June 18, 2008

And the Gym Membership Goes To...

Congratulations Zoe, it's yours!

Please email Crabby at crabby mcslacker @ gmail .com (all one word) with your mailing address and we'll have the 24 hour fitness people send you your 90 day gift certificate.

And if it turns out there's anything funky about it, please let us know. We will use our considerable imaginary power and influence to publicize this fact to the entire blogosphere our 12 readers. (We don't want to be giving out prizes that are a pain in the ass). But assuming it's good for what they told us it was and they don't harass you excessively to continue after it expires... have fun at the gym this summer!


  1. Wow! Is there an equivalent for speechless in a blog comment? I never win contests. Thanks a million, my summer just got a whole lot cooler.

  2. Congrats Zoe! I hate the gym. Instead, I bought these leggings from fitandsharp.com which have helped me lose 2 inches from my hips without the need to sweat - thankfully! They have these active ingredients that really do their magic and are proven...something the europeans have tried and used already....I love them. Beats the gym.


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