July 25, 2007


Apologies to those on dial-up, or to people who hate to click on links just on principle.

So sorry! But today's post is actually located here, at Diet Blog. Crabby has some whining to do about health research not always saying what she wants it to, and has some suggestions on how to ignore studies that come to the wrong conclusions.

If Crabby weren't so lazy, there would be a fresh post here as well. But, well, she is, so there isn't. (Unless you count this silliness, but you are Smart Readers and know a real post when you see one).

Crabby hopes you will take the plunge and visit her at Diet Blog today. If you do, you can comment here, or there, or both places, or neither! ("Research" is not perhaps the most exciting topic for comment; sorry). However, comments over there are especially appreciated in that Crabby fears looking silly and unpopular in front of a wider audience.

Also, you may notice that some "person" with initials and a last name is purporting to have something to do with Crabby's blog, Cranky Fitness. Pay no attention to that nonsense. Crustaceans are not generally taken seriously in the health field without human representatives--but you know between Crabby and this "person" who really calls the shots.


  1. Just stopped by to say that I take all crustaceans seriously.

  2. "Badly Designed Study Failed To Prove Something Was Useful"

    I'm *totally* using that title on my next paper publishing work that didn't go anywhere...it sounds so much better than trying to make work that proves my hypothesis wrong sound inportant :)

  3. Hi Leah!
    Thanks for stopping by here and there, very sweet of you!

    And hi geosomin,
    Thanks too for giving me a boost over at diet blog, I love to see the Cranky Fitness names in the comments! And your title proposal made me laugh. But why blame your study design? Depending on what sort of research you do, you could try "Stupid Experimental Subjects/Tissues/Molecules/etc Fail To Do What They're Obviously Supposed To."

  4. "Stupid Experimental Subjects/Tissues/Molecules/etc Fail To Do What They're Obviously Supposed To."

    But that *is* the sad truth of biochemistry research :)

  5. Nice article on Diet-Blog, Crabby!!
    By the way, Milk bad, meditation(including moving meditation like running)good!
    'The enemy'(Dr.J):-)

  6. Well, I certainly can't have my favourite Crab standing friendless and alone in a strange blog, so I'm dashing straight over there.

    However I suspect that you're not friendless and alone because in MyBlogLog "hot in my community" thingie your link to the other blog is hot, hot HOT!

  7. "If Crabby weren't so lazy, there would be a fresh post here as well."

    Laziness is a systemic problem effecting all areas of your life. lol.

  8. Geosomin,
    Good thing I'm not smart enough to be a scientist--sounds frustrating!

    Hi Dr. J,
    But me like milk! So milk good!

    Dawn, thank you so much! Love the gran in heels. (Though I suspect she'd be of the sturdy Kiwi variety who could still kick my ass in 'em).

    Hi John!
    Well, when your last name is McSlacker, what're you gonna do?

  9. Only chocolate milk :-)

  10. Today I realized why I like your blog so much. I ventured over to the other place and people there disagreed with you and there was one poster that I thought was actually going to get a little red in the face as he ranted. Here, we all have the opportunity to honestly state our opinion, but it is that. Nobody here attacks you as the author, and even though we may occasionally elbow each other out of the way for yummy treats at the top of your page, deep down we would all be willing to share the last bit of cupcake with each other.

  11. Dr J,
    Hooray for chocolate milk!

    Hi Holly,
    Thanks so much for going over there. And yes, I love all my friendly, reasonable, amusing, cupcake-sharing commenters. I feel so fortunate. Everyone is so great about sharing their own experiences and thoughts without getting huffy or attacking people personally. (Well, not regular readers. Every now and then on controversial posts we get some oddballs who wander in and wander away again.)

    I thought that guy was pretty funny too--he didn't seem to get that I was no more than a first-time guest poster there and had nothing to do with all the things he was objecting to. Sounds like he'd been building up for a Diet Blog rant for a while and landed on my newby post. Ah well.

  12. You are the only blogger I've ever known who can NOT write a post and yet get 11, well now 12 comments. You sold your soul didn't you? Fess up.

