February 10, 2009

Vado HD pocket camera giveaway! (US/Can)

When I was asked to review the Vado HD pocket video camera, my first thought was -- why? Cranky Fitness is a health, fitness & whining blog. Aren't home video cameras used for supplying YouTube with a surfeit of silly cat videos? How does that fit in with h., f., or w.? And why would I want to give a video camera away to a Cranky Fitness reader?

Try it, they said. See what you think.

So I did, and I have to say...


  1. Hi, I came across your site and was wondering if you would be interested in doing a quick link exchange with me. I have a few related blogs and exchanging links is a great way to improve the site's rankings.
    If you are interested, just email me what title you want me to use for your blog link and I will put up your link right away if you are willing to do the same back for me.

  2. These are really fun!! I have the Flip and use it frequently.

  3. To enter the giveaway, please leave messages on the Review page

  4. (Um.... that bold statement wasn't pointed at you, Dr. J, since you already have one ;)

  5. Hi anon--
    Sorry, we don't do link exchanges, but thanks for visiting!

    And Merry, I like the commanding bold text, it looks very official! I shall get my butt over the "real" post forthwith.

  6. Darn it about the link exchange. Bummer.

  7. Who names their kid Anon?
    Actually that's not a bad name for a kid.

  8. That is a cracking phone camera.

  9. That's weird...this is the second time that I successfully posted a comment, but later on it disappeared. You're not mad at me, are you?!

  10. dm/naomi, of course we're not mad at you! Blogger might be feeling a bit hungry today -- I don't know if it's been fed yet. :(

  11. Crabby:

    I just read your post on my blog! Many thanks for dropping by!!!

    And I actually meant to update my blog roll so your message serves as a good reminder to do so. :o)

    All the best!


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