April 16, 2008

Stay young and win money, bicycles & stuff

[By Merry]
I have a confession to make – I buy Lipton brand black tea. On purpose. People make fun of me, because this is not a brand of tea that claims to have been hand-picked by Tibetan monks who’ve intermittently fasted for weeks before the tea harvest. But I’ve been drinking it for years because it helps with my migraines.

Migraines are bad. Trust me. When I get migraines, I develop an extreme sensitivity not just to light but also to smells. Hyper-sensitive to smells. Really, really hyper-sensitive. I can't stand the faintest smells. Migraines have something to do with dilated blood vessels, and black tea helps alleviate that condition. So if I have a migraine, I end up drinking lots of black tea.

When I’m in migraine-mode, I don’t want any damn fancy tea with oil of bergamot or some hint of lavender – that drives me crazy. I can't stand those smells, it’s the nasal equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. Nor do I want something that’s so strong it’s going to hurt my stomach (like most of the expensive brands of black tea) or something so weak it’s not going to do any good (like most of the generic brands of black tea). I like the Lipton brand because it delivers tea with a consistent amount of strength and quality, and because it doesn’t have a lot of frou-frou extras. And because I think it helps with the headaches.

So when I was approached to do a contest advocating Lipton white tea, I was all for it. Your mileage may vary, and I suspect Crabby might be humoring me. (I mean, have you read the things Crabby does to her tea?)

What did they do, offer you lots of goodies?

They offered me some free tea, which I’m going to try out. Sadly, no diamonds, rubies, or pearls were included in the offer. On the other hand, white tea (unlike jewels) delivers loads of antioxidants, which are a lot healthier for you if not so sparkly.

You’re just going to become a huckster and pitch products to people? How boring!

No, I’m also going to mention that you can win a free bicycle, money, and stuff.

Oh. Well, that’s okay then.

The Lipton people are very kindly sponsoring a contest. Since Lipton’s White Teas are made from young tea buds, plucked early in their life cycle, they're going for a "Free your Y" contest. It's about freeing your youth and drinking white tea. Look, if you want pertinent details, check out the link: The Free Your Y Video Contest.

I like the idea of drinking white tea, because it's got more antioxidants than Albert Einstein had brain cells (or at least a comparable number), and because I like the idea of being young much better than being old. Or at least the idea of feeling young, i.e. feeling healthy. The idea of freeing my inner youth sounds pretty good to me.

Besides, you’re not old, are you? I don’t care if you’re sitting in a rocking chair waiting for meals-on-wheels to stop by, you’re not old inside, no matter what your body may look like on the outside. The person inside doesn’t age. Why not show the world that you’re not old?

Why the hell drink white tea? What’s the difference?

All true teas are made from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. Black tea is heavily fermented, while green tea is moderately fermented, and white tea lightly fermented. The more fermentation, the more antioxidants are destroyed. (You still get some, just not as many.) White tea has the highest antioxidant levels of any true tea you can find. (I’m not talking about herb teas such as Red, or Rooibush, tea. Including them in this paragraph would make life far too complicated and probably bring on a headache for both of us.)

Wait a minute. Go back to the chance to win money and stuff.

Very simple. All you need to do is:

1 – Think up some way to show you’re young. To quote from the Free Your Y site:
Cut loose. Make it old school, original, or freestyle–whatever moves you. Use any of the music tracks we've supplied here, or your own originals. Please, no copyrighted tunes.

Show us your skills, like a reverse dunk or a Triple Lindy. Let's see your best trick shot or athletic move.

Here's your chance to showcase your unique talent–stupid human tricks, silly songs or watermelon juggling–whatever doesn't fit into the other categories. Anything goes!

2 – Videotape it. Do you have a digital camera or cell phone that tapes very short videos? Or do you have a friend or relative who does? There you go.

3 – Send it in to these people. Why?
• The grand prize winner will receive $25,000
• One second place winner will receive $10,000
• One third place winner will receive $5,000

What the hell, why not?

What about the free bicycle?

Oh, you want more details about the bicycle contest on Cranky Fitness.

Details about the bicycle itself

1 - There's a picture of it shown up top. More information here.
2 - It's free if you win the Cranky Fitness contest.
3 - In addition to the bike, the winner will receive 5 coupons for Free 1.5L of Lipton White Tea and a $75 check for professional assembly of the bike.

Details about the contest

In keeping with the high standards here at Cranky Fitness, we decided you needed to work for this bike. Here's what you have to do:

1 - Figure out what you would recommend people do to stay young and active.
2 - Post your recommendation in the Comments section below. (I was going to say, email it to us, but Crabby has a very hungry spam filter, and this way your comment won't get eaten.)

