June 27, 2008

Give-Aways and Gorilla Legs

[By Crabby]

Cranky Fitness is always looking for new ideas to steal from other blogs mix things up a little. And we can't help noticing that there are some other bloggers that are far ahead of us in the give-away department.

As we understand it, our pal MizFit actually goes out and finds cool things that readers might like, things that bear some relation to the subject of her blog, (fitness), and then she obtains these items and gives them away to readers!

Isn't that cool?

But that sounds like way too much work. We usually wait until someone offers us something to give away, which doesn't happen all that often. If we were motivated and proactive enough to contact folks who had cool heath-related products, we'd be begging them for advertising revenue, not free samples.

On the other hand, sometimes people contact us and offer up stuff to review. Most times we say no, because the blog might get even more boring if we took up every single review opportunity that came along. (And honestly, we were getting a lot of laxative offers for a while. Perhaps they think the reason we're so Cranky here at Cranky Fitness is because we're constipated? We're not, I swear.)

But anyway, the last two email offers we got I thought I'd experiment with a new approach. I said: well, we might not review it, but can we give the stuff away to our readers?

And they said yes!

So if this approach continues to work, we might start giving stuff away on Fridays if there's anything on hand. Unless otherwise noted, a Random Number Generator will be used to choose among people who enter by commenting.

Next week, I believe we may have one or more exercise dvd's (still working on the details) but this week... we got razors!

Five of these!

Another blog-pal Stephanie, who also frequently gives things away, says these razors are great.

Do razors have anything to do with health and fitness? Well, gosh, no they don't. But they're free so let's talk about them, shall we?

Each razor has FOUR RAZOR BLADES on it! Because God knows you can't get a close enough shave with just three. (I'm wondering, however, how long this razor-blade escalation will continue. It used to be one, then two, then three, now four... what do you think: Five? Seven? Will there one day be a new Schick Century Razor with 100 razor blades?)

And why do so many of us women even remove our leg hair in the first place? It seems silly and sexist that only one gender is allowed to have leg hair. Alas, I tried go "natural" back in college, being a feminist and all. This approach works great if you are blond or have nice soft sparse downy hair.

I don't.

Seriously. I couldn't pretend I didn't care that I grow long dense thick fur rather than leg hair so I ended that experiment. (But now I tend to get waxed, so don't need to hog the razors for myself).

Unfortunately, though, they only want U.S. winners, which on this blog is inconvenient. We love our Canadians and other international readers! (A Canadian ended up winning the Lipton Bike, by the way, which made us quite happy).

However, for U.S. residents, this means you have a really good chance of winning one of these babies. Will we even get 5 non-Canadian comments?

So if you have any observations about hair removal, or you would like to win a nifty razor, please leave a comment and check back Monday.

Note: Another good place to check for health related give-aways is Healthbolt, which is a fun place to hang out anyway. They've been doing round-ups of free stuff, often on Sundays.


  1. Im Jewish.
    Im dark.
    Im all about the free hair removal devices.


  2. What do you mean Crabby razors have nothing to do with fitness? They do too! Wearing a pair of running shorts? Must shave first. How about a moisture wicking tank top? Probably want to get rid of those arm pit hairs! How about going to the pool? Well, shouldn't that fro be obliterated...
    Thanks to razors, we can wear cute workout outfits, and if you saw my closet... you'd realize it's a big priority for me.

  3. I don't shave anything anywhere anytime for anybody. Gave it up many long years ago. That said, I do have to wax away the hair above my upper lip and on my chin and neck (TMI? TDB!)I get a rather interesting Fu Manchu moustache if I don't. Also, while I can look all thoughtful and writerly as I stroke my goatee, it just doesn't seem right.

  4. Well, maybe us Canadians are so gorgeous that we don't need those razors. So there! ;-P

    I have giveaways on my preg blog but they're mostly for - surprise - pregnant women! Imagine that.

    Good luck to all. :-)

  5. Here's how awesome you Canadians are.. you still show up even without the inducement of razors!

    And Marijke, thanks for the info. Not worth it to me, personally, to get pregnant for a give-away, but for those who are, they should scoot on over!

  6. Funny tidbit about me...I shave my legs in shifts. The top half one day and the bottom half the next day. My Mister gets up not long after me, so I can't hog all the hot water, plus (this is the only time I hate my legs - well, that and when I'm shopping for pants) these gams take a lot of work! :)
    Funny, fun, Friday post!

  7. Hey - you stole that picture of me! Oh just kidding, but not about the fact that it does bear a striking resemblance, unless of course I had a certain razor...

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Damn Schick! A giveaway the Bag Lady would love to win and they won't ship to Canada! That's it - I'm boycotting their products!! :)(don't understand why they won't ship here as their products are available here....sigh)

    Not that the Bag Lady NEEDS all that many razors...she is of the blond, sparsely-furred variety (only shaves her legs to the knee, and only occasionally...)

