July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

Since Crabby has been yammering on and on lately about Priorities and Balance and such, she is hereby declaring her Independence from Cranky Fitness for the day. And possibly the 'Morrow as well. You never know. Actually, something will probably be here, but it may not be a "real" post.

Crabby is going to disable Comments for this post. But if you have anything you want to let her know about just put it in another post and Crabby will find it when she gets back to responding to comments.

And until she returns, visit some other great blogs! Here are some fine friends of Cranky Fitness, both recent and not-so-recent acquaintances:

The Goat's Lunch Pail

The Cricket Chronicles

Remaindered Random Musings

Beauty for Ashes

Sylvia's Journal

And y'all have a great holiday (if this is one for you)!

Well, I can't seem to disable comments on one post without doing it on them all. So I'll open this up again, and will still enjoy reading people's thoughts. But I probably won't respond except in a general way in this post.

And to those of you with feed readers, I hope publishing this post three times in a row isn't messing you up!

Crap. Make that four times. I forgot to switch it back on.


  1. Happy fourth of July, Crabby!

  2. Happy Independence Day, Crabby!

    Good for you for bringing in your very own Declaration Of Independence.

    And thank you so much for the linkie.

  3. thanks for the props crabby! *cyber love!*


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