September 24, 2008

MBT Shoe Winner

So congratulations, Azusmom, you are the winner in the MBT shoe giveaway!

Please contact us before Friday night, Sept 26th (midnight EST) by emailing crabbymcslacker @ gmail dot com. If you happen to have your shoe choice, shoe size, and mailing info that would be nifty. (If it turns out your favorite isn't available, then we'll figure out something!)

And thanks to all who commented with so many dang good reasons to walk!


  1. Weird.

    I spent all morning researching these shoes.

    I discovered a guy who said that none of us walk correctly. Instead we "cow walk."

    I found a doctor who doesn't recommend them to her patients, a couple of reviewers who liked the effects of the shoes but were less certain about their appearance, but I found a ton of actual shoe owners who loved them (except for Tae-bo - apparently, the shoes are not so good for that.)

    Congratulations to the winner - these are some spendy shoes. Make sure to come back and let us know what you think of them!


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