February 05, 2009

Emergency Exit

Please do not be alarmed: this is a test of our Emergency Product Review Broadcasting system.

I repeat, this is only a test. There is an actual post hiding here behind the "read more" below about reducing one's sugar/Splenda/whatever intake.

However, to reach this post you must click on a link. And then, warning: things may start to get weird.

If this were an actual Product Review Emergency, we would be sending you away from Cranky Fitness because we'd otherwise be violating Blogher's rules by posting a review here.

This post does not actually violate those guidelines, which is why it is Only A Test.

Soon, however, we anticipate a genuine product review emergency! We will be doing a review and a giveaway of an awesome-sounding, high-value product that we think you will be excited about having a chance to win. What's the emergency? Well, we wanted to keep one ourselves! We couldn't do that without sending you away to our new, slightly uglier, product review page. In the future, we will hope to score more cool free stuff give you helpful information about other products by conducting extensive testing in our Cranky Fitness Laboratory.

Today, however, it's just a test post about sweetener. But please let us know if anything weird happens when you go to the new page to read more!


  1. A test!
    But I haven't studied! :(

    It is multiple choice, with easily flattered teachers? :)

  2. I can't seem to post a comment on the other post so I'll do it here. I used to sweeten my coffee with splenda, feeling similar health-conscious anxiety as you. But I recently switched to honey and I love it! It only takes a little bit to sweeten a big cup o' joe, it's all natural, and while I know it has calories, I haven't seen them showing up in my midsection.

  3. Splendapendence--I so like the ring of that, it kinda makes me want to go back to my own substance abuse...

    Yes, I was abusing the stuff for a while, and now that I'm off I feel much better about myself. My friends like me more, I have put my life back together..and I'm a better person because of it.

    Thank You for giving me this platform.

    Have a fab weekend!

  4. I cannot do the artificial sweetener thing at all. I can't stand bitter coffee so I use flavored creamer in my coffee and I don't usually need to add additional sugar unless I accidentally made the coffee a bit strong that morning.

  5. No I can't post a comment on the new page...nothing weird happened though.

    I don't have sugar in tea and I don't like coffee at all! I dislike the taste of artificial sweetener in fizzy pop but dislike the calorie content of standard pop - so I tend not to bother with it at all.

  6. I couldn't post on the other comment section so I brought it back here. I use splenda I can't help it, I don't mind stevia however I can never seem to use enough of them to make my dunkin donuts iced coffee taste sweet enough. However, I'm going to try Agave Syrup which is low on the glycemic index as well and suppose to be really sweet, but it's expensive so I just haven't bought any yet. And I do occasionally drink diet soda and it's usually that bad stuff COLA.

  7. I've tried 'em all. I agree totally about the Stevia, but all of the artificial sweeteners taste awful to me, so I'm stuck with plain old sugar. 1 tsp in a cup with a splash of milk and whipped cream...

  8. nothing alien like on the other page but I couldn't post comment as the others mentioned :)

    I remember when we were kids, my little brother always used to say "the sweeter, the better"......it would crack us up. Unfortunately, he shares the weight problem I have and has severe health problems.....colitis, sleep apnea, and a few other things. Is sugar to blame......maybe.

    I have worked really hard to break my Splenda addiction. Okay, even Dr. Oz says it's probably the best sugar replacement if you are going to use one.......and I love that guy :)

    The only reason I cut out splenda for the long term.......diet sodas only on special occasions..is because it DOES make me crave sweets and carbs more. Really!

    I don't think my addiction was as bad as your Splendependence.......love that word! But hubby is certainly addicted....He drinks a 2 liter bottle of Mt. Dew a day so I would say it's a caffeine-fueled addiction for him.

    I love your tricks on how to use less! Very down to earth and doable :)

    I love reviews!

  9. I couldn't comment on the product reviews either. I used to be a nutrasweet in coffee addict. One day I read that the majority of presidents drank their coffee cream - no sugar (sweetener) and I decided to try it. It took a while but I got used to being "presidential". Every once in a while I'll throw in a splenda or a couple packages of sugar in the raw ( I love that stuff) in my coffee... but I generally prefer coffee cream - no sugar. And that is as close to the presidency as I'll ever get! :)

  10. Like others, I tried to post this comment on the other post, but could not.

    I think the solution is to drink your coffee black from a very young age.

    I used to go to the grocery with the children when they were toddlers, and give them sips of the free coffee I got as I shopped (yes, a couple of stores do that around here). I would wait until the coffee was cool enough, and they never got more than maybe a tablespoon or two.

    The sum of the matter is that they got used to black coffee from the beginning. They never knew anything else.

    Sweetie grew up with the very Southern tradition of his tea being strong and highly sweetened -- with Sweet 'n Lo.

