September 19, 2008

30 Reasons to Walk (MBT Giveaway)

[By Crabby]

We are big fans of walking here at Cranky Fitness. What's not to like about walking? It's cheap, relatively easy, entertaining, and very healthy.

In fact, even though I'm generally a cranky ol' crab, I seem to get unusually cheerful when blogging about walking--whether it's my favorite place to walk in the whole world, or my strange summer night-time ramblings. (OK, so maybe not so cheerful when discussing how to pee outdoors when taking a walk in the woods. I can always find something to whine about.) But generally: we're huge fans of walking here.

So when I heard MBT was doing a campaign celebrating 30 Reasons to Walk, naturally my first thought was: "Give us some free shoes!" "What a great idea!"

But rather than go on again about why I like to walk, I thought I'd let you folks share some good reasons you have for walking. And give you a chance to maybe win some free shoes.

About The Giveaway

Yes, MBT did generously offer to donate a pair of shoes for us to give away. If you are a U.S. resident (or have a U.S. friend you want to play for) just leave a comment telling us a reason you walk. Winner will receive a pair of MBT shoes of their choosing (assuming the style/size is available; if not, we'll find something from MBT you like).

The winner will be chosen by the Random Number Generator. However, the "best" 20 entries will be given triple credit and will be assigned 3 numbers instead of one. ("Best" can mean funniest, most creative, most motivational--whatever.)

Want some inspiration? The 30 Reasons to Walk site has 30 ideas you can swipe for your comment. And they've also got a daily shoe giveaway contest of their own. (It's not clear about residency requirements, but I didn't see anything about nationality in the entry form). Plus, they've got 30 walking songs that are free to download. (And lots of them are actually really good ones; I was surprised!)

Note: If you are not a U.S. resident and are feeling grumpy about all these darn U.S. only giveaways, feel free to leave an aggrieved comment about the situation, or tell us why walking sucks, just to be contrary. Whatever. We love comments, and I can totally relate: because of our contract with Blogher, we can't get free MBT's either. And I'd love some).

Contest deadline: Tuesday, midnight EST, September 23rd;
Winner Announced: Wednesday, September 24th:
Winner needs to email Cranky Fitness by: Friday, Sept 26th, midnight EST in order to claim the prize; otherwise we'll redraw.

About the Shoes:

Check out the coolness of these shoes over at the anti-shoe site. A lot of technology has gone into them: according to the MBT folks, the shoes are "designed to limit harmful impact to joints, improve posture and tone muscles—including saving the back, lifting the butt, toning the thighs, and flattening abs. Wearing MBTs mimics walking barefoot in sand and engages core muscles... just by standing."

(However, we promise they won't turn you skin blue in the process).


  1. Yup, love walking. You can do it anywhere, in any outfit, for any length of time or distance, etc. Even at work, on horrible weather days, my cohorts and I manage to walk around inside and climb a few flights of stairs, just to get the blood pumping---we work in cubes and if we didn't force ourselves, we could end up sitting 8 hours.

    Another suggestion to increase your walking is to get a is actually fun and you feel like you're killing 2 birds with one stone (exercising and completing a chore).

  2. Dear RNG

    I walk because I can.

    Because I'm thankful ever day, no matter how tired I am, that I have the ability to walk.

    Up in herre there is NO taking sh** for granted.

    Now please pick me.

    Whomever said IT IS BETTER TO GIVE THAN TO RECEIVE was lyin'


    Gimmie a treat pleeeease.


  3. Avast me hearties! It be that time again!

    I walk on me pirate ship 'cause it be hard t' run with a peg leg! ARRR!

    What!... Oh, that landlubber Chicken Girl be pokin' me. Th' lass says she walks t' lose weight and her shoes are crap!

    RNG, pick me or I'll keelhaul ye!

  4. I agree with Miz--I walk because I can.

    Also, because I wouldn't get anywhere if I didn't. I get places by foot-power, not gas power. Much cheaper, IMO.

    I'm the new version of the Flintstones, I guess.

  5. Wow, wish I was a US resident! You can't get these shoes in New Zealand. *pout* It looks like I'm going to have to order mine from!

    Anyway, even though I'm not eligible, it's a good question. I walk a) because it's the only way to get around - I don't have a car! b) because it's a great way to take in your surroundings with all your senses - one of the things I would miss most if I didn't walk is the smells. Flowers, cooking, rain, fresh-cut grass, the perfume of someone walking past you in the other direction - it all gets a part of your brain working that you don't get in a vehicle. (The smelling part of your brain while in a car: I smell... car. Ooh, and car! Car. Yup, still car...)

