September 25, 2008

Test Your Crankiness

I was going to put together this well-reasoned, deeply intellectual and incredibly scintillating post about ... oh, something or other. Exercising, I think. But Crabby's post of day gone by got me thinking about the history of the blog.

In my most assuredly non-professional opinion, the occasional mood of 'feeling down' is not a bad thing at all. It's like a flag thrown up by the subconscious trying to get some important message through my oft clueless awake self. I don't enjoy feeling depressed, but it sometimes feels like a necessary adjustment period.

I would also like to mention that I think there's a great community of people who comment on this blog. Sometimes it's tempting to take out the post and just leave the comments. They're good.

And speaking of good... are you feeling smart today? Think you know Cranky Fitness? Sure about that? I've put together a quiz based on the long year and a half amount of time that Cranky Fitness has been cranking out crank wise words about fitness.

There's no prize except for the sheer joy of intellectual fulfillment. But that's nothing to sneer at.

1. Before the Ask Cranky Fitness posts, what kind of advice column was
a) The Doctor is in... gimme the quarter
b) Whaddya want to know?
c) Dear Crabby
d) Silly questions, sillier answers, no charge

2. What does Crabby want for Christmas?
a) Squash!
b) Whirled peas
c) Either of the above, so long as it is covered in chocolate
d) Her very own warm slanky robe

3. What is the name of Crabby's significant other?
a) The Crayfish
b) The Lobster
c) The Cuttlefish
d) The Significant Other

4. What is the Cranky Fitness recommendation as to what you can do with your old running shoes?
a) Rush them to the nearest HazMat facility
b) Palm them off on unsuspecting friends and relations
c) Recycle them at an obliging store
d) I can't repeat that in public!

5. Which of the following is a type of runner, according to Cranky Fitness?
a) Roger Rabbit
b) Selma Slug
c) Rhoda Runner
d) Twinkle Toes

6. Which one of the following is a legal* hallucinogen, according to Ms. Crab?
a) Salvia Divinorum
b) Psilocybin mushrooms (a.k.a. 'shrooms, dude!)
c) Kava Kava
d) Coffee

*Legal in the U.S. We're not talking what's legal in Amsterdam; that would make for a much longer list.

7. What diet did Sara from Healthbolt write about in a guest post?
a) The cupcake diet
b) The cookie diet
c) The ice cream with hot fudge diet
d) The pizza diet

8. Which body part did Crabby worry about for a whole post?
a) The flat ass
b) The flat chest
c) The flat belly
d) The flat feet

9. Which of the following was not one of Crabby's recommendations for getting up in the morning?
a) Hide your alarm clock
b) Get a dog
c) Get a cat
d) Drink a gallon of water right before bedtime

10. What addiction does Crabby freely, and indeed shamelessly, admit to?
a) Late night encounters with Baskin & Robbins
b) A collection of Barry Manilow records
c) Pizza with gratuitous anchovies
d) Hot coffee lovin'

Okay, put down your pencils. How'd you do?

What, you're not sure? I'll see if I can persuade Crabby to post the answers tomorrow. I suspect she's planning a cool and tantalizing giveaway, but maybe I can slip the answer post in afterwards. In very small print or something.

Answers here.


  1. I don't know any of the answers, except the really easy ones (dealing with crustaceans) but I totally read "skanky robe"


  2. I think I got about half of those, but I'll need final answers to know for sure. That was a hoot though. Can't wait to see how I did.

    And I totally agree about your commenters being great. Hehe.

  3. I think I might know some of them. And who wouldn't want a nice, warm slanky?

  4. Oooh, I know, I know!!

    It's actually kind of fun to stop by a health site that has a quiz and discover you know all the answers. That NEVER happens. I feel so smart!

    (Thanks Merry; cute quiz!)

  5. Okay, what on earth is a "slanky" robe?? And I know it isn't the answer to Cranky's sig. other but how awesome would "cuttlefish" be?!

  6. i would like to say nice quiz

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  8. slanky.


    a skinky robe for the lobster's viewing pleasure (nudgenudge winkwink) but worn but the cranky!


  9. Except for the Slanky (who could forget that name?) and the Lobster, I found my own opinions overriding whatever the Crab might once have said...Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! and More Coffee! (There were other answers? Oh.)

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  10. I knew some of them, but perhaps not all!

    Slanky robes unite! "Oohmmmmm"

  11. I think I got about half right.And the robe was called a "Slanket".

  12. hmmm...I just closed my eyes and pointed randomly - worked in school, right?? :-)

  13. Um...I pick b. For all. I read somehwere that it is more likely to be correct than another letter. was nice to see a quiz I actually knew one or 2 things about :)

  14. If there isn't a cupcake diet, then there should be!

  15. Ooh, I'd go for the cupcake diet!

    I think I know the answers, but then again, I could just be putting my own opinion in there, or which ones I think are funny...

  16. the correct answer is C! :)

    That was fun, though....

  17. I know some of the answers some of the time..all of the answers - oh whatever.
    Cute quiz Merry.

  18. Fun quiz.

    As usual, my score is probably about average.


  19. It was fun going through the Cranky Fitness archives to research this quiz!

    I figured slanky was the adjectival form of the Slanket(TM).

    Right now a nice warm robe sounds wonderful. Isn't fall supposed to be semi-warm?

  20. i definitely haven't been reading long enough since i definitively got one of those and a few i think i know but am totally not sure.

  21. I'm fairly new but have to say fun, fun!! You always make me laugh!

  22. AH! POP QUIZ! I didnt study! and my usual tactic of sleeping with the teacher doesnt work over the internet!!

    I'll never get into college...Im going to end up something sad, like a freelance writer (GASP!)

    Kelly Turner

  23. Am hearting the Cranky quiz.

    And I really agree about how depression can sometimes help with adjustments- I was feeling a little down lately and then today, suddenly I was feeling heaps better with real motivation and everything to pull myself together. All the sudden enjoying life again!

    ...or is that just called mood swings?

  24. Can I just say, WTF with all the cupcake posts tonight on so many blogs! Argh, now I'M cranky! And wanting cupcakes. 6, at least!

  25. I really enjoy the entire article, thanks!


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