  11. How about skipping the product in the coffee and putting it directly on your tongue with each sip? Just a few granules etc.
    Other than that suggestion, I'm out.

  12. I use stevia in coffee, and lemon and honey in tea (with milk in both the coffee and the black tea). And will only drink soda if I'm sick because it will settle my tummy.

  13. Hello. My name is Jill and I'm a Splendaholic...

    Okay maybe it's not that bad, but I do use a packet of Splenda in my coffee every morning and that's about it for the day. I love it! I really like Monica's idea of using honey, though - I'll have to try that this weekend since I have none here at work with me.

  14. I use some "sweet and low," in coffee. I don't like Splenda. Haven't tried Stevia. No adding Aspertame or sugar to anything.

    Am I too bitter :-)

  15. Don't care for Stevia either as it has an aftertaste to me.
    I use white or brown sugar as needed and often use maple syrup.
    Good advice for cutting down on sweeteners.

  16. Like everyone else said - love the new page but it wouldn't let me leave a comment! Will you be posting here when you update the new site or shall I add it to my reader?

    As for sweeteners - looks like we're on the same wave length today as I posted on the same thing;) Since you don't like the aftertaste (burn?) of Stevia have you tried one of the new products like TrueVia? I actually think they really taste better.

  17. I agree...Stevia is nasty. Not a fan of aspartame either, though I have been known to down a Diet Coke now and again...Really don't understand how anyone could come to prefer diet soda, but some people do claim to. Splenda does seem to be the best tasting, but even then I do notice a bit of an aftertaste.

    I have never put sugar in my coffee/tea. I mostly avoid artificial sweeteners because of taste issues...I figure I'd rather have a little bit of real sugar rather than a lot of artificial stuff that doesn't taste quite right.

  18. I used to drink a fair bit of diet coke and consumed other products which contained either Aspartame or Splenda. It took years for me to figure out that it was responsible for connective tissue problems I had begun having. When I cut out the artificial sweeteners, it took a few months, but the pervasive problem went away.

    Being less-than-bright, I started drinking diet coke again about a year later and within a few weeks, the problem returned. Needless to say, I don't touch any artificial sweeteners anymore.

    I prefer my coffee without sugar, but occasionally, if it's a tad too stron, I'll add a bit of course brown sugar to it. I find it sweeter than white, granulated sugar. Or honey for tea.

  19. As far as weirdness, I had two "read more" links appear on my screen. I guess I chose the wrong one because it took me back to the main page with only one "read more" button showing up, which worked fine.

    As far as sugar...I just don't drink bitter drinks. I'm convinced it's the drink's way of telling me that it's poisonous, so I should clearly stay away.

    I never liked artificial sweeteners. They leave a weird taste in my mouth afterwards. So when I do sweeten things I use organic sugar.

  20. I drink my coffee black, so I can't say much, but stevia does not taste metallic to me: it tastes gaggingly sweet. I was working at my coop in the 80s when the Stevia craze hit and they were giving out samples of things sweetened with it, and I took a taste and went "Oh, yuck! Never trying that ever again!"
    The artificial ones don't taste as awful to me as they do to some people, but they leave an aftertaste that makes me avoid them.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  21. Oh crap!!!

    That's what I get for putting up a post and going to bed...

    Didn't think to leave a test comment! Good thing this was not a Real Emergency Review.

    I'll go over to the other blog and seen what the deal is and be right back.

    Sorry folks!

  22. I couldn't post a comment there, but averything else seems OK.

    I don't mind splenda, I just think it's not a necessary substitute for all sugar unless you're diabetic. I use it for coffe (which I dringk far too much of) but other than that I just use regular suger, honey or dates...not much for sweet things anyways...I find stevia is OK in baking or yogurt, but in coffee or tea it tastes fake like sweet and low (which to me will always be poison besause of 9 to 5...I get the image of the little skull and crossbones floating up from the cup of poison coffee int he film whenever I think of Sweet and Low for some reason).

  23. OK, the comments at the new place SHOULD be working now! So sorry for the screw up.

    Christine, I love the Presidential coffee info! Further incentive to reduce my use of the little yellow packets. Wonder how Obama takes his?

    And I'm impressed with how many of you use no sweeteners or a small amount of natural sweeteners!

    And Charlotte: We'll always introduce any product review posts from here (the Main Page) so you won't miss any!

  24. Hey, I thought I left a comment this morning! I would have been first and everything. Now I'm gonna pout.

    I'm one of those who drinks her coffee black. Black and strong. Otherwise, what's the point? :)

    And I've never used Splenda. Rarely use sugar on anything, so haven't tried it.

  25. haha you're funny. I quit blogher cause they told me to take a review down. I DO WHAT I WANT!

    Kelly Turner

  26. I haven't voluntarily taken sugar in years. I went off it when I was ten, and have not taken it since. Handy aversion to have.


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