    Great idea about the giveaways, Crabby!
    Have a great weekend.

  10. I'm with Leah on this, the facial hair has gotten to be as much problem as the the rest and it SUCKS!-this after paying $$$$ on laser hair removal treatments!

    I also have often wondered when this number of blades on a razor will stop. Eventually it will just be a huge block of blades that won't be able to take on any curvy areas due to the sheer mass of the thing!

    ...and have you seen the Sex and the City movie waxing reference with Miranda? I about fell of my seat with laughter in the theater!

  11. Ooooooo I could really use a new razor. I think all my buddies at the gym would agree on that one. Pretty please!

  12. Oh me! Pick me!! I'm non-Canadian and hairy as a...um sorry, TMI.

    I only shave on weekends because 1) I am lazy and 2) see #1.

    By Saturday morning it's like trying to cut down giant Oak trees. I needs me some close shavin razor action!

  13. I have a couple new skirts I really want to wear to work, but I'm notorious for not shaving in the morning. Perhaps a new razor would cure my laziness? I'm in the US :). I hope you all have seen the Saturday Night Live skit with the razor with 100 blades...hilarious!

  14. I also have "gorilla legs" if I don't shave, and maybe I really do need 4 blades!
    I'd like to try-also I <3 free stuff :)

  15. You guys are totally cracking me up. Facial hair and oak trees!!!!

    And there's a Saturday Night skit about 100 blades? Damn, I haven't seen it.

  16. You can tell a man is really into cycling if he shaves his legs.
    Well all right, it might also be a sign that he's into cross dressing, but this is a fitness blog so I'm focusing on the sports side of things.

  17. If I don't shave often (like, every other day at the least) I look like my ankles are verrrry dirty. Apparently, that's the only place where the hair grows dark. Which is okay, if you wear socks that come up your legs, but I am of the ankle socks crowd. I don't really like looking like I walked through dirt.

  18. That's it! I want to win and I'm using Merry's mailing address.

    Our national animal is the beaver, for crying out loud.

    The jokes write themselves, people. COME ON!

  19. Gena, I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who has dark ankle hair! Thankfully, the rest of it is of the sparse blond variety, so I usually end up shaving once a month in summer, less frequently in winter (especially if I'm not dating - wearing pants that aren't coming off? Why bother shaving...). That said, I can't say I've ever tried a 4-blade razor, maybe I'd shave more often if I did (or maybe I'd stay just as lazy...)

  20. I'm a total yeti. black hair + white skin = only desirable in other eras of time. Sigh... Sundays are my dedicated "defuzzing" days. I break out the razors, tweezers, cremes etc and don't come out of the bathroom for an hour. Heaven help me after menopause!

  21. I'd certainly love to win a new razor, especially as mine is all mis-matched. They keep changing their product lines, so I have one kind of wall mount (blue), a different handle (pink) and a third razor cartridge (lime green). My razor looks like it was put together by my toddler.

    I shave fairly regularly because I don't like the way the hair feels as it grows out, so I shave about every other day or so...

    These days, I'm having HUGE trouble shaving the pits, tho. I've lost enough weight that my skin isn't very tight, and I can't always safely get to places under my arms. (Anyone got any advice for that?)

  22. Substitute Czech for Jewish, and I'm with MizFit. Dark hair and as far as I'm concerned, too much of it, since I'm lazy.

    I usually just go furry all through the winter, then go for deforestation once spring has hit and I want to don running shorts instead of tights.

    And Crabby, I to tried to go sans razor during my college feminist days. It weren't purdy.

  23. I am french-canadian, but born in the US so I'm eligible! Wah-hoo!! Pick me!!

  24. I am pretty much an every day-er. My kids sit in my lap to snuggle and read and complain about my pricklies poking them if I skip.

    And, I am in Tex-ass, which, last time I checked was in the US. But then again, with the pride in this state, ya never know. It could have changed.

  25. you'll prolly hate me for this but just yesterday, as I talked to my girlfriend in NY as she stopped in to get her eyebrows waxed, I was thinking, "I am so lucky I don't have a ton of hair." My eyebrows are so lite and thin, I pencil a bit o' color in. But the Quattro is nice.

    BTW I think I am the only blogger in the world who did NOT give away one of those free Lipton bikes.

  26. I am also a hairy gorilla, but even more importantly, a hairy AMERICAN gorilla. I, too, tried to give up shaving, but it drove me a tiny bit crazy. And? my razor needs new blades, so why not just win a new razor?

  27. Definitely can use some free hair removal products...definitely not a blondie over here! One question: Why do I still, after decades of shaving practice, manage to nick my legs almost every time I shave?
    hmmm...maybe I can give away one slightly used cat! :-)

  28. My current razor is so old I have to soak it in soap scum remover and use a toothpick to try to make it hygienic again.