  6. I walk because the school makes grad students park a mile away from the hospital. It's like built in exercise whether you want it or not!

    And because I am a good little fitness fiend, I park at the far end of the lot. Maybe it's because that's the shady end, though.

  7. I walk everyday.....sometimes inside, sometimes outside. I do my walking workouts inside when the weather is yucky or I just feel like staying in. My hour of walking everyday is my sanity hour of the day. I get a break from the kiddos and enjoy that all-powerful "me" time.

    Bottom-line....I walk to be a better wife and mommy!

    In under five months, I have dropped 61 lbs by changing my eating habits and walking!

  8. i walk to pick up hot guys for my assistant to date!! You'd be amazed how much you can get to know a complete stranger on a short walk!! :)

  9. This is how my walk goes...I hook a leash onto my dog and HOLD ON! She walks me! It is a good thing though because she is overweight and she makes me walk at a very fast pace that I wouldn't do on my own.

  10. One of the great things about walking in this neighborhood is that you never know which neighbor you will run into. Just the other day I was on a walk and a neighbor I've met at association meetings stepped out and asked me to witness a paper he was having notarized.

    I've met new people as they moved in, and know by name or site everyone within a couple of blocks.

    Walking also gets me out of the house when my head is about to explode from "He hit me!" "She hit me first!" "He hit me harder!" When you are wondering why you didn't stick to raising goldfish, a walk makes everything look better.


  11. I walk because I have a 3-legged, tail-wagging, slobbering machine that races to the door when he sees me grab my shoes.

    I walk because it’s a time to collect my thoughts.

    I walk because it’s gentle exercise and doesn’t bother my bum, semi-broken foot (it’s amazing how a foot truly never heals).

    I walk because it’s one of the few daily habits my husband and I have that we can be consistent about between work and graduate school.


  12. I walk because it feels good, unlike most other exercise. (Swimming used to feel good; now my ears bother me too much.) Except during pollen season when it feels good at the time, and then I feel awful after I get home.
    I can't wait to finally move to the new house, where the mail box is three-tenths of a mile from the front door.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  13. I walk cause I don't have a car and don't want to be a shut-in. And it gives a great excuse to not run as far.

    But I also don't feel the *need* for the MBT shoes (although they're awesome), so I'm staging a protest for the non-us residents and withdrawing from the RNG.

  14. I walk because I live in an amazing hippie town that is extremely walkable. I can walk from my house to just about anywhere - to the farmer's market! the co-op! . . . the bars. . .(shh, we don't need to mention that one, do we?).

    But seriously - I walk because it's more fun than driving and faster than finding a parking space. I walk because I get to say hi to people and dogs on my way.

    I walk because walking smells better than the bus.

  15. I walk because it is an awesome way to take the time to catch up with my friends while also getting our errands done.

    I walk because I live in an awesomely walkable neighbourhoor, and it is so much easier!

  16. I walk because every time I try running, I get all out of breath, my knees start hurting, my side starts cramping and I start sweating.
    But once I start walking, all these issues resolve themselves and I feel fine again.

  17. I walk because it makes my dogs happy, which makes me happy. I also walk because it's good training for running and biking. I walk because I can do it all day long and not be exhausted, instead, I'm refreshed. Walking is refreshing.

  18. I walk on my semi-broken foot, too! I love walking. And the results are so quick to see!

  19. I walk a LOT these days, because I recently got a dog. He is awesome, but has more energy than I had anticipated, and all I can do is just keep walking until he seems tired enough to be trained. It's awesome! I know my new neighborhood so well now, right down to the timing of people's sprinklers! I was sore the day I took him for an (accidental) 4 hour walk, but I have been feeling so GOOD lately, and I think I have this hyper little dog to thank.

    That said, I won something a month ago from you, so please don't actually enter me to win this one.

  20. I walk so that I will always be able to. "Use it or lose it." I walk because it helps to clear my mind like nothing else. I walk so I can be out among the trees, under the sky, breathing in the air.

  21. I've been wearing MBT's for 4 years. The best place to purchase MBT's is from The Walkers Warehouse. They have over 50 styles to choose from. Many are a huge savings compared to a retail shoe store. They also can ship all over the world. Check it out.

