February 26, 2009

Thursday Quiz

Some days just call out for a quiz, in my opinion. There's no prize for the right answers, except the joy of intellectual fulfillment, but what the hell. It's Thursday.


1. This week, scientists came out with research that suggests there might be a universal cure for:

a. The common cold

b. Hangnails

c. The flu

d. Those annoying little coughs that hang about for weeks even though you're feeling much better.

2. A new book is coming out that promises to merge classic English literature with modern-day sensibilities. Its title is:

a. Wuthering Bites... featuring Heathcliffe the Vampire

b. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies... the title kinda says it all, doesn't it?

c. David Copperfield: the real story. Dickens' heart-warming tale now features a lad who grows up to make his mark in the world of magic.

d. The Call of the Wild Werewolf... Jack London's classic tale of a man and his dog has been updated to tell the tale of a man who is his own best friend...

3. According to a study just out this month, companies that hand out financial incentives can help employees to stop:

a. Smoking cigarettes

b. Drinking alcohol

c. Eating at fast-food restaurants

d. Reading blogs at work

I has a money. What I do wif it?

4. One of the following studies is false. Can you spot which one?

a. The males of the preying mantis species prefer not to be the victims of sexual cannibalism.

b. Male fish will cannibalize fish eggs if they suspect the female fish have been sleeping with other male fish.

c. Male black widow spiders have been known to kill the female spider after mating, instead of the other way around.

d. Female rattlesnakes recover faster from childbirth if they eat their young.

How did you do? Feeling confident?
I'll post the answers to the quiz at Midnight.

Photo courtesy of John Althouse Cohen.


  1. D, A, A, D...um, i really can't decide on that last one. seriously. what is it? Just tell me, I won't tell anyone else, promise :)

  2. A, B, C, C!

    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies = Hilarity ensuing!

  3. C, B, A, A

    I am absolutely positive about... oh crap, whatever. The quiz was a great big wad of hilarity anyway.

    Sure would be great to score well, though.

  4. A, B, C, D -I hope it's the common cold, I heart zombiles, giving up fast food for $ would be clutch (since i've already given it up) AND D was a toughie but I could see snakes going that route... creepy creatures.

  5. I have no answers for any of the questions, but as usual I love the cat picture!

  6. I've got no idea on any of them.

    I'll wait for the answers (it was pretty funny though).

  7. oh oh oh! I know a couple of answers for SURE! but I won't give them away.. don't want to take the fun out of it :)

    the word verification is epilical.. in my baby induced stupor, it looked like eliptical!

  8. 1. b

    2. c (I just want very badly for this to be true. Jane Austin and Zombies could be like the new chocolate and peanut butter. I just hope they're the classic slow-moving zombies)

    3. a

    4. b

  9. Oh boy, another test!! My answers are in a sealed envelope, in the mail!

  10. Hey Dr. J., a hint. If you slip a first-class ticket to the Bahamas into that sealed envelope, by a very odd coincidence, the answers will fit whatever you think they should be ;)

  11. Great quiz Merry!

    Will await answers with eager anticipation...

    Oh wait! Perhaps I can unlock the Cranky Fitness vault and rummage around in the draft posts and see if the answers are revealed there. Heh heh heh heh. I always wanted to be party to "inside" information!

    (tiptoeing off now...)

  12. ummm don't know but here goes it - a a a d.

  13. This is hard! The only thing I'm fairly confident about is that male praying mantises LOVE being cannabilized post-coitus. Totally worth it, according to them.

  14. I think I did pretty well, until that last one.
    And I ALWAYS thought Darcy and Elizabeth could use some zombies in their lives!!

  15. D,A,A,C ? Did you know that years ago Listerine used to advertise that it cured the common cold? A large lawsuit ensued and they changed their approach. Why am I sharing this? I have no idea! :)

  16. C! no A! Oh, god im not prepared!!!

    Kelly Turner

  17. Believe it or not, I actually know the answer to the "classic book with a twist" question. Thank you Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me!

  18. Erin, I couldn't resist including that one ;)

  19. I'm guessing...

    The flu
    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (actually I'm not guessing that one)
    and um...... I think I have to go with the vengeful male fish.

  20. Cute kitty... can't concentrate on quiz... cute kitty... gotta go cuddle mine now.

  21. Can I just say that last question gave me the serious heebie jeebies?! I mean, no matter which one is the right answer - EWWWWWW!

  22. What, you're okay with the idea of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies? ;)


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