It’s not enough to merely stay alive. I want quality years! I personally want to die of extreme old age on a yacht, with a champagne glass in my hand and a cabana boy massaging my feet, whilst watching a magnificent sunset -- not counting my wrinkles and thinking of all the things my body used to be able to do once upon a time. Any recommendations you have will help! That way everyone who reads the post will get useful tips on how to stay young and active.

Crabby and I will number the comments in the order received, and pick a number based on a random number generator.

Deadline: winning entry will be picked Friday, April 25.

Obligatory disclaimer
The Pepsi/Lipton Partnership will provide a check for $75.00 to be used for professional assembly of all Lipton Fuji bicycles awarded. Neither Pepsi Co. nor Unilever is liable for any injuries, damages or accidents that may result from the receipt, assembly or use of this bicycle.


  1. Cool! I wanna win a bike and $25,000 and stay young forever!

    What Merry? The contest is just for readers, not for blog hosts? Dang!

    Guess I'll just have to work on the "stay-young" thing with no financial incentives.

    And it is true, I do drink tea in a rather freakish way, because it's very very good for you but it's not coffee. I have to mix a ton of flavors, brew it strong, and then dump an undisclosed sweetener into it to really enjoy it. My usual mix includes black and green and red (which isn't technically tea but is full of antioxidants). Now I'll have to throw some white in the mix too!

  2. Crabby, I always wondered -- what color is the cup of tea when you add black, green and red tea together?

    Sorry, the contest is for the readers, but on the other hand -- want some white tea? I'll share :)

  3. Well, I put milk in it too, and even orange juice now that there's evidence that a little bit of citrus will preserve the antioxidants and lemon and milk just don't go together.

    It actually ends up looking not that different from coffee with milk in it by the time I'm done. It's not a beverage for the faint of heart.

  4. I never heard of tea helping someone's migraines but if it works, hey, it works! Don't knock it.

    I never heard of white tea either, unless you're an un-purist and put milk in your tea (shudder) like our favourite crab.

    As for the bike, I'll have to check it out but I doubt us in the distinct-land (aka Quebec) can enter. We're banned from lots of fun stuff. Except drinking. We can drink at 18. We can't enter a lot of contests, but we can drink ourselves to oblivion younger than anyone else in North America.


  5. I occasionally get migraines. I think they're pretty mild, but while they last they can be awful. I usually start trying to get rid of them with water (dehydration is the trigger, I think), advil/aleve, food, and if that doesn't work, I have a nice strong cup of caffeine. Usually some kind of tea (ginger peach is a favorite), but if not available, I'll go with coffee. Caffeine definitely helps the milder headaches.

  6. me too, crabby!

    my key to staying young is exercise, eat well but WAY WAY WAY more important than that SMILE AND BE POSITIVE.

    that "glass half broken mentality" can kill ya people.


  7. What? People in Quebec can't enter contests? That just seems wrong :(

    I know people say caffeine can trigger migraines, but caffeine is also a main ingredient in a lot of migraine medications. There's a lot of information about migraines out there, and half of what I read contradicts the other half. It's confusing. In my case, the migraines are accompanied (or caused?) by water retention; my face swells up and the resulting pressure causes pain. If you drink enough strong black tea it acts as a diuretic, which helps with water retention.

  8. Mmmmm...tea. This is a debate in the lab where I work -I've read that green and white tea are supposed to be made with water just *before* it boils, as the super hot water destroys some of the antioxidants...so I make my green/white tea that way. Tho, personally I like strong black tea with a slice of ginger in it, a bit of cream, cinnamin and some honey - ginger is an antioxidant too...and it tastes a lot like chai. Very yummy. And the black tea and ginger seem to help me when I have migraines...
    To stay young - other than exercise I drink a lot of fruit smoothies and add a lot of ground flax to my diet...I plan on having a brilliant mind right to the end!

  9. Mmm, tea.

    I've been shopping for a bike! A free one would be better.

    How to stay young and active?

    Do crossword puzzles to challenge your brain.
    Moisturize and wear sunscreen to keep the crinkles at bay.
    Be brave and try new things. Join a group (Meetup perhaps?) that gets together to do a variety of activities.
    Be sure to eat some chocolate every so often; it keeps one happy. :)

  10. Stay young? Keep moving. One way or another, just keep moving.

    I'll have to try white tea. I don't drink "real" tea _because_ it's fermented and I'm allergic to the fermentedness. It smells nasty and tastes worse, even when drowned in sugar and lemon. But if the white tea is un-fermented-enough, I could get my caffeine in a cold version in the summer.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky, finishing her coffee...now.

  11. How to stay young, I was gonna say something horrible like die before your prime and be eternally young but I thought that was too cold and people wouldn't understand it was a joke. therefore I won't say it.

    Honestly, my new little tip that a lot of people aren't doing that *might* pay off for me, is watch what kind of chemicals I bring in my home. I'm turning all hippy and using healthy toothpaste and shower cleaner and laundry soup (regular toothpaste has formaldyhyde in it!). And avoiding plastics as much as possible for food. I heard something like 1 in 2 people will get cancer or something so I'm trying hard to be the other one.

