October 15, 2007

The Crab Has Landed!

Vacation is over, and soon Cranky Fitness will go back to normal. (Not normal in the normal sense of normal; just "normal" for Cranky Fitness). There will be posts having at least something to do with health and fitness, and Crabby will stop making her readers write all of them.

But not quite yet.

Tomorrow there will be a product review or a bit of health news or more advice you don't need, but today, sorry--it's just an end-of-vacation ramble. Crabby is in Transition, and as a Crab who is easily overwhelmed, she does not tend to "hit the ground running." She hits the ground with a plop. It takes her no small amount of time to hoist herself up, get pointed in the right direction, and start putting one foot in front of the other again.

And yes, Crabby realizes that Cranky Fitness really should be posting about the Environment today because it's some sort of Coordinated Blog Thing.

But she doesn't have anything sensible to say that you all don't already know. Cranky Fitness readers tend to be green or at least greenish; you folks are eco-runners and composters and recyclers and animal rescuers and are often far better informed than Crabby is on the nuances of conservation. It would be silly of Crabby to attempt any lectures on that front.

And actually, it's interesting to watch the whole "lets stop trashing the earth and really think about the environment" movement get trendy again. Everyone's becoming fluent in Greenspeak, even the worst of the polluters and politicians. Is serious change going to happen before it's too late? Lets hope so. There seems to be some real momentum going lately and it's very encouraging.

Yet Crabby lived through the Seventies and this all has a familiar ring. When smart choices start costing big money and result in actual taxes that people have to cough up themselves; when the pop culture moves onto the next Big Thing and "green" starts sounding so "last year"; when fossil fuels start costing us what they actually cost the earth to use them, will we all happily pay up because it's the right thing to do? We'll see. Crabby remains skeptical, but is quite willing to be delightfully surprised if folks are actually serious this time.


So Crabby is way behind in her blog duties and may need a few days to catch up. There are emails to answer, dear blog friends to visit, and wonderful new visitors to get to know better. There are posts to write here and guest posts to write for other places. (Also, and this may be TMI: there is a pile of funky smelling laundry that won't just wash itself, real estate documents to contend with, and empty cupboards to stock with yummy cupcakes and cookies healthy whole grain foods).

It's also possible that even when she's back for real, Crabby may not be able to go back to the old policy of responding to every comment left on the blog. Which sucks! How do other bloggers manage to answer some but not others? It seems so arbitrary and Crabby knows she will feel guilty about it. She hopes that people who leave great comments will continue to do so even if sometimes those comments just sit there, being admired and enjoyed but not acknowledged. Comment fall-off is bound to happen, which is horrible to contemplate. Crabby will miss those of you who bail very much. But she can't blame readers for seeking other blogs with more dedicated and efficient hosts.

Gosh, this is indeed a rambly post! But one last thing: On this Six Month Anniversary of Cranky Fitness, Crabby can not thank her readers, commenters and guest posters enough. And thanks too to all the nice blogs that have linked to her. Your collective patience during the Crab's long weeks of vacation was so very much appreciated!

Cranky Fitness readers truly rock.

Thanks everyone, it's great to be back!


  1. W E L C OM E
    H O M E

    And congrats on your anniversary. Your blog is a pleasure to visit.

  2. Thanks MB and Marijke! And I so appreciate you both stopping by while I was gone. And Marijke, your new blog on palliative care is great--until I get a chance to mention it up top, I hope readers will follow your profile link to your regular blog and check out the link to it there!

  3. Welcome Back, Crabby.

    Congratulations on your six month blogiversary!

  4. Welcome back and congrats on the 6 months. Your blog is always fun to read... partly because of the ongoing communication in the comments section. I could certainly understand how other commitments might keep you from putting the time into responding to all of them, but I sure can't say that I wouldn't miss it.

  5. Yaaay!! Welcome back! :)

  6. Well, not every comment is response-worthy. Some of us just drop in to leave rhetorical remarks, then go back to our dull little paper-pushing, policy-enforcing jobs. ;-)

    Welcome back!

  7. Whaddayamean, you won't be responding to all the comments? Sheesh, the bag lady can't understand how you could not come up with something witty and different to say to each and everyone of the thirty-some commenters who visit your blog!! :)
    Well, guess that means you'll just have to come on over a'my place once in awhile and leave a witty comment!

