July 20, 2007

More Friday Randomness

So as Crabby heads off for a long weekend with the intrepid Lobster, she thought she'd leave behind the usual assortment of weird research that didn't fit in anywhere else during the week.

She also wants to remind you to email her your Great Hikes and pictures if you've got them. And, it's looking like the "Reader Recommendations" for Cool Books and Other Health Products could probably use some updating too. So if you've recently stumbled upon something you Highly Recommend, or if you suddenly recall an old favorite you think others might enjoy, please leave your suggestions in the comments or email the Crab about them.

Lets do the Bad Cancer News first and get it out of the way:

Adding extra fruits and veggies to your diet, though good for you in many other ways, doesn't appear to help prevent breast cancer recurrence. Crabby would have bet otherwise, and she doesn't like this result, so she'll just wait for some other study to come out soon and say the opposite.

Also weight cycling, or "yo-yo" dieting, appears to increase the risk of kidney cancer. This also seems like frustrating news for the many who are trying their damndest but keep putting the weight back on--now another thing to worry about.

And children and young adults living near nuclear plants show a higher incidence of leukemia. This one looked a little complicated, though, so anyone who actually lives near one may want to give it a more careful combing over before panicking about what it might mean for your kids.

Okay, yuck. That's enough of that!

There's good news however, if you have a lot of moles. You may have a slightly greater risk of melanoma, but you may live longer nonetheless. For some reason, having more moles seems related to having longer telomeres, which scientists assure us is a very good thing. It has something to do with shoelaces. Crabby, being lazy, would rather have you read about the mole study yourself than try to figure out and explain exactly what a telomere is and what shoelaces have to do with it.

And as for exercise, there's another study saying that walking is good for you, and high intensity walking is even better. You knew that already, but it's always nice to see Science on Our Side.

But here's one you may not have known: for your cardio workouts, breaking up an hour long session into two chunks with a 20 minute rest in between may actually help you burn more fat. (Crabby wonders, however, what the heck you're supposed to do for that twenty minutes, especially if you're at the gym and it already feels like you spend half the freakin' day there? But maybe you could go do some stretchy stuff, or meditate, or go flirt with the bored-looking person handing out towels.)

So this was supposed to just be a short post today, to make up these long-ass rambly things that somehow keep appearing in the blog. Crabby swears they're only a couple of paragraphs when she hits "Publish," but gremlins of some sort seem to be cramming them full of nonsense.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Crabby will probably be back Monday; Tuesday at the latest.


  1. Wow - I'm first at Crabby McSlacker's site! I'd better make this quick or someone will beat me to the Publish button.

    Have a great weekend Crabby and Lobster. (Somehow I feel you should be at the seaside, not hiking in the hills!)

    And think of me every time you fill Fran the Van up with gas, and smile and make smalltalk to the assistant. There could be a frustrated writer behind those oil splotched clothes!

  2. Hope you have a great time with your Lobster. I am jealous. I have to go to a wedding with my....dude.

    See you back next week....

    Sylvia C.

  3. I agree with Dawn. I keep thinking you two ought to be splashing merrily about the rock pools.
    Enjoy yourselves. I haven't forgotten about your hike request, just trying to narrow the field.

    As for the cancer stuff in your post, what the hey, it changes every week. Go moles!

  4. Have a good time and don't worry about us! We'll be exercising and eating our veggies! (Okay, I will. I can't vouch for the others.)

  5. YAY FRIDAY!!!

    Have funsies Crabby!

  6. On a serious note, :-( As for cancer and other disease prevention, I really feel it is more important to have less 'un-healthy' foods and behaviors rather than adding 'good' things.

  7. "She also wants to remind you to email her your Great Hikes and pictures if you've got them. And, it's looking like the "Reader Recommendations" for Cool Books and Other Health Products could probably use some updating too."

    I like this theory where you make readers write your blog and you get all the credit ;)

    Just kidding, you always give your readers props. Still, it is a brilliant plan. Hope you have a super-fly get away. I wonder though, do Lobsters and Crabs truly get along? You don't often see National Geographic specials featuring both of them. It is a MUCH better nickname than MSO.

  8. damn those gremlins, damn them to hell! Haha.

    I'm going to try this whole 20 minute break thing. I have a steam room at my gym, maybe I'll go sit in there, and then when I return to my treadmill even more sweaty, everyone will be totally impressed!

    Eh, maybe I'll take a cue from you and go flirt with the towel boy...

  9. Oh (glances over shoulder as you come in) don't mind me. I know Crabby is away. I'm just checking to see if there's anything to eat in the cupboards.

  10. Well, I know you're away right now, but hopefully you'll see this when you return. Another good post on Crabby McSlacker's site! If I can even get off my lazy #%$$ and start exercising again like I'm supposed to, I think I'll try that twenty minute break thing.

    Um, right after I get a job as a towel boy in a spa!

    Oh, wow, Dawn's got the right idea. Lot's of good food here...

    Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't been around lately to comment. I've been having trouble with blogger comments pages lately, even on my own blog! I'm so happy I finally go in today to say hello!

    Have fun on your trip!

  11. (digging into the cupboard like a terrier while cans of nutrious food stack up behind her) I just bet she's got donuts in here somewhere!

  12. Hi Crabby, just a brief "hello" to let you know that we DO pop in whether you are home or not.

    But it was Dawn and Michael who ate all the food, I only drank the green tea and, well, I may have nibbled the dark chocolate. Hey, I'm old. I need antioxidants and I take 'em as they come.


  13. Dawn and Michael, I can't believe you left all six yummy looking cupcakes at the top of the page!!!

  14. Holly, I couldn't help it. I'm so full I couldn't possibly take another bite!

  15. Cupcakes! Where? Where? (scrambles over a frail looking poster and races up towards the top of the blog)

    Aah - mine all mine!

  16. Wow, what a nice welcome home!

    Got back last night after a great long weekend in the mountains and couldn't help but giggle at all the comments. You guys were so sweet to make sure I had something to come home to!

    I really get to spend some great time with friends and family and nature. But I missed you all and am looking forward to catching up with you as soon as I can.

    And welcome, Lisa!
    Steam room and towel boy, great idea. (Though I get sweaty just changing into my gym clothes--glad to know I'm accidentally impressing people with my supposed hard work!)


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