  22. I walk 30 minutes every day because I hate the subway! It's stinky, it's humid, the paint peels. People stand behind me on the platform for no damn good reason (and I mean right behind me, I can feel them breathing) and I fear one of them will try and push me on the track.

    So I spend what little time I do on subway platforms contemplating if I can use my newly acquired biceps to hang on to the front of the train railings, and hold myself up so I don't go SPLAT under the train.

  23. I love walking to and from work. It's only a couple of miles so it wouldn't take long to drive, but the time it takes me to walk those two miles helps me to switch gears mentally, to go from Mom to Good Employee and back again at the end of the day. Added bonus: walking is good exercise.

  24. I will take the prize with my "Ode to Walking" *ahem*

    Oh blue sneakers upon my feet -
    How I love walking with you down the street. We walk around trees, dog droppings and ruts - we walk miles upon miles to tighten my butt. Getting up early, this we both hate but when we look in the mirror - man, we feel GREAT!!

    Thank you, thank you!!

  25. I love walking now because it's something I took for granted until it became something that caused me pain. One of the worst things about being at my heaviest/unhealthiest point was that I couldn't walk from the parking lot to my workplace without sitting down at a bench on the way to rest. I would think about the depths I'd sunk to and feel lower than words can describe.

    Now, when I get cranky that I can only WALK five miles a day because running isn't an option, I have to remind myself that being able to walk is itself a blessing. And it's damn good exercise, too, even if there are times it feels dull boring and unsexy. There are also times it is soothing, empowering, and soothing.

    It's also something that I can do for the rest of my life, barring any unforeseen bad things happening.

  26. I love to walk when I can't run, or even when I can. It feels good, lets me slow down and actually pay attention to the world around me for a change.

  27. I walk so my butt doesn't conform to my office chair. As a computer programmer nearly 90% of my time at the office is spent in the same seated position. So it's important to me that I get up as often as possible so I don't one day find myself stuck to the seat.

  28. 1.Walking has no social boundaries.
    2.You can stop to talk to someone, or if you spot them first, you can get away.
    3.Gets the air exchange going in the lungs.
    4.Let's you notice things about your neighborhood, fave walk, or area you happen to be in.
    5.You can find stuff on the street, path, bush, whatever. Finding stuff is fun.
    If I win my prize can go to someone who is eligible.

  29. I had to come out of lurkdom for this one. I am dying for a pair of MBT's!!

    I walk to get away from my kids. They drive me crazy all day (I love them and all, but damn!) So after they are in bed, a brisk walk all by myself really clears my mind.

  30. I enjoy walking. It gets the blood pumping without being too strenuous and you can set your own pace. Even a casual stroll has health benefits.

    Nodding at MizFit's comment about walking because she can. My legs have been my enemy in the past but they are still here, still (mostly) strong and I have the ability to walk. Very thankful for that.

  31. I love the walking. Although running is my preferred mode of exercise travel, and cycling is my husband's, walking is something we both enjoy TOGETHER. You can see more things walking than running/cycling (like "oh my god, why is there a pink toilet bowl in their yard?") and it's a good way to discover hidden treasures ("that looks like a great little restaurant").

    Walking is the first exercise I did when I started losing weight, and 60 pounds later, it's still one of the best.

  32. Ooh, I've been wanting to try some MBTs for a long time!

    I walk because I am willing to do it in more weather than I can run (too hot? walk instead. too cold? walk instead. Might rain? walk instead.) and I can enjoy the scenery as I go- I love to walk by the river or a lake.

    Also, I can take the toddler with me and wear her out-then she takes a long nap-yay!

  33. I live in NYC - that's how I get everywhere!

  34. I love walking with the happy hound - it's so fun to watch him bouncing about as if he's never been to the park before, and I like being able to enjoy the outside.

    And if I walk at lunchtime during the workday, I feel ever so much better when I have to go back and sit back down at my dreary desk - the afternoon flies by and I am in a good mood. :-)

    Sadly I haven't been walking as much lately, as I've developed a chronicly-sore back muscle that hurts more when I walk. I want and need to walk more - maybe these shoes would remedy that! Pick me! :-D

  35. As Chicken Wench observed, today be 'talk like a pirate' day. In honor of this post's theme, I vote we modify it to 'walk like a pirate' day. (Presumably this means you get all your walking done whilst on a plank, but we can work out the details :)

  36. I've been walking to try to lose some weight. I work a ton of hours, so it isn't easy squeezing in a walk, but I've been getting up early and taking my dog with me. As it turns out, he needs to lose some weight, too. And with winter coming, along with the winter weight, we need to get ahead of the curve. I really look forward to the quality time I spend with my little, overweight dog. He seems to enjoy it too!

