October 09, 2007

Home Stretch

So Crabby's vacation is winding down and she's reached the last few days of Blogging Slackitude. She will soon be back home running a real Health Blog again. However, as she hits the home stretch she finds that she's having trouble managing even these not-quite-real posts she uses as filler between guest posts.

Today, for example, she thought she might talk about some some recent health news: a new study says being in a bad marriage or having other stressful personal relationships can lead to heart problems and other health issues. No big surprise--but still, this is a great topic because Crabby has lots of opinions about relationships! She would love to host a discussion about how not to screw them up. However, a topic like that is too important for a crank-it-out-quick, gosh we've-got-a-long-drive-today post. It should be thoughtful, or amusing, or at the very least coherent, and today there's no time for that.

So, for now: have a nice relationship; it's good for your health! At some later date, we can all talk about how the hell you're supposed to do that. And stay tuned, because as promised, we still have more guest posts to come. By current estimates, Cranky Fitness will resume its official health reporting duties on either October 15th or 16th.

Until then, will there be some days when nothing at all is posted at Cranky Fitness? Well, possibly. Will there be any more Random Crab Facts? Maybe! But maybe not. Since Crabby is not all that interesting a crab, she may hoard some of her very few personal details until her next vacation. Or she may suddenly decide to spill a bunch of them, you never know.

Actually, for those still here and reading, if you'd like to discover an additional Crab Fact, pop down into the Comments. Crabby will explain down there why the title of this post has a Secret Double Meaning!

Thanks again for your patience everyone, and a belated Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Crabby can't believe she didn't know what day it was. Actually--she can totally believe it.


  1. What, did I beat you here? Sheesh.
    Hello-o? Looking for Crab facts, secrets revealed, something to do with stretching...

  2. Sorry Bag Lady, you were awfully prompt! Here we go:

    So the Crab and Lobster did what a lot of people do when they go to Provincetown: they went shopping.

    A few t-shirts and... it looks like they've gone and bought themselves some real estate. A smallish (lets say cozy, it's a nicer word) little place in their All Time Favorite Town on Earth.

    Holy Crap! It's so Exciting! It's so Scary! It's so Crazy!

    That's why Crabby has been a bit stressed and busy even though this was supposed to be vacation. But Happy Stressed, which is a whole different thing from Anxious Stressed.

    Here's the plan:

    1. Hope deal actually goes through. (It's real estate, after all).

    2. Sell California home. Gosh, in this market, what could go wrong with that plan?

    3. Move in half-time with the Lobster's mother in California, who has plenty of extra space in her abode and would love to see more of the Lobster and even, for some reason, the Crab.

    4. Spend half time in Provincetown in Cozy New Place Which We Both Love.

    We think we can swing it, but things will definitely be interesting. We are indeed talking about a Home Stretch!

  3. Oooh, that's so exciting!! I'm so jealous. Except now I have to get out a map - where is Provincetown? Maine? Maryland? I get all those abbreviations confused. Sometimes I really am just a Dumb F**kin' Canuck...

  4. Early Congratulations on the Cozy New Place. I'll give proper congrats once the deal is through. It's all very exciting. I'm so pleased for you.

  5. How exciting! Will you wake up early enough for sunrises over the water to make up for missing sunsets over on the left coast?

    P-town is a great place for crabs and lobsters :)

  6. You forgot Plan #4: Offer the Cape Cod location to envious blog commenters for extended visits because such a place should not be empty for half of the time. ;)

    Envious, yes.. but very glad for you. Congrats! :)

  7. Congrats on the new place, and I hope everything closes with no unpleasant surprises!

  8. Hilary, forget about offering it, I vote for a contest and the winner gets to house sit. :-)

  9. I'm with Marijke - a contest sounds like a great idea! Except that I never win anything, and, even if I did, I probably couldn't get there 'cause I don't know where it is...sigh.

  10. What if you're newly single? Am I endangering my heart this way? D:

  11. Happy stress is the best kind. I hope everything falls into place for you and the Lobster! So exciting!!!

  12. Wow, that really does sound exciting. I hope it all works out for you. Cheers!

  13. Crab and Lobster,

    Fabulous!! Good for you. Life is to be enjoyed and what is more enjoyable than a cozy little place in your All Time Favorite Town on Earth?

    May you have many many years of joyful bi-coastal living.


  14. Wow! That's awesome. I hope everything goes through fine. I'd love to have two homes!

  15. Congratulations, Crabby! Sounds very exciting. :)

  16. Thanks so much everyone!

    The idea of Cranky Fitness Commenters keeping the cozy cottage warm sounds lovely some day--but be warned! Provincetown is on the very tip of Cape Cod (in Massachusetts) and is not widely known as a Winter Vacation Destination! On the few and hardy are year-rounders.

    On the other hand, Commenters here seem to be of the Hardy Variety and might fit in quite well!

    Lots of writers and artists (and other eccentrics) end up in P-town--and, well, another warning: it's one of the gayest places on the planet. Which makes for an amusing mix in the summer when the Boston ferry brings in unsuspecting tourists. Some families are unprepared for the diversity and huddle in fear by the fudge and T-shirt shops in the center of town, never getting to all the cute galleries and restaurants (let alone the awesome beaches and scenery) because they're too afraid to venture out.

    Those who are brave, however, are rewarded with a gorgeous historic new england town that is charming and weird in just the right amounts. At least for a Crab and a Lobster.

  17. In typical kiwi fashion, I've only just arrived to hear this latest exciting news. (Well remember, kiwis don't have wings!)

    I really hope that it all goes through for you both. It sounds wonderful. Another fantastic place for me to stay when I do my grand tour of the States!


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