    I know I live abroad, but I'm American. Does that count? I have family who live in the states. I'm not sure I can trust them as far as I can throw them, but maybe one of them could accept it on my behalf.

    Should I win of course... :)

  29. I must say these Canada vs. America rules are less than impressive, but I sympathize that your hands are tied. Good luck to all you American's in your quest for the free razors.

  30. Shave on!

    Yeah, I tried the whole not shaving thing in college, too. It lasted about a week.

    Thanks for the Healthbolt link!

  31. i, like sassy stephanie, am from texas, and unless we've finally decided to become our own country (again) - i love free things!

    (plus i love this blog, so the free things are really just a bonus)

  32. I shave very occasionally at best (card carrying member of the lazy bastard club), but the night before a big race or a tournament, I like to take a nice long shower and shave my legs. It's some good old-fashioned me-time that helps me forget about all the BS and lets me approach an event with a clear head! How's that for an inspiring, razor-worthy story???

  33. Well, I say razors have to do with fitness because I get distracted when I notice I have too much stubble going on and I'll be like, jeeze, everyone must be able to see it in this crazy fluorescent lighting at the Y, because you know fluorescent lighting emphasizes any flaw. And then I won't be enthusiastic about doing exercises that might draw attention to my legs. I'll do 'em, but the whole time, any sort of grimace on someone's face isn't "Hmm, I should have gotten lighter weights" but "Dear god, that girl has a forest on her legs!"

  34. I like to think that I'm more of a badass runner athlete because I often hit the gym without shaving my legs...and my legs look like a bristle brush...

    Anyway maybe these razors will help me out with that problem!

  35. 4 Blades? Quite impressive! Although when they eventually get to a razor blade that has twice that many on it I might get kind of freaked out by it.

  36. A lady, yes; petite indeed
    But even a lady has a shaving need
    Hair it grows in unsightly places
    Legs and arms and even faces
    Schick has long since found it's groove
    In making women nice and smooth

    But razor prices, they are steep!
    Remaining hairless is not cheap!
    This Petite Flower would so rejoice
    If she became your winning choice
    So think of me when you consider
    I'd make a humble and gracious winner!

  37. Oh my goodness, poetry! And it rhymes! (That's the kind I like best).

    I hope the random number generator is paying close attention to how awesome these comments are, as it is the final arbiter.

  38. Must shave in order to get on fancy running skirt. stubble and tight shorts do not mix.

  39. Hi! I just found your blog a few days ago I am enjoying so far :) So yes I am also a hairy American who probably should shave more often than I do. I think its a pain but I don't enjoy being hairy so off it must go. I am also lazy but maybe a new razor would inspire me to shave more often ;)

  40. That was one nice thing about chemo, I didn't have to shave (or wax or pluck) for a whole year! Of course, that is a memory now, so I am back to my lazy habit of shaving when I am going to the Dr for my physical, or if I'm going to actually bare my legs. Alas, I don't qualify for your contest being a Canadian! Good luck though to all the funny U.S. posters.

  41. Ditto what MizFit said. I think I may also be part Hobbit, as my TOES get hairy!

  42. I need the razors because the $850 I spent on laser hair removal did not work 100%. After 5 excruciatingly painful visits to literally sear the hair off my lower legs, I am still left with some dark hair. I only suffered through all 5 treatments because I foolishly paid for a package deal up front. After the 5 treatments I do have much less hair, however I am not opting to go back for more suffering in the name of perfect hairlessness. Thus I need some razors to shave off those pesky little buggers.

  43. i think my husband would appreciate some free razors. for me, i mean.

  44. I’ve Salma-shade skin/some face hairs that are white.
    The laser girls scowled -- like I’d grown them for spite.

    If I win the free draw I won’t go there no more.
    I’ll just pluck the face hair, and shave pits with blades four.

  45. I'm like the only Asian women in the world that has the Gorilla hair...ok, maybe there's 3 others. I like the razors because I have a serious issue with cutting myself all the time, and with the Quattro, it's really not necessary to need tiny pieces of toilet paper. Nice razor!

  46. Ooh! I'd like a new razor. Me, me, me!!! :)

  47. Gosh, I wish I could get away with only shaving once a month every summer!

    My 1st hubby (who read way too much porn with all the photos of meticulously airbrushed and artfully shaved and plucked bodies) insisted I shave my thighs, and I don't care WHAT science has to say about hair not growing back coarser and darker! I lost all that blondish downy fuzz and now grow #01 steel wool there! :P I still kinda hate him a little for that. Now it grows sideways and upside down too and it will not stand up for the razor. I think I've done a good job, then once in awhile check in a mirror wearing glasses and I am so shocked I just want to cry, the backs of my thighs look like some enchanted (NOT in a nice way) old English cottage with ivy covering the walls and heading for the roof. It takes like 8-10 passes with a triple bladed razor, so yes, I'm rooting for them to come out with one with 7-8 blades minimum!