  37. Kind of like the band-ade breather nose thing, huh? Remember the old earth shoes? I just can't understand why mother nature didn't design us better?

  38. I walk because it gets me outside and clears my head. It always reinforces my motivation to take the time I need to take care of myself. And it never hurts to take in all the glory of nature and remember how lucky I am to be able to walk through it. :)

  39. I don't want the shoes because those folks can't fit my foot to save their lives. When you give away free Nordic Poles, I will definitely try to win those. Give me a poem to write or ask me for a bribe, I'll do it for the poles!

    I walk because I'm still alive and can still walk. Walking lets me know I'm still alive and I'm a physical body. The poles enable a better walk for me.

    I looked at the list of songs and some of them are pretty bad too. Songs about walking aren't the same as songs good for walking.
    I like a fast beat when I walk. And Johnny Cash - 'I walk the line.' NOPE!

  40. Learning to walk in these shoes seems like it may be tricky. Like that shoes with wheels on the bottom so many kids have of late. I always expect the kids in the mall to wheel into each other or fall down when their buzzing around.

  41. yay, now we can ALL be like the mizfit!

    i like walking because:
    - it gets you places. slower than a car or bike, but if those two things ever break down, that's what your feet are for!
    - it's low impact
    - you can go for a nice, long, leisurely stroll and call it exercise
    - there's a ministry of silly walks. there's no ministry of silly runs, is there now.
    - and, in honor of talk like a pirate day ...

    arr, we don't ask ye to RUN the plank now, do we? no, ye scurvy landlubber, we ask ye to WALK the plank!

  42. We enjoy a daily walk after dinner for all the same reasons most people do - the exercise, enjoying the great outdoors, peeking into neighbors' windows as we stroll by - but mostly we enjoy how the walking breaks up all that post-dinner gas that I DON'T want Mr. Jelly Belly bringing back into the house with him.

  43. I walk because my hips and knees hurt too much to run.
    Also, my dog gets so excited to walk with me, it really lifts my mood :)

  44. I walk because:

    It gets me outside. (I HATE indoor exercise machines with a passion.)

    I have a lot of time to think, rather than being distracted by technology.

    It's good for me and makes me feel good.

  45. Oh boy, do I ever want those shoes. I have been saving every loose penny for weeks to buy a pair. At the rate that I am saving I should be able to afford them in about 10 years- 15 tops! HELP!!!

    I love to walk because no matter how fit or unfit you are, most everyone can do it. I love to walk because I have worked with people who could not, and seen the pain in their eyes when they had to be helped into their chairs. I love to walk because it not only keeps me active and moving but it allows me to spend quality time with family and friends while I am doing it.


  46. I walk because of the sunshine (I would be the world's most depressed vampire - I wonder if vampires react badly to sunlight lamps?).

    I walk so I can listen to my ipod and groove out and try not to annoy people with my karaoke on the bike path.

    I walk to keep the nails of plantar fasciitis at bay.

    I walk because the bus drivers in my town seem to find it fun to ride the accelerator and brake and spill people into one another.

    I walk because I can freak people out with my reading and walking skills.

  47. I walk because it gives me an opportunity to relax and listen to podcasts or music I enjoy.

    Also because my dog pulls my arm off if I try to run with her.

  48. My reasons for walking are two-fold. Of course, I could stand to lose several pounds, so walking helps me get the exercise I need. And, it allows me to spend some alone-time with my husband. He usually comes with me and by doing so, we can get away from the telephone and television and just talk. It's nice not having all the distractions. We both work plenty of hours every week, so we are able to catch up on each others lives this way.

  49. Such great reasons we're getting! In fact they're so inspirational I'm thinking an early evening walk might be nice tonight...

    And I totally forgot it was "talk like a pirate day," dang it!

    Perhaps instead I'll try walking like a pirate? Er, maybe not.

  50. Well I would walk five hundred miles...and I would walk five hundred more...just to be the girl to fall at Cranky's door!

    And come away with some shoes - I've been curious about MBT's for a couple of years.

    PS. I don't really have to walk to get these shoes, right? You'll send 'em in the mail?

  51. i walk so i can eat more... or so i can feel better after eating a lot... or to get to the gas station on the corner to get something to eat. interesting those things all have to do with food. hmmm.

