June 30, 2008

Give-Away Winners, and More Coming Up

So sorry we couldn't give razors to everyone, especially after those awesome comments. But keep trying! There will be another give-away contest this next coming Friday July 4th (which we'll run a little longer because of the holiday), and you will NOT need to be a U.S. resident to win.

So the random number generator hath spoken, and the winners of the Schick Quattro Razor Are:

Sassy Stephanie
Laura Brandon, and


Please email us at: Crabby McSlacker @ gmail.com (no spaces) by midnight EST on Wednesday July 2 with your mailing address, and we'll forward the list to the Schick folks. (You may want to include a real name for mailing purposes, although we're sure Sassy Stephanie's postal carrier would appreciate her blog alias). Also you may want to make sure your email address is reply-able in case of any questions/confusion).

Note: If there are unclaimed razors we'll go back and choose additional names, so please keep obsessively checking Cranky Fitness to pump up our page views find out what's happening with the give-aways and health and fitness news.


  1. dangnubbit.

    time for plan B.

    Im gonna braid & bead my leg hairs ala Bo Derek in 10.


  2. Sorry, mizfit.

    On the other hand, your new style might start a trend, and you could star in the sequel movie, "11"!

  3. Thank you! First of all, I'd like to thank the random number generator for choosing me, and I'd like to thank Cranky Fitness for giving me this special opportunity to shave my legs. Because of you, my husband will no longer have to wear several bandages on his hands. Also, thank you to the Schick peeps for shamelessly pimping their products, all in the name of silky smooth gams. *cue get-the-hell-off-the-stage-music* Thank you! Thank you!

  4. Any chance there'll be a give-away on those heating-away-muscle-pain-thingies?

    I can barely turn my head. Upside, I'm getting a massage today. Downside, well, as I said, can't turn my head. Argh.

  5. I appreciate your insightful, friendly and often humorous blog.
    My teenage daughter already appreciates the free razor!
    Thanks for the contest and keep up the good work.
    Congrats to the other winners!

    P.S. Email response has been sent.

  6. yipee!!

    Planned on a haircut today, but maybe I should just wait on the razor and go all out Brit!!!

    Thanks Cranky Fitness!


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