February 25, 2009

Giveaway Winners and Important Reminders!

Not only do we have a iPosture winner, but we have a NEW winner in the Vado HD Pocket video camera giveaway. Yep, we had to consult with Mr. Random Number generator again because the previous winner did not come forward and contact us with mailing info by the deadline. (Or actually, by the deadline plus several additional days.)

We are indeed strict Prize-Mistresses here at Cranky Fitness. We will REDRAW if a winner does not check in!

Claim your prize or else!

Are you now worried that if you win one of our drawings, an email glitch might accidentally send your email out into an obscure corner of the blogosphere rather than in the safe haven of Crabby McSlacker's mailbox? We worry about that too! So it's actually not a bad idea to also leave a comment letting us know you saw that you won and are sending your contact info, especially if you don't hear back from us in a day or so.

So our giveaway winners are...

iPosture winner: Ruth!

Vado Winner: Sagan!

Winners, please email at Crabby McSlacker @ gmail dot com (some assembly required) and let us know your name and mailing address by midnight Saturday Feb 28.

Guest Post Reminder: Anyone interested in writing a guest post for Cranky Fitness?? I'll be off for a couple of weeks starting March 1 (we're making our way via circuitous route back to Provincetown, MA). It's hard not to notice that Cranky Fitness commenters always have more sensible, witty, and interesting things to say about health and fitness than I do, so it would be awesome if any of you wanted to share your thoughts in a guest post. Fortunately, Merry will still be here, but we still have plenty of room for guests.

Note: a guest post doesn't have to be a boring old essay like the Crab writes. It could be a picture, a video, a cartoon you've drawn, a poem... We'd love to hear from you!



    I totally sent you an e-mail Crabby. So if it doesn't come through, PUH-LEEZE let me know.

    Thank you, thank you...I am so happy! I think this iPosture gizmo is really going to help the hubby and me (instead of slouchy and unimpressive, we will strut like models on the catwalk).

    And also, I would be interested in doing a guest post. I even have something fitness related in mind (unlike the stuff I usually post--the mish mash of this and that).


  2. (some assembly required)

    Love that!


    I wanna guest post too. EEEKKK....I have no idea what I would write, but I have some time.

    However, I would SO RATHER go to MA, so let me know if you have room in your suitecase!

  4. Hooray for the winners!

    And double hooray for guest posts! I'd love it if you guys submitted something!

  5. Congrats Ruth...now send some of that good luck my way!!!

  6. *jumping up and down with glee* Yay!!! Email is sent with my contact info :D

  7. Hey I'll do a guest post!! I promise it will be witty and smart and fun! Or at least it will be adequate.



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