  52. I walk to keep moving, and I keep moving because if I stay in one place for too long it gives the government too great of a window to listen into my conversations and learn my plans to overthrow the government and become a dictator of the U.S.

    (If the FBI is reading this, I am totally just kidding.)

  53. NEED the shoes! I have a couple of friends who have them and swear by them.

    Other than that I have not much to say. WILL check out the walking songs when I get home.

    (Flagrant self-promotion alert: I DID get to the Daily Show! Goal 9. Check out my blog report.)

  54. I also walk just to be able to keep moving; bad back (broke some vertebrae), bad knees (1 ACL just gone), bad hip (horses fell on me on that side twice) and stight hip flexors and hamstrings from working long hours on the computer. So if I don't keep moving I will freeze up solid.
    Also walking destresses me, hubby and pup, pup could run for miles! and gives us time to hold hands and talk. We sleep better too. Plus burn some calories.
    I had an ex who hated to walk anywhere, always had to circle the lot to get the closest parking spot, he ended up not being able to walk for his last couple of years and I knew that was going to happen. All sorts of health problems come from not using our bodies! we were made to hunt and mostly gather, not sit on a couch or in front of a computer.

    On a side note these non-shoes remind me of a wobble board, but I can't decide if they are safer or not! I like all the neat color combinations though, makes my eyes get big and my heart start knockin', feels like shoe LOOOVE!

  55. Avast ye landlubbers. And other lubbers as well.

    Those shoes could charm a shark right out 'o the sea they could.

  56. Hi Crabby,

    I walk because I am a diabetic and walking helps stabilize my blood sugar. Also, through the years, I have grown to really enjoy taking a walk.


  57. I walk because I live in NYC and walking is mandatory.

    I walk because my mother can't. My mother has MS and is confined to a wheelchair. So whenever I can, I take advantage of the fact that I still can walk, in honor of my mother who used to be an avid hiker.

    I walk because it's good for the planet. Even when I'm visiting my parents in suburbia, I try to walk anywhere I can instead of driving there. Better for the planet and better for my behind.

    I walk because I am supposed to. We are built to be walkers, runners, movers and shakers. I try to remember that whenever I can.


  58. Someday all the benefits of walking may be available in a pill, and everyone will want to take it. I can get those benefits now, for free, and enjoy a little scenery in the process.

  59. I have a complaint! See, I walk, but I walk on my hands. All the time. Everywhere I go. Sure I get a lot of looks but hey, that's how I roll. My poor hands are a mess. I've tried gloves but they just don't provide my elbows and shoulders with enought shock absorbing support. And can we talk about all the disgusting things I find stuck to my palms??? You know, I have to EAT with those hands! So where are the free giveaway shoes for the hands? Where are the digital images showing how fabulously beneficial a shoe for the hand would be for my posture? Where are all the blogs hosting free giveaways for ME???

    But if you wanted to give me the shoes for the feet, I guess I'd wear ' know, a girl's gotta have cute accessories, right?

  60. I walk because I love it.

    I can't walk on the rural road I live on because the idiots who live here have not figured out which side of the road/hill to drive on and it's barely safe enough to drive a car.

    That, and there are loose dogs. Lots of loose dogs. Lots of BIG loose dogs. So, I can't take my Chihuahua for a walk because I would have to take her for a carry, while I fend off the big loose dogs.

    So, I walk on my four acres. I walk to my garden and back and I walk on my treadmill. I also park farther out so I can walk to my car.

    My feet hurt all the time and my driveway is rocky, so I could use the shoes, but what I could really use is a trip to Hawaii, 'cause I love to walk in Hawaii.

  61. Oh man, I have been coveting a pair of MBTs!!!!!!

    I went for a 1/2 hour walk today after I taught my pilates class, before I had to pick up my son from school. His school is in a nice area with lots of hills. there are also deer, rabbits, (the occasional mountain lion, yikes!), and beautiful views.
    Walking ALWAYS makes me feel better, no matter what! Right now I'm getting over a cold (and a stressful week), and after just a couple of minutes of walking I was cheerful and energized. It also helps me think. Which I sometimes do out loud. To myself. Yeah, my neighbors tend to cross the street when they see the crazy lady who talks to herself outside. But it's OK! 'Cause I feel great!
    (I think we'll take the kids for a hike this weekend.)

