February 13, 2009

Random Friday!

Pay Attention to Crabby Now, Ya Hear?
(Photo: Shorpy)

Yep, it's indeed a very random Friday this week. (Or should I say a Freaky Friday? For any of you who stopped by earlier and were greeted with a post that made no sense because it was missing the middle half--it's fixed now! Sorry about that! Guess I need to think again about pre-publishing posts to appear first thing in the morning East Coast time, hours before I can see them.)

So anyway, in addition to a tiny bit of research, some blog links, and a fair amount of silliness, we've got a few Official Announcements to make.

I know, you're saying to yourselves, "oh boy, blog announcements, I'm so excited!!!"

Er, maybe not. But you if you see some announcements on the way down to visit the silly videos at the bottom of the post, don't worry! They won't bite, I promise.

First Announcement: Call for Guest Posts!

Yep, it's that time again. Crabby will soon be making her bi-annual cross-country trek. The Crab, the Lobster, and the Moo (she's a cat, not a cow, for those who are new here) will be migrating from the West Coast to the East Coast in a couple of weeks. But fear not, Merry will still be here, thank goodness! And who knows, Crabby may be doing some posting from the road. But it's also a great time for a little variety, and if any of you have a health and fitness-related guest post you'd like to submit, please give us a holler.

I'm not exactly sure of our departure date, or how long we'll be on the road. But mostly likely we'll take off about March 1 and be gone ten days to two weeks or so.

Second Announcement: Random BlogRoll Update!

I have officially given up the fantasy that I will ever keep the random rotating blogroll properly updated without help. We've been fairly picky about not just adding folks with possibly sketchy sites who have no particular relationship with Cranky Fitness (no matter how many times they email us). On the other hand, I've gotten really lazy about noticing when a regular commenter or linker to Cranky Fitness has a cool blog that's not yet on our blogroll. I always think that if I like your blog, it must be listed already, but often I'm wrong!

Since the display is random, you may have to visit fairly often to figure out if your blog is on it. But if you have hoped in vain for your blog to appear one day and it never has, and you are a Friend of Cranky Fitness, please add a comment or send us an email with your blog name and URL and we'll update! Likewise, if anyone notices any defunct blogs on there we can take 'em out.

One Last Announcement: Check Out Acacia, Our Newest Sponsor!

Cranky Fitness really, really appreciates our independent sponsors. There are few companies forward-thinking and open-minded enough to work with individual blogs when they could just go to Google or Blogher and make the process a lot easier. Instead, these guys generously support independent, scrappy little blogs directly and we love them for that! We're also psyched to advertise actual quality health and fitness products instead of crappy diet pill ads. (And we've got a couple more cool independents coming soon too, so stay tuned.)

So we'd like to officially introduce you to Acacia. Some of you may remember them from their awesome DVD giveaways earlier. They have a great selection of fitness titles of all different sorts, from Bollywood Dance Workouts to Keeping Fit in Your Fifties. So if you haven't had a chance to check out their catalog, try visiting to see what they've got! (And by checking them out, you make Cranky Fitness look like an influential sort of blog, rather than an irrelevant, ignorable blog, and we totally, totally appreciate that.)

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Blogging the Deep Stuff:

It's rare that the Crab blogs about anything more emotionally wrenching than finding her favorite machine at the gym occupied when she'd like to use it. Other bloggers out there, however, blog bravely about their emotional journeys and it's always powerful stuff.

Recently, for example, Charlotte at the Great Fitness Experiment wrote about confronting her dark, aggressive side during karate class. And POD talked with frankness and humor about some of her rock-bottom moments in the course of losing weight.

Also contemplative, but a bit lighter... a rumination on "U.M." at Training for a Half. What's, "U.M" you may ask? Well, it's kinda like transcendental meditation, but, well, kinda not!

And the always inspirational MizFit had a great suggestion this week about being open to the "so not me" experience!

Next, a tiny bit of research...

Three-Minute Workouts?

First up, a recent high intensity interval study finds that even as little as three minutes of huffing and puffing a few times a week can actually do some good! Sixteen young sedentary males did 30-second bouts of high intensity exercise, repeated 4-6 times, with recovery breaks in between. In two weeks of training, they significantly increased their bodies' ability to control blood sugar levels and reduced their risk of a bunch of future health problems. Researchers aren't saying 3 minutes is all you need to do for optimal health, but if you crank it up, you can do a LOT in a short period of time.

Don't Blow Your Nose When You Have a Cold?

A New York Times article claims that blowing your nose makes cold symptoms worse, not better. Apparently it reverses the flow of mucus into the sinuses and slows the drainage.

Sorry: ain't happening! If I have a stuffed nose, whether from a cold (which is impossible, because I don't get colds) or an allergy, I'm sure as hell gonna blow it! However, the article did say it was OK to blow one nostril at a time or take decongestants. Well thank you, scientists!

Afternoon Slump?

Mark's Daily Apple has some great tips and reminders about how to beat a mid-afternoon slump. (But does anyone else find that even if they were perfectly perky before reading about a mid-afternoon slump, the mere mention of slumpiness will make you sleepy? Yawwwwwnnn... Very sneaky, Mark!)

