July 05, 2007

Still No Crab in Sight

Crabby is taking yet another day off, but will be back tomorrow in some form or another, perhaps with an actual post about health and fitness!

She hopes many of you are not reading this at all, because you're off on a Road Trips or you're hiking or playing tennis or spending a day at the beach (please say hello to any Crabs you see there) and not stuck back at work. If you don't have a long holiday (or any holiday at all) then Crabby hopes that you are at least having a nice day.

For those of you with mixed feelings about the whole Fourth of July Long Weekend Celebration, Crabby would like to refer you to this column by Jon Carroll at the SF Chronicle. Crabby is a longtime admirer of Jon Carroll.

Crabby has seen your comments coming in and she is eager to get back and chat with everyone. She is thinking of you all even as she makes herself go outside and do other things.

See you all soon!

So Crabby did finally figure out how to disable comments for this post--she thought it might help her stay away for the day if no one could leave any tempting comments for her to respond to.

But she finds she hates it! It seems so unwelcoming. So even though most of you have already come and gone, she's going to turn comments back on again.


  1. Crabby missed you all and is glad to be back!

    And yes, there will be a "real" post tomorrow, though it will be somewhat X rated.

    She hopes some of you are still around. She may not get a chance to visit you tonight but she will be prowling around tomorrow curious to see what you've all been up to.

  2. If the posting is X rated, I am TOTALLY coming around!!!

    I read the Carroll article.


    Isn't it amazing how easy it is to justify horrific acts?


  3. Oh Crabby, I am looking forward to your return! I had my knee surgery on Tuesday and between my Vicodin induced naps I have been stopping in to visit. Between your hiatus, no comments and moderation it has been quite quiet here in crab-land!

  4. Comment comment comment comment comment.

    I look forward to the X rated post tomorrow! The pressure's on!

  5. Hi Penelope,

    I wish my cat were interested in the newspaper, as her opinions on world events would be quite interesting. She's not as advanced as you are, however, and prefers to walk or sleep on the paper, preferably when I'm trying to read it.

    (And Jon Carroll frequently writes about his cats, another reason I like him).

    Holly, oh dear, what a bad time for the Crab to abandon ship!

    Hope you're feeling better soon but I imagine knee surgery is a tough one to recover from. Be really good to yourself! Thanks so much for coming by.

  6. Hi Adrienne,
    Thanks for stopping by! I hope the post isn't too disappointing--but I'll have to remember that whenever I'm feeling lonely, promising X rated posts seems a good way to entice folks to check in!

  7. I do hope you enjoyed yourself splashing about in the rock pools or whatever it is that crabs do on their days off. We missed you, Crabby.

    We will all, of course, beam in for your x-rated post. Just do remember that we're a little bit behind the States so draw diagrams if necessary for dim-witted kiwis!

  8. Hi Dawn,

    I had actually meant to do a little more splashing and a little less behind-the-scenes blog maintenance. But the lure of the sidebar, as you well know...

    And I truly promised myself I wouldn't even be open for comments until tomorrow morning, but I just couldn't resist turning them back on. I missed everyone too much.

    Also, I don't believe Kiwis are any less sophisticated in matters X-rated; they are just more apt to use discretion and not go running off at the mouth about it all the time as we Yanks are prone to do.

  9. Hi, Crabby! I hope you've enjoyed your time off. It's always good to take a breather from time to time, even from an activity we love. That way we come back to it refreshed and rarin' to go. :)

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  10. I'm so glad you put comments back on.
    It was brutal without them, Crabby. Brutal.

  11. Hi Thomma Lyn,
    Yes, breaks are good but it's hard to take them when you're totally addicted! I snuck back quite a bit more than I meant to, but still managed to get away for a bit. Thanks for stopping by!

    Hi Leah,
    It was hard for me too. I really wasn't going to turn the comments back on but just couldn't stand it!


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