  62. I love to walk. Sometimes listening to a book (listen to Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath for some prospective, people), sometimes with just my thoughts, oftentimes with my gimpy dog and his itchy friend. I use walking as a reward for a good run. Run out 3 miles and I get to walk all the way back--Heaven! I just don't think you can run in these shoes.


  63. Avast again, mateys!

    After work I walked me peg-legged self int' a Naturalizer store what was sellin' these shoes! After walkin' in 'em, me peg leg is jus' BORIN'!

    I'd buy a pair meself, but they cost 250 dubloons! RNG, if ye don't pick me I'll run ye right through wi' me cutlass! Arrr!

  64. I have always walked. Not just for fitness, either. It helps me think and sort things out. I have been walking away my worries since I was a child, and now I'm doing it with a stroller in front of me.

  65. I walk to beat my running times. Because I may as well be walking. I'm that slow. And not afraid to admit it.

    the tortoise

  66. I love walking it clears my mind. Yep I'm walkin...Yes sir eee...I'm walkin...Yes you and me we're walkin...Burnin bum is smaller

  67. I'm with MizFit. Because I can. But's free. No worries about machines being occupied. My doggie loves it. It's easier than some other exercises and you don't look dumb like some other stuff (no way am I going to try belly dancing around other people...I'd be laughing too hard).

    It's the one excercise I can do where I don't look at the minutes and count down when I can be done(as long as I have the trusty ipod). It feels good every step of the way!

  68. I enjoy walking but haven't been doing too much of it lately. With a new pair of shoes I would definitely be motivated to get after it again.

  69. I love to go on long walks with the dog. It is such a wonderful, relaxing feeling. Plus, I'm not really a runner, so I consider walking to be the next best thing.

  70. Okay, this is not clever or funny. But it is true. The reason I walk is because my dad can not/will not walk. And I am built like him. I don't want my life to be limited as I age. My brother and I often talk about this. He is a long-time weight lifter who has recently taken up walking for the same reasons.

    Plus, I REALLY want a pair of these shoes, but am too cheap to buy my own. Please choose me!

  71. I walk because my dog will eat my shoes, underwear, or anything else valuable if I do not get him out for a good walk daily.

  72. I walk to relieve stress and clear my head. Yeah, all that other stuff about staying fit and blah blah is good, too. But with three kids, a husband, 3 cats, a dog and a rabbit, cooking, cleaning, laundry, volunteering, school crap, etc., etc. , life can be crazy. I walk to get 20 minutes of alone time where I don't have to worry about anything other than the next step, the breeze, and missing out on the dog party favors that other people "forgot" to pick up.

  73. Three reasons I like to walk: 1) I can't run, as all those years of running with a heavy pack in the Army pounded my knees to powder, 2) I have a retired/rescued racing Greyhound, and he loves it so much it changes my whole day, and 3) it's early fall in my little corner of paradise.

    Any one of these reasons alone would get me out the door...but all three? How could any sane person resist?

  74. I walk because it improves my health and because I love experiencing the journey -- this time of year in particular. I love the crispness of the air, the autumn smells, and soon the brilliant colors (can't wait!)

  75. I walk because it's so easy to do.. you don't need extra equipment and it's the easiest way to get exercise!

  76. The way they curve up at the front, these shoes would be great for when I want to shuffle my feet like mom always told me not to, and still not trip over anything.

  77. I walk because as a happily married, thirty-six-year-old mother of three, I can admit that it still feels good to catch cute guys checking me out as I walk by. Or they can catch me checking them out :)

  78. I was because 8 years ago i was in a bad car wreck and broke some bones in my spine that the docs thought would leave me paralzed but here I am today walking so the way i see it you never know what you have till its gone.

  79. I walk to relieve stress, it works!

  80. Oh my gosh if it weren't for walking, I'd still be 186 pounds of mushy flesh lazing about on my couch! I am too cheap to pay for a gym membership (especially since I have a treadmill at home), I'm too uncoordinated for workout DVD's, and try as I might, I'm just not a runner; so walking is the one thing I can do that makes me feel like I might be sorta kinda half-way athletic. I wish that walking carried the same esteem as running because I love to walk, and I get such a great work out from it. If you tell people that you run 3 miles a day, they say "wow that's great!!", but when you say you walk 3 miles a day, the unspoken response is, "yeah so does my 83 year old grandma".


    Seriously, walking has given me energy and freedom and a confidence I had thought was long gone, and when I walk, I can solve all of the world's problems and a few of my own too.