Also, Mark's site alerted my to this product advertisement spotted by Andrew from Go Healthy Go Fit.

I don't know why, but I just LOVE this photo! I'd be totally happy to give credit to the company whose product this is... but when I tried googling "neck harness" to find the source, the results just got WAY too weird!

And now some VIDEOS!

I don't know if the rifle-toting women pictured above, plus Charlotte's aggression post, plus this next video are adding up to a theme of sorts... but if so: welcome to Random Friday, the Women Happily Kicking Ass edition.

This vintage jujitsu demonstration brought to you via Boing Boing.

Next up, this video (which contains some amazing footage on the theme of "feeling lucky?") was stolen from the always amusing Half Fast.

And our last video is for those of you who really wish you could afford a Romantic Cruise but just can't quite swing it in these tough economic times. You may be feeling pretty lucky yourself that you're not on a cruise by the end.

Speaking of Romantic Plans (or not), anyone doing anything fun for Valentines Day? Or hate the holiday on principle? Either way, have a great weekend!

"Valentine from the Dog" by nataliedee


  1. Happy HEART DAY weekend Crab.

    mine? I always thought WE were not into valentines day.

    that the Ren Man and I were united in our eyerollage at the hallmark holiday.

    discovered last night that *I* may be the sole eyeroller.

    today? tonight? must.find.a.gift.

    something. please to email me your ideas :)

    happy VDAY to you and the lobster!

  2. Too funny! Weaker sex? Ha! Whoever wrote that never met my Mom. Or my wife. Or my sister. Or my...

  3. The neck harness photo is awesome! Thanks for the randomness! Happy Valentines to you and yours! I think dinner and a night out is the plan on my end. :)

  4. I always heard that getting the, um, stuffiness out of your body was a good thing! Dang researchers. I'll take the extra day to not sniffle or be stuffed.

  5. Usually I buy a card that makes me laugh, Michael buys nothing, and we eat some chocolate.

    This year, I have suddenly realized that he's been fussing around for days and so has obviously Done Something, and so I'm thinking that the card and stuffed toy are maybe not going to do it.

    Looking for sudden flashes of inspiration....

  6. Double gift weekend here as today is anniversary and tomorrow is Valentines day. Card store and flower shop on on the agenda with dinner to follow.

  7. Oooo I read your blog everyday through my Reader and I would love (LOVE!) to be included in your blog roll! Please and thank-you! :o)

    My blog is called "To be the Whole Package" and it can be found at: http://tobethewholepackage.blogspot.com

    And just in case you're curious I named it that because that's what I always figured I would put on my Biggest Loser T-Shirt. I want to lose weight and get fit so I can be the whole package!

  8. LOL!!! Loved the JuJitsu video!!

    Put the neck harness on the guy from the J.J. video, while he is lying on a bed with the weight hanging over the edge, and it should straighten out his now acquired injuries :-)

  9. haha I can so see how 'neck harness' would result in some... interesting results! hehe

    I'm not a v-day fan. Never have been. We used to make it 'the day' we would cook for each other and eat in....now we do that almost every night so I don't know what's up! Maybe we'll make it 'the day' to go out to eat since we never do that anymore! I will say my first anniversary is Monday so that swamps v-day majorly!! :)

  10. This is great! A nice way to start a much needed vacation day - with a "cranky" laugh. Thanks gals!

  11. Where are you coming on the east coast??

    I'm ambivalent about Valentines Day. I just wrote about this on my own blog, it's never been a holiday I really got excited about, maybe it's due to my exhusband not having a romantic bone in his body when it came to those days and I'm single so it's not like I'm getting flowers, etc. by anyone, maybe it would be exciting if I had someone in my life that was romantic that I would find the day FUN but otherwise it's just another day for me. Eh! I don't get sad about it or anything but it's not like some big day for me.

  12. Hahah! That juijitsu video was the best! I want to be that woman. And thanks for introducing me to POD - what a great blog!! Hope you and the Lobster have a lovely Valentine's day!

    PS> Nice work with Acacia!!!

  13. I love the ju-Jitsu video.

    BK and I aren't doing anything (although I may get him something, as he recently picked up an engagement ring for me).

  14. The neck harness was, umm, thought-provoking.
    No V-Day plans this year as we just got back from a cruise. After that video, though, I feel quite cheated.

  15. Do you have any guidelines for guest post submissions? I am a huge nerd and have to ask these questions. Embracing the nerddom!!

  16. I'm just not accepting the new "don't blow your nose" directive. I don't care if it's bad for me or not. It's like being told NOT to put the Q-tips in my ears. Really. *pffft*

  17. Help!!!!

    Just got a late start to the day, and discovered that for some reason half of this post is missing when I try to read it!

    Sounds like at least some of you are getting the whole thing, but for those of you who are getting the neck harness man right after the introduction, I'm working on it! There are indeed research items and blog links, etc.


    Something's severely screwed up in the html, and I've got a mess on my hands.

