 6 months at the rate of $XX. Would you like to hear about the facilities?

    Me: Ummm... But after the two weeks? Am I locked into a contract...?

    24hr Fitness Man: After the 2 weeks you can speak with a representative about membership choices. Can I set up an appointment?

    Me: Ummm.... Um..

    End Call.

    Those guys are schmoozy and slippery. But I trust you about the strings....

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. eeek! I would LOVE to win this! We have one within walking distance, but it's not in the budget.

  10. I'd love to win this! I just finished my master's degree and the stress and constant computer time have left me seriously out of shape. I've put together a plan to be healthier this summer, and 90 days in the gym would really help keep me on track. The heat and humidity here in Houston is horrendous in the summer and cuts into my motivation to head outdoors to exercise. There is a 24 Hour Fitness just 3 blocks from my house, but I hadn't considered joining due to the cost. Ahh, air conditioning...

  11. Late with this.. but OK. I joined 24 Hour 20 months ago during their first "biggest loser" special. Finally switched to a lifetime membership this past year. So I'm set for life! (ok.. $45 every 3 years or something.) It has changed my life in ways I cannot even describe.

    I hope Zoe has a similar positive experience. If I lived anywhere near Houston, I'd go work out with her.

  12. I have a membership already but I would like one for my husband. We got married 6 months ago and have both ballooned! I hate to go to the gym alone, and he'd like to go with me, but we can't afford a membership for him (I have a lifetime one at $4.00 a month).

    My husband owns a condo and it was too small for my kids and I to move into. Once, we got married he moved in and we tried to sell it. The housing market has gone own and down. It is now worth about 60K below the asking price and we can't even find a renter.

    We are strapped for cash and stressed out and exercise is what we need.


  13. Sorry AZ, this giveaway is a few weeks old and is already over--but check out our current one posted july 18th--it's not a membership but there's some exercise equipment involved.

  14. since November of last year I lost 60 lbs working out at the 24 hour fitness in Antioch and Sun Valley Mall. Since I moved to Orinda I have gained back 10 lbs in the last two months. I need to lose an additional 100lbs at least to maintain minimal health. I will start going to the gym again every day.

  15. My husband and I have been working hard on our weight loss journey. He has lost 74 pounds (with about 40 to go) and I've lost 50 pounds (with a lot left to go, sadly.) My husband wants to tone up and use it as a stress reliever. I want to use this as ME time and role model exercise as important for both myself and for my son. I workout with my Wii Active trainer, but sometimes, you just want the real thing! Guess that's it. Thanks for considering us!

  16. My reasoning is pretty simple:I am trying to save my daughters life.Constant depression and low self esteem let alone the fact that she is borderline diabetic is a major concern.She needs help fast and I can't afford to pay for any health programs,being that I have been out of work for 1 year now and working just a minimum wage part time job.

  17. I have been on this journey for 2 years and I have achieved 156 lbs lost and now it is time to start working on the toning and getting my body in shape. I am currently living on about 1000.00 dollars a month and can't afford an expensive gym membership, but I need and aggressive start to began the toning process. If I receive this opportunity I will promise to put it to good use to continue this journey to good health.

    Thank you

    Dana Holbert


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