October 08, 2007

Happy Holiday

For those of you who are off work for Columbus Day (or Indigenous Peoples Day, for those in Very Progressive Communities) have a great time! Sleep in or go for a walk or go somewhere quiet to contemplate the multifaceted ramifications of imperialism. Or hit the shopping malls, whatever. (And for those who didn't get the day off at all, sorry. Perhaps you can take your own passive-aggressive holiday and spend it looking busy while surfing the internet for funny cat pictures).

Shortly there will be a Guest Post up at Cranky Fitness, but in the meantime Crabby just thought she'd say hello. Hello! She misses you all. She's heading into the final days of her vacation and will be back soon. In the meantime there are additional guest posts and perhaps some more Random Crab Facts to come.

While she was out enjoying the gorgeous scenery, fine restaurants, and other amusements of Provincetown, MA, Crabby missed a couple of things in Blogland she wanted to tell you about. For one, apparently a Guest Post of her own come up at Diet Blog. If you use Stevia in your coffee or tea, you might want to check it out. Also, a very nice Nursing Education site put out a list of 100 health blogs they liked, and Cranky Fitness was on it! Probably other things happened too, but Crabby has been doing nothing blog-related but reading her comments and giggling at them and feeling all appreciative. She hasn't even been answering email or checking up on all her favorite blogs. So when she gets back, she's going to have a lot of catching up to do!

Most of all, Crabby just wanted to stop by to thank you all SO MUCH for hanging in there during this semi-vacation. She can't promise to come back completely well-rested (she has been finding other non-blog things to obsess over) or particularly witty or informative or amusing, but she does at least promise to come back!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canucks out there, too.
    We miss ya, Crabby, but we're glad you're having fun.

  2. "she has been finding other non-blog things to obsess over"


    Do tell!

  3. Perhaps you can take your own passive-aggressive holiday and spend it looking busy while surfing the internet for funny cat pictures).

    ...wait, you mean we're not supposed to do that anyway?

  4. I was going to say that you neglected to address us Canadians and our Thanksgiving, but I see that bag lady already wished us one.

    it's ok Crabby, I still love ya. I won't tell you about the crab cakes I had for dinner on Friday night... MWAHAHAHAHAHA

  5. Thanks for popping in and for setting up all of these great guest posts for us while you are gone.

    You are fabulous!!!

  6. It's Canadian Thanksgiving? Holy cow, I had no idea.


    Hope you all are having a great day spent with family and/or friends and are enjoying wonderful holiday meals. Personally, I feel very thankful that so many Cranky Fitness visitors are awesome Canadians.

    Have a great holiday!


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