September 17, 2008

Aetrex Shoe Winner and Call for Help!

[By Crabby]

First off, here's the call for help part. (I'll make it quick, 'cause I know what you really want to know is WHO WON THE SHOES??)

Is there a reader out there who uses Windows Vista who would be willing to help us test out the new template we're working on?

It could be either a really quick thing ("Yep, looks fine!") or a bit more of a pain if it turns out it's not Vista friendly and we need to make changes and retest.

I imagine we'll test a trial version first, and then after we go live, double check that the real version works too. Not sure exactly when this will all happen, but sometime in the next few days, so if we got more than one volunteer that would be cool so we had some scheduling flexibility.

If you're interested, please either email us at crabbymcslacker @ gmail. com (no spaces) or leave a comment on this post with your email address. Thanks!

Now on the the Shoe Winner!

The winner of the Aetrex shoe giveaway, selected by random number generator is: Rismom16!

Rismom16, please email us by Friday Sept 19th (midnight, EST) to claim your prize. Make sure to include your shoe size, mailing address, and your name (unless your postal carrier can deliver to Rismom16.)

Those of you who are you not Rismom16? So sorry! But we've got more great Friday giveaways coming up.


  1. Crabby,

    How much "testing" is involved? My hubby has it on his laptop. I'm sure I could swipe it to help you out!


  2. Crabby, I have a laptop at home that has vista...

  3. I have Vista on my pc at home... also a techy if that helps at all. Anyway more than willing to help out. In Europe though so time zones might be a prob ?

  4. This is great!

    Since we're not sure exactly when the template will be ready to test out, nor how much tweaking it might need if it doesn't work right the first time, it's great to get a few folks from different time zones. So the more the merrier.

    Not sure if we'll roll it out to everyone at once or stagger in case we need to retest. Will keep you posted.

    Really appreciate it!!!!

  5. I've got Vista - in Colordo here :)

  6. I have vista and would love to be a tester for you.


  7. That's awesome!

    Thank you all, and will be getting back to you as things come together.

    Really appreciate it!

  8. I have vista too. You know where to find me. Just for grins, you may want to put out a call for mac users too. When I did a bit of web design in school, the pc-mac difference was huge!

  9. I have Vista on my other hard drive, and I would help you out... but then I would have to use Vista. *gag*


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