  13. Cranky,
    As you requested I have complied a list of sources for my theory about not consuming more than 500 calories in one meal. The first source is focused more on aging than weigh gain, but it gives a really good technical explanation of what happens when you consume more than 500 calories in one meal. I found another blog for a body builder... he's trying to gain so he eats 6 meals a day, but as he wants his gain to be lean he eats no more than 500 calories in 3 hours. Then there's calorie-count which also suggests the limit on 500 calories to one meal. I got my original information by attending The Anderson Area Shrink Down "Fit into Life!" seminars.... a series of free seminars given near my home in SC focusing on health living, weight loss, and the benefits of exercise. Hope these links help explain and good luck! http://www.anne-marie.ca/fourpillarsofaging.html

  14. Forgot to tell you.... I did get your link up, yeah, I learned something today. It doesn't show where I want it to (it's over on the sidebar) but I did increase the font size so you can see it. I also tried replying to your email and the mean old mailer demon got me. Anyhoo, good luck with the research.

  15. Yes, I'd like to add that 'THAT' poster on Diet-Blog is a serious jerk! He's only 27, by the way and has NO idea what's coming his way. I would give some of his statements more respect if he didn't feel the need to insult people. His insults are extraneous to the point he is making and detract from his credibility as an adult.

  16. If you think you're Crabby, wait until I go a few days without diet soda----watch out blogosphere!

    Thanks for the link. I'd heard about the study and was trying to ignore it, but noooooo.

    Is this payback for the short shorts song?


  17. Hi Jennifer!
    Well, I believe it comes from having just one blog and not the amazing humongous number you preside over so professionally. If all your commenters came to one place, you wouldn't have to write a real post either!

    Hi Christina!
    Okay, I was confused for a second, but I went back to your blog and figured out what happened. It was not me, but the next commenter after me who requested a bit more information. I think her name was Marianne. I'm not sure she has a blog, so you may need to respond to her question back at your blog either in a post or after her comment.

    Isn't starting a new blog an adventure? Fun but frustrating, especially at first! Good luck with your weight loss efforts.

    Hi anonymous!
    Thanks for the info--I tend to be a little oblivious about who is who over there, unless it's someone I already recognize. I won't take it personally then! Thanks for stopping by.

    Actually, I was trying to ignore that diet soda thing too! In the one edit Jim at Diet Blog made to my post (that I noticed), he took out the shyness study I was alluding too and put in the more timely Diet Soda study. I'm hoping it gets reversed next week or something!

  18. Wow, Nate was REALLY cranky and made me feel bad.

    Hydrogenated vegetable oil is really bad for you. Butter is better. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  19. Hi Melissa,
    It's funny, I don't think I've seen any convincing recent research saying butter is officially okay now, but somehow doesn't it seem like that's just around the corner? I used to really avoid it but now I find I'm adding it back into my diet (in small quantities). It just tastes so damn good!

    And things certainly do get heated in the diet blog comments! Did someone just say my post "sucked?" Or was Erica talking about something else? I thought I was making the same point she was, that you have to use common sense when looking at studies. I found the whole discussion a bit hard to follow, and I get the feeling there are ongoing battles there I don't quite understand, like walking into a family feud or something.

    Anyway, it makes me so appreciative of my wonderful mellow Cranky Fitness friends!

  20. I'm almost too scared to go over there and find out, Cranky...but I will anyway...just see what you had to say. :)

  21. Thanks Michael!

    And thanks to everyone who was kind enough to visit over there--I know it's a pain to sign into a new blog to comment, and I really appreciate it!

    Don't know how frequently I'll be doing that as (a) I'm lazy (b) there are lots of other contributors over there and (c) my rambling half-serious style is sometimes not all that portable. But if you'll bear with me every now and then, I'm hoping to do an occasional post and try to bring a few new Diet Blog readers to Cranky Fitness. Most of them are very nice and sensible--just a few get a bit more heated in their opinions than we usually do here.

  22. So sorry Crabby. Thanks for you patience, encouragement, and understanding about the trials of the newbies. BTW, any chance that you could get some better research on the 500 calorie per meal subject? If that's not Crabby's style I completely understand. BTW, lovin' Fridays article topics.

  23. Hi Christina,
    Thanks so much for stopping by again! Not exactly sure what you're asking, but I think I was just worried about 1200 calories per day (or whatever it was) not being quite enough for most people. But I don't really have any expertise on how many calories per meal or per day is best for anyone. So while 500 calories per meal does seem like a very reasonable limit, it's just not an area I feel comfortable posting about or advising people on.

    Anyway, I probably totally misunderstood your question, sorry. But hope you have fun with your new blog!


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