October 27, 2007

Late-Breaking Links

In case busy readers have already finished perusing the Random Friday Linkage, here's a Weekend Update: Still More Cranky-Fitness-Friendly Linkage!

Not that Crabby will ever get around to acknowledging all the great bloggers she's friends with. But these are a few that really should have made it into yesterday's post if Crabby was paying better attention.

First off, Dr. J is now officially on the web at CalorieLab, with an amusing, informative, and smart-assed guest post!

And BunnyGirl had a great submission posted at The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks.

Also, Gal at 60 In 30 has an interview with a some random health blogger who shows clear signs of mental instability.

So what about the Gratuitous Animal Exercise Linkage? Well, these photos are not really associated with the blog, but they're pretty damn amazing.


  1. Crabby, thanks for even more links! Being fairly new to this world, I haven't had time to explore too many blogs, this is great.
    I love the photos, you are right, they are pretty damn amazing!

  2. Thanks so much for linking my post! As I said once before, Crabby is the hub of the wheel, but it's still good to be a small part of the tread :-)
    Dr. J

  3. Cool list of links! I'd seen Bunnygirl's submission to the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks -- hilarious!

    I enjoyed reading your interview at 60 in 30. And awwwww, I loved the polar bear/sled dogs pictures -- yup, amazing! :)

  4. thanks reb, bunnygirl, Dr. J and Thomma Lyn for stopping by on a Saturday! Hope you all are out having a great weekend and have long since scooted away from your respective computers.

  5. Loved Gal's post. (Although I saw it and was like, "ARGH! Why didn't I think of that!?" )

    And the sheet cake idea?


    Dangerous. But Brilliant.

  6. Hi Crabby,

    Thanks for some great links.



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