    J'adore le walk.

  81. My mom is 60 years old and, with my dad, walks 3 miles around our neighborhood every night. That is their "thing they do together" everyday, which is kinda cute... I guess. (Not to mention, that's all they can do for exercise anymore. Mom has a bad knee and dad needs a hip replacement. I don't wanna get old!)

    On top of that my mom is a preschool teacher with disabilities so she is on her feet all day walking/running after little ones who, let's be honest... do not sit still for more that 30 seconds at a time! She constantly complains about her back and legs hurting after a long day at work.

    I think these shoes would be great for my mom because she is an amazing woman who never spends money on herself. She's always giving to other people, forgetting about herself. Mom always shops for her walking shoes out of the bargain bins (which is fine) but I would really love to give her something really nice, because she deserves it!

    Pick me, because I want to give these shoes to someone who truly deserves them!

  82. About a week ago, I wrote a blog about the 13 things I love about walking:

    1. The feeling of euphoria it gives me

    2. The feeling of solitude and zone of reflection I get

    3. The sweating—yes we girls sweat too!

    4. The fresh air

    5. Taking pictures, that’s in this post

    6. A little soreness in my muscles for the rest of the day

    7. Breathing heavy—take your minds out of the gutter!

    8. The knowledge I’m doing a healthy thing for my mind and body

    9. A warm shower after I cool down

    10. Stretching my muscles after I’m finished

    11. A cool glass of water at the finish

    12. The sun on my face

    13. A total sense of completion and accomplishment

  83. I really enjoy walking, it doesn't cost you a thing. No gym membership, you don't have to travel anywhere to begin your 'workout'. It's a very portable exercise. I think these shoes are so cool and I would really like to win them!

  84. I run for exercise. I would walk more if my neighborhood was more walker-friendly. Town isn't too far, but it gets dark and creepy after dark.

    It would be awesome to be able to walk to work -- but my office is 20 miles away and I'd be really late!

  85. Walking is the best exercise for everyone and the reason many people give for not walking is that their back, knees, ankles hurt. By re-aligning and working the muscles around those sites, ability to walk and exercise should all the benefits walking brings. I want these shoes. Hope I win!

  86. I walk because it's the most efficient way to get from point A to point B here in NYC. The fact that it's also good for me is a welcome bonus.

  87. I walk because my sister and I like to wander far distances, and then reward oursevles by shopping.
    Also, like someone else above, I walk because my grandmother can't. And I have her ankles. Quite the wakeup call.

  88. I walk because the world looks different on foot than from a car (to say nothing of subways! the world looks *really* different from those!). You notice different things, the scale of the buildings and roads and trees and everything is different. I don't feel I know a neighborhood until I've walked around it at least a little.

  89. “Why the Body Shouldn’t Write Pentameter”

    The plaintive Achilles tendon, languishing
    On her bed of frozen corn – recalls
    Better days, free of ever shifting
    Icy pebbles. “Is there,” she muses,
    “A haven beyond the ubiquitous Nike?”
    Greek pantheons do not, apparently,
    Always rule. From a rumored land –
    Far Helvetica – come dreams of a shoe
    To rock her pain (and frozen veg) away.

  90. I'm a runner. Walking is my underappreciated cousin.

    Reason 1: Walk so that you can someday run.
    Reason 2: Walk to enjoy the sunshine.
    Reason 3: Walk for stress relief.
    Reason 4: Walk to ease sore muscles.

    I walk even though I'm a runner. It's a special activity by itself.

  91. I walk to earn that Chai from Starbucks (it is a pleasant 4.5 mile jaunt to Starbucks from home)

  92. I walk - quickly, because I'm an emergency room RN and if I don't hustle, people could die. Literally. So it's critical that I have the ability to stay strong on my feet for 12 hours at a time. Trust me, you want your nurse to have fresh feet. Especially when it's your turn in the ER.

  93. I walk all the freakin time! We have 2 Dalmatians. Have you met any Dalmatians? They need TONS of exercise. So we have 3 walks a day! Do you have any idea the number of shoes I get through? I could really do with these!

  94. I walk because it is saving my life.

    Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that could be fatal if left untreated. The medications that treat the disease made me too sick to function. I was unable to leave my bed, much less my home.

    I began walking, a little at a time, as soon as I was well enough. I now can walk 90+ minutes a day without issue, and I walk every single day. Because I can, and because I have to.


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