  18. I was just going to ask where the announcements were..... what did I miss?

    Got the videos, though, and have to admit the feeling lucky video has some amazing footage!!!

  19. The neck harness guy is hilarious and yes I'm sure you got some weird results. :-)

    I really don't care about V-day. I'm ready for it to be over before all the cutesie stuff makes me hurl. And that's not because I'm a bitter single old fart either. I've always been annoyed by this holiday.

    However, my girls totally love it so of course I get all gooshy and buy them chocolates and a stuffed animal and a card. They are, after all, the true loves of my life.

  20. OK, I think it's fixed. Dang it! There was one little missing piece of coding that messed the whole thing up.

    Hilary, I think we used to have word limits and stuff for guest posts, but now we're thinking with the "read more" option, we don't really need that. Ideally, posts would have something to do with health and fitness, and would not be commercial in nature. We especially like posts that are kinda funny, but that's not necessary. Would love to get one from you!

    And Moonlight Dancer, we're heading back to Provincetown, MA, but have no idea yet of the route. Depends on weather, the Lobster's business schedule etc.

  21. Crabby, I think you should review all the great exercise tips people sent in last year when you made your trek. As I recall, the suggestions were pretty... creative ;)

  22. Well it feels as if I already left a comment, but that wasn't me. :)

    That cruise video left my coffee churning inside of me.. yikes!

  23. Woweee. Thanks for linking my fatty post.
    I feel honored.

    So far I have watched the 'lucky' video and have not visited too many links but since our email's down at work, I can surf to my hearts content today.

    Thanks again, Crabbster and Merryster and Happy V day to Lobby too.

  24. love that photo... since i used to do biathlon :) i'll fire an email to you with ideas :)

    gp in montana

  25. happy weekend! and especially happy Friday the 13th! That is the only thing I'm celebrating this weekend. :)

  26. Oh, I see how it's going to be. I steal a video from you (the Cadbury Creme egg one) and you steal one right back?

    Have a good weekend Crabby and Merry!

  27. Very cool about Acacia! Will clicking on the ad give me an arse like that?

    Thanks for linking to my post! That got me so excited. As did the rifle-toting women. Maybe for Valentine's Day I'll ask for shooting lessons. Although that might send the wrong idea...

  28. All I can do is stare at the neck harness and wonder if it doubles as some sort of bondage toy (sorry, really dirty mind, but I can't stop studying it).

    And I have to admit I love V day. The pink, the red, the hearts, the cuteness and the programmer puts up with it all.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Oh great. I just got over a bad stomach virus and I made the mistake of watching that last clip. I guess I'm not so over it as I thought.

    LOVED the Judo Girl, though!

  31. Wow, love the videos, especially the feeling lucky one!

    Valentines day and funerals irk me...if you can't say it any other time of the year/life, then don't bother.

  32. Vanilla, dah-ling, slight correction:

    You shamelessly stole Crabby's video. She, on the other hand, synergistically leveraged your video to better utilize the marketshare transparency :)

  33. Crabby you always crack me up...and post the most interesting links.

    Thanks for the giggles :-).

    And happy V-Day to you and the lobster.

  34. I will miss the Crabby posts when you and your entorage are on the road...how will I survive and find motivation???? Allright, allright, too much drama! Ha ha. If you come through my town you and the lobster (sorry not the moo!)are more than welcome to use the gym where I work! Have a fun and safe journey.

  35. Ok that head harness made me both giggle and hurt. Love when that happens.

    And if you really wanted to follow the "don't blog" advice.. but still have a chance to clear the sinus passages, you could always give in to the Neti Pot. Rinse that snot away.

  36. Lots of good stuff today........announcements, research, sexy muscles :)

    We are staying home and having a date movie after the kids go to bed.......going to rent something off dish......still debating on that, then curling up on the couch .........hopefully snuggling or a foot rub will be involved :)

    I got my hubby tickets to take our son to a WWE live show mid March........their first.........they are sooo excited. I gave it to them last Saturday because I couldn't keep it a surprise :) Hubby nearly dropped dead......... ;)

  37. I love Valentines Day. Not the commercial aspect. Just the fun factor of having an excuse to wear red and eat chocolate and be especially loving to everyone hehe.

    So cool about the sponser-age! Am trying to wrap my head around the blow-one-nostril concept...

  38. If the Crab/Lobster unit is migrating eastward, that means SPRING must be on the way, right? Yay! If you bring us warm weather we will accept your absence as a necessary evil.

    And I didn't need scientists to tell me that blowing both nostrils at once is counter-productive. I learned that before I was in kindergarten.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  39. (Oh. Valentine's Day? Once I got out of elementary school I've never been much interested in holidays of any sort--but I'll be out there Monday scoring half price chocolate!)

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  40. Happy V-Day. I like the idea of a 3 minute workout.

  41. A fantastic weekend...yes? I hope so and may the week continue down the path with positive momentum! :)

  42. um, yeah, if they made a tee shirt with that pic of the man wearing a giant weight strapped to his head, I would totally wear it. Or undies....so retro/cool/bizarre!


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