July 14, 2007

Do We Need a Title?

So alert and/or suspicious readers may have noticed the usual Random Research Saturday post appeared on Friday. Hmmm... Is Crabby trying to shift her schedule around so she can slip away from Cranky Fitness at least one and possibly two days over the Weekend?

Yes, exactly!

Crabby has decided to stop whining so much about Balance in her Life and actually do something about it. She decided she needs to get over herself--nobody is making her post every day. At this rate, she will quickly use up every opinion she has about Health and Fitness and have nothing left to say. And then how would she get you all to come here and entertain her with your comments?

Even when Crabby "takes a vacation," as she pretended to do over the Fourth and Fifth of July, she finds herself back at her computer half the time. She was busy signing up for things and scouting out new sources of traffic and playing with widgets and pondering the Efficacy of Social Bookmarking.

This is silly. She's going to stop it.

As it happens, Sunday is Crabby's Four Month Anniversary at Cranky Fitness and it seems like a good time to re-evaluate her relationship to it. (And she knows she's just like one of those annoying infatuated couples, the way she insists on announcing every passing month! But she's still very much in the Honeymoon period of blogging. She promises after 6 months she'll shut up about it, at least for anything less than an Annual Anniversary). But even while still Honeymooning, it is advisable to take breaks every now and then. And so Crabby will be gone more on weekends. And in fact, she may be out of town for a few days in a week or so.

Crabby may go away now and then for a few days but she will always come back. She likes everybody here and misses her visitors when she is gone. So please, when Crabby goes away for a few days, do not forget about her entirely and stop checking in at Cranky Fitness! This would make her a very Sad Crab indeed.

And she's hoping that those of you who are also struggling with Cutting Back on Something will be doing what Crabby plans to this weekend--getting the heck away from whatever it is and revisiting the rest of your lives.

Crabby made the mistake last time she went off of trying to shut down comments so she wouldn't feel badly if she didn't respond to each one.

That was dumb. She won't do that again.

So please leave any comments you might have on Blogging or Balance or Weekends or Obsessions or Whatever!

Crabby truly does love reading your comments. She may, however, respond generally and not individually to comments left over the weekend. And if you, too, have fun things to do Outside, she will not be hurt or upset if you decide to catch up with her Monday instead. Have a great weekend!


  1. Good for you! I wholeheartedly agree with taking some breaks. (I just wrote bread and then changed it...ha! I need bread too) I think your many fans would prefer a break-taking , well rested crab.

  2. Okay, Crabby, step away from the computer.

    Everyone needs a break from everything and everyone once in a while. If you don't take a break now and then, this blog will become just one more "gotta get to it right away" chore. How boring and dreadful that would be. Post when you can and don't when you can't.

    We'll all be stopping by anyway and will say a word or two as the mood strikes.

  3. Breaks are good,Crabby.
    We'll miss you, of course, but it'll make your return all the sweeter.

  4. I hope you are truly staying away!!! I am so concerned about you burning out and then we won't miss you for a day or two, but forever!!!!

    I must report that my Dr. freed me from crutches yesterday! Hallelujah!

    He says I will be back to normal activity in 6-8 weeks. I am so happy I could jump up and down, but of course I can't do that yet!

  5. Good for you, Crabby. I'm lessening my own blogging at weekends but as most of my readers are from the States and Canada, I'm not sure whose weekend to follow - NZ or yours - or should I take an extended weekend that covers the whole damn lot!

    Looking forward to seeing a refreshed crab in a few days time!

  6. Breaks are good but don't stay away too long or else, now that I've found you, I'll have cranky fitness withdrawal. And I can promise, it won't be pretty.

  7. Just do what I do-- write when you have something to say and tell everyone to sign up for the RSS feed. Problem solved! ;-)

    Seriously, though, bloglines.com changed my life!

  8. Hi Crabby and friends. New here and I really enjoy reading everyones comments. Never heard of blogs until a few months ago and now that I am off for the summer, I have found two that I find great. You combine humor and real sound advice. You are on my favorites. Happy to have found your site.

  9. In between church and studying for a government class (online classes are so stupid) I just had to pop in here. It would seem I'm showing up more and more these days, huh? I must be addicted too... I gave up message boards and now primarily focus on stupid AOL news and this blog. (and those online classes, on occasion) I'd love to take a break from the internet but I can't right now (until the semester ends) but perhaps I need a break from procrastinating. So by all means, take a break and I'll have less ways to procrastinate... or something like that.

  10. Good to see you've gone out to play!

  11. If I didn't already talk to you earlier about possible burnout, I meant to. It's imperative, especially with an informational blog, to pace yourself.

    You're a good writer and folks will come back. :)

  12. Crabby, I'm just a stalker, errr lurker, but I'd miss you if you went away.

  13. Hi everyone,

    Thank you all so much! I had an awesome weekend, and only peeked in once and then wouldn't let myself comment. My fingers twitched and my breathing grew shallow but I resisted and made myself shut the computer off and go away again.

    And welcome, new commenters! Hi Anonymous and Pamperingbeki, and Meg as well, because you're pretty recent too. Thanks for saying hi even when the blog went dark. (The rest of you already know I love you all!)

    So I'll be back bright & early tomorrow (monday), with a new post.

    Over the weekend, I did not get to catch up with any of you and felt badly about it. On the other hand, I saw a fun movie (Waitress) in an actual movie theater, went shopping and bought a pair of workout shorts (it's been about 5 years and the old ones were getting embarassing) went for several long walks, visited the farmer's market, cooked meals, revisited my half-finished novel, and hung out happily with Most Significant Other (who may even be allowed a gender before too long, and possibly a Silly Nickname.)

    In any event, I actually did achieve some sort of Balance at least this week, and it was so nice to stop back in and see all of your wonderful comments! I'm looking forward to diving back in tomorrow and catching up with all of you through the coming week.

    Thanks again,

  14. Balance and Outside two great things!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Lady Rose

  15. Just checking the comments -- I see you did not quite make it the entire weekend but you had a good go at it, sounds like. I worked all weekend so that I can play more Frisbee during the week! That's my late healthy thing. Go me. And I did a meme; lord what's the world coming too?


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