    There's a reason our close up vision goes as we get older, it's a kindness God built in so that we would be blissfully oblivious of 1/2 inch long chin hairs and stuff the width of paperclips growing directly under noses, or my fave, that one that just started a few months ago right at the side of my upper lip, the sneaky thing, thick and black! I used to think how sad and pathetic it was about 20 years ago that my Mom and Aunt had given up waxing and just started shaving their upper lips. I knew that would never happen to me! I'm the age they were then, now. Can you say Menopause??! Holy crap!

    AND I'm on thyroid for about 7 months now and I have lost about half the hair on my head, which is freaking me out, thank the lord it was so thick to start with but the Dr. says it will grow back (unless it's a female hormone thing and then maybe not so much..), but WTF?! just on my HEAD! What is up with that? If I have to have hair loss as a side effect, why the hell can't it be equal opportunity hair loss???!

    My Mom just went in for the annual gyn stuff and told the Dr. all he'd find up there was cobwebs and rust, and that her only female complaint was that her pubic hair was all moving up to her upper lip and her chin, and he didn't bat an eye....

    So actually, we could use TWO razors over here in SoCal! :D

    PS: Hi Lynn, for the not so tight pits area, try doing curls and overhead presses with 3- 10 pound weights, it should help make muscle there to fill up the skin. I still have decent pits myself from all the years lifting weights, but it worked for a roomie.

  48. I could use this for my 25th birthday girl cruise! I'm hairy like whoa... I need to break out the self-tanner too...

    Me please!

  49. Fair skin + dark hair = 5 'o clock shadow on my legs!
    I welcome free razors.

  50. I go through razors fast in this house! I need my own razors to hide from the rest of the family!

  51. If I shaved my legs I might want those razors.... but what I really want are companies to give ME stuff to give away. How'd ya get to be so damn cool!? ;-)

    I guess I could use the razors for my pits (which probably really need it). Instead I just "borrow" my boyfriend's. Is that rude?

  52. I feel lost in the crowd...SO many wanting free razors! I don't even shave, unless you count the itty-bitty eyebrow razor I use for said eyebrows and a few stray upper lip hairs.

    BUT! I have a teenage daughter, teenage son and hubby who use razors often and would probably appreciate freebies from Mom's random blog, making it worth Mom's time reading (for a change)!

  53. So is this supposedly the Cadillac of razors? I've been using cheapo Bic/drugstore brand razors for too long- time to switch!
    bobanerd [at]yahoo [dot]com

  54. I agree with going to other blogs and seeing what would be good for readers.

  55. can you say 'never used a fancy pants razor in my life'?

    thats me
    i would KILL (cough) at the chance for a non-cheapy-disposable-razor

  56. TK: Force your boyfriend to shave your leg as punishment;-). This said, shaving your thighs is all about normal when wearimg shorts. Anyway, they are right about shaving doesn't thicken hair. Now let's come at what happens on your cute thighs;-) when you shave them. Hair is dead!The layer of your thigh fuzz that has reached its maximum lenght, doesn't grow back until it get replaced by a brand new hair because hair is dead and doesn't know whether it's being cut. The next layer of hair, instead, is made of growing hair, less visible. Once shaved they still have time enough to grow up totheir size. The shorter they are before being shaved the longer they are going to grow after being shaved. Whatever you do you chop away the tiny tip hair had before being cut. That makes youe hair appear stubbly, thicker, darker, faster growing and effectively being stiffer(the latter just because shorter and not more tapered at the top). Darker because 1.the rough tip reflects less light. 2.If you expose yourself to the sun light, longer hair with thin tips are more likely to be bleached and distract the eye by the thicker and darker base of hair. Then after shaving, you just see the trunk of the hair growing out and not exposed to the sun.
    Faster because our eyes are just more like to notice hair growing out of a blank freshly shaved skin. We just see hair getting longer and longer for the very period of regrowth after shaving, and just the ones which are still growing. Before shaving we are unable to tell which hair is growing and which one stopped and is about to fall off. The last odd is that we just start shaving our beard or leg when hair is starting to show off, the we grow up and we get hairier due to hormone action. But we would have got that hairy indipendently, having started shaving or having let the hair loose.
    I heard you are in menopause, a period of hormonal change, are you sure it is because you shave? I don't think so. I think you already know how to soften your hairs and open your pores. I'm way too much younger, (even a male .lol) to have the conceit of giving you advice in this subject, but if you want some, I'm here. But as far as concerns the consequence of shaving, trust me. Bye


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