September 21, 2008

Caution: Construction Zone

Readers who have been around for a while may recall the day, many months ago, when Cranky Fitness embarked on a template redesign.

It was going to look mostly like the old design, but New And Improved! Complete with three whole columns!

After some sort of announcement or other, the redesigned site was launched. And...

It didn't go very well.

All the columns piled up on top of each other on many people's computers, so that the entire blog became one long skinny column that was only a few words wide.


But on other computers (like mine) it looked just fine. So it was impossible for me to figure out how to fix it.

The whole experience was quite frustrating--McSlackers are not known for their persistence in the face of obstacles. When Slacker meets Obstacle? Obstacle wins.

This time, we're getting some help. However, even with a Smart Web Design Guy, there are challenges to switching out a Blogger template with a new improved model. Blogger does not like change. It particularly doesn't like to see new widgets replace old widgets. Blogger expresses its displeasure by scattering things around, deleting things that it takes exception to, and randomly assigning mismatched titles to whatever's left.

So things may come and go this weekend in odd ways. If you catch us in the middle of the transition, the blog will look decidedly weird; please be patient. However, if things look like they're stable over several hours, but are still messed up on your computer? That's not good. Please let us know!

Humorous Pictures
(more cat pictures over here.)


  1. Gorgeous!

    Those are the first words that came to mind, followed by the complete sentence "Wow, it takes a lot of work to look that good!"

    Biased? Who, me?

    Good job!

  2. All the credit belongs to our Clever Web Guy, who is at the moment choosing to remain nameless. Lots still to do, but I'm glad at least so far that there's no repeat of the last disaster.

    I suspect there will be some unhappiness about the relative lack of cupcakes though.

  3. I'm getting a kick out of the Random Post from the Past link. It's fun. (Yes, I am easily amused, but it is fun even if it isn't cupcake related.)

  4. LOVE the new template.

    Also, got my WW coupon. I have to buy dogfood at target so Ill pick up my free WW cookies today. Hopefully both purchases don;t taste exactly the same.

    Kelly Turner

  5. It's pretty! I've been wanting to figure out how to do this whole 3 column thing. Must look into blog templating and website building. Somehow I imagine that this could be quite a disastrous project...

  6. Hey!!! It ROCKS!!! Oh shoot, I just noticed the "no cupcakes" part. Oh well, I'm a Cheetos person myself.

  7. Oh wait, there IS a cupcake. Why does it have horns? Is it a Brunnhildecake? (HTF do you spell Brunnhilde)

  8. The angel/devil imagery was not my idea, but I kind of liked that it added a bit of whimsy, since we're essentially a silly site.

    I do feel sometimes like cupcakes have tiny little invisible devil horns on them, which is probably why they're so tasty.

  9. My first thought was "WHERE DID THE CUPCAKES GO!??!?!" Then I saw the cupcake with devil horns and thought "PERFECT!" Muhahahahaha!

    Love the new layout. I've been working on my blog but can't figure out how to import a 3 column design with a color scheme.


  10. This new layout gets the Chicken Girl Three-Footed Stamp of Approval.

  11. Thanks guys! Do let me know if you encounter problems down the road.

    And Chicken Girl, really?? Coming from you, that's awesome. You are my go-to chicken for all things related to the interwebs. (Not to mention you knew about Lolcats way before anyone else)

  12. Looks clean. Easy to read. The Horned Cupcake is brilliant.

  13. Whee! the columns stay where they're supposed to! I love the horned cupcake. It's so Cute. Sort of like a kitten. But shouldn't the weights look...lighter? if they have wings?

    Let's see how anonymous looks in a comment balloon.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  14. looks good, but this just proves that you should be using wordpress. make the switch before it's too late and your site gets even huger.

  15. Looks great!! I love the new look!!

  16. Holy love-fest! Crabby and Merry, you guys have THE COOLEST visitors and commenters!
    I guess I'm un-masking myself as the Clever Web Guy, but really I'm just happy to have helped out. Crabby & Crew were a riot to work with, and I'm pleased as punch that it's getting a nice response!
    Sure, there may be 84% less cupcake, but the cupcake that remains is a potent one, indeed.

  17. It's great!!! Love the angel and devil symbols.... and really glad there is still at least one cupcake!
    Cranky Fitness without cupcakes would be....well... just.... wrong!

  18. Looks FAB! I love the angel/devil thing at the top. Too cute!

  19. I love it! Especially the cupcake at the left. :)

  20. Looking great on Safari! I want a cupcake like that one!

  21. I will lay odds that everyone who had a problem with your redesign was viewing it through a version of Internet Explorer. WORST POSSIBLE browser to use for the modern net, yet still 54% of people (read:stubborn idiots) still use it.

    IE doesn't do well with CSS, you usually need extra code to make it work, so, yes, the design will pile up.

  22. Looks fab on my end! Love the angel/devil motif:) Nice work, girls!

  23. It looks phenomenal! Great job!

  24. LOOKING GOOD! Love your blog! Check out FITNESS: we're changing the conversation from skinny to healthy.

  25. Diggin' the new look. Very professional.


  26. Heeeeeeyyyy.

    lookin good!!

    (thank you for at least keeping ONE cupcake. I love the horns.)

  27. Right now it is very pleasing to look at indeed. Go Cranky Fitness!

    TA x

  28. Thanks folks!!!

    And please let us know if anything seems weird or unexpected. If "we" (meaning the fabulous John; not the tech-challneged crab) can fix it, given blogger's limitations, we'd love to make CF as user friendly as possible.

  29. ooo! Katieo in the comments! How exciting! and um, your bloog looks good.

  30. Oooh, it looks reaaally cool! I like the little comment balloons, and the angel and devil at the top are a nice touch :)

  31. Very sleek.
    And there's still a cupcake.


  32. i like it. i almost freaked when i didn't see the cupcakes ... "OMGWHEREARETHECUPCAKES???!?!??!?!" ... but then i saw one in the corner and was happy again.

  33. Sexy! That's the only word for this redesign. I love it so much!

  34. Oooh.. everything's mixed up.. and there's funny characters everywhere (at least 39 of them ahead of me).

    That's the truth.. but the blog looks quite wonderful.. well done! :)

    I think Baggie snitched the extra cupcakes... there's frosting all over her mouth.


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