  8. Oh, and thank God you're home safe and sound! We're glad.

  9. Hi Crabby,

    Welcome home! We had a grand time with the guest bloggers but it is nice to have you around. We were always happy when you scuttled in for a quick visit.

    Happy Anniversary and good luck with the pile of laundry that never ends. (At least that's true in my house.)


  10. welcome back. good to have ya back.

  11. Welcome back! Don't worry, we treated the guess bloggers well, just like we treated substitute teachers in school.
    oh, wait....
    Anyway, Happy Anniversary!

  12. Thanks Thomma Lyn and Leah!

    And hi Hilary--yeah, I hope not to cut back too much 'cause I'd miss it a lot too!

    And BunnyGirl and Chicken Girl (love it when your names come together), I can't wait to get caught up with happenings over at your respective blogs.

    Holy crap, Bag Lady, you went and started a blog! You weren't supposed to do that--I selfishly want you hanging out here all day!

    Terrie, thanks so much for the anniversary wishes and laundry commiseration and for hanging out while I was gone.

    Okay, not doing so well yet on the not responding... but I'll get used to it. Anyway, it's my first day back and i missed everyone.

    Thanks Israel, and Missicat, you crack me up!

  13. No guaranteed responses? What happened to you out east, Crabby? You used to be cool!

    ...welcome back. :)

  14. Welcome back! Happy REAL 6 month anniversary. Throw a little vinegar in the wash, it'll help get the stank out!

  15. Welcome home, Crabby. We did indeed all miss you. Not that the guest posts were not interesting and amusing - but there's no one quite like the Crab.

    And happy six month anniversary!

  16. Happy Anniversary Crabby! Glad you are back, safe and sound(?).

    Take your time getting settled in, relax, deep breaths. Done? Good, now we will see you tomorrow.

  17. Welcome back Crabby!

    I hear you on the responding to comments thing. It kills me to respond to one comment and not to another. But I can't do the individual response on busy days, it takes a year!

    And I agree with Dawn, loved the other posters, but there's no one like the crab :)

    oh yeah. AND the bag lady has a blog? woo-hoo!

  18. Jim, any hope of coolness I had was abandoned long ago. It just ain't happenin' no matter how many comments I answer.

    Thanks Holly, and vinegar sounds like an excellent idea and even kinda Green and Environmentally Sensitive!

    Thanks Dawn, and yes I got very lucky with excellent guest posts, but it's great to be back posting again.

    Hi Reb! Yep I'm back, finally, safe but as unsound as ever. No guarantees as to quality, but at least I'll try to write a few posts of my own for a change.

    And hi Katieo! Glad I'm not the only one who struggles with the comment answering thing. Today I can't help it, but starting tomorrow... A new Approach I Swear.

  19. Oh, I won't mind if you don't respond to all of my comments. The rest of us don't have as much work doing it because we don't have nearly as many comments! I'm just happy you're home, and I always enjoy your posts.

  20. "Coordinated Blog Thing"

    whoops. totally missed that.

  21. What? You're not going to respond to my slightest response? O, the Humanity!
    Then again, I suppose a crab has to ipso facto pick and chose.
    Fine sniff, sniff just fine. Be that way.

    p.s. When I first read that title, "The Crab has Landed," my first thought was, 'Thank Goodness that wasn't a soft-shelled crab'!

  22. Welcome home!

    And by all means, don't answer this comment ;-)

  23. Hi michael and mary and katieo and pelikan,

    God this is harder than I thought! I thought vacation where I left them all unanswered would make the transition easier, but alas. Now that I'm back I want to say hi to everyone!

    The next post... there will definitely be unanswered comments on the next post.

    And thanks, all, for being so understanding.

  24. A belated welcome home and happy anniversary, Crabby!

  25. Welcome back! Also, that was the best lazy Blog Action Day post ever -- true crab style. Too funny. At least you tried :) no worries, over 15,000 bloggers participated so the event went pretty well I'd say.

  26. (Not normal in the normal sense of normal; just "normal" for Cranky Fitness). <--Love it.

    Congrats on six months! And thanks for visiting my blog.


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