  12. Move.

    One of my grandmothers walks and swims every day. She paints, and displays her art in galleries. She travels. She does the crossword puzzle.

    My other grandmother died last year after a few years in a nursing home, and more years before that, with Parkinson's.

    Be active.

  13. The Lipton White Tea that is infused with Blueberry and Pomegranate ROCKS!!!! I also drink the Lipton Black Tea as well.

  14. I plan to give the White Tea a try. I already drink plenty of green and black tea, so why not try the white tea?

    As for staying young, being both physically and mentally active seems to work. I also try to exercise outdoor as often as possible (even in the dead of a Chicago winter). The fresh air works wonders(which is what my mother always told me!).


  15. @Merry, we can enter some contests, but big brother (I originally typed "bother"... hmmm...) says that companies have to put a deposit down to prove that they'll really give the prize. If they don't, then we can't enter.

  16. I am still relatively young, and pretty active, but I hope to stay this way! The one thing I'd recommend to others is HAVE FUN! To me, this especially includes getting outside and just bustin' a move!

  17. To stay young - Act young! Yes I mean playing tag, dancing to your ipod while on the subway, swinging, biking, playing hide and seek, giant capture the flag games in your apt building!! Yaaaaay!!! I love it!

  18. How do I ward of migraines? Go home and go immediately to sleep. I've never found anything else to work, but I'll definitely give black tea a try!

    To stay young you must MOVE! Every single day, do something to stay physically active. Then, keep your mind young by reading, doing crosswords, and engaging in stimulating conversation. Always wear sunscreen, and laugh as often as you can!

  19. It looks like the Lipton contest is only for US residents. Damn, I need a new bike too.

    Merry, a trick to try to avoid migraines: when you get the sparkles, halos &/or lightning in your eyes that indicate one is imminent, eat something light or drink milk, take two regular strength advil/tylenol/whatever your usual choice is and most important take two antacids. I read this years ago that the flashes etc are from acid in your stomach and doing the above can head off a migraine. I have used this successfully (as has a friend) for years now. You might still get a headache, but it won't be a full body involved migraine. Of course, if you wake up with one...take strong drugs and go back to bed pulling covers over your head staying there until the damned thing leaves.

  20. Migraines- when I first feel one coming on I slam a mountain dew- the faster and more caffeine I can get in the better

    Younger- play, laugh, hang out with interesting people, it's all about attitude

    Tea- I received a tea pot for Christmas- I LOVE it- so civilized to be able to brew up a pot of tea and drink while I'm reading or crafting and not having to get up every little bit to brew another cup

    Ginger- a simple syrup made with ginger is the bestest thing in the whole world for tea or tummy aches

  21. Age is more than a number, it is a state of mind. I plan on staying young by playing with my children (and someday grandchildren) as much as possible. Laughing till I wet my pants at least once a week and not eating fast food. That shit will kill you. Or maybe the preservatives will just pickle your organs. So um, either do or don't eat fast food. hmmm....

  22. I want that cool bike and 25,000!!! And I have the most amazing suggestion for staying young, active, and super healthy!!!

    It is called Seven Plus it is 7 super foods- Acai, Mangosteen, Fucoidan, Gac, Goji, Noni, and Seabuckthorn! It is amazing! I can't tell you how good I feel. I have lost weight, My skin has completely changed (cleared up and so so smooth), I have WAY WAY more energy, and I wake up totally refreshed every morning! I want everyone to try it so they can get the benefits I get!

    Check out my website at:http://www.iexfuze.net/juicyjuice

    You can even try it for free!

    Golly I hope I win that bike :)

  23. 1 - Figure out what you would recommend people do to stay young and active.

    ~ Laugh every day!
    ~ Find someone to give a bear hug for at least 5 seconds every day. It brings down your heart rate and relaxes you and your hugging partner.
    ~ Find a way to meditate every day. I listen to relaxation CD's as I go to sleep.
    ~ Don't sweat the small stuff!

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  25. I'll have to try their tea. Celestial Seasonings White Tea with peach is excellent. I stopped having migraines (for the most part) after I shelled out big bucks for a night guard to wear on my teeth to prevent grinding. I used to have them three times a month and it went down to once every three or four months.

  26. sure, eat healthy and exercise, but to really stay young you need good friends that will take your phone calls day or night and always meet you for a walk or a coffee. (This means you Christa, 'cuz I know you read this everyday!)

  27. Hey Merry
    I love White Tea. I've been drinking it for a couple of years and it's wonderful.

    One of the best ways to keep yourself young is to surround yourself with young people. Laugh at life as much as you can. Love freely, dance often and read books you enjoy.

    And drink Lipton tea even if you're Canadian and can't win the cool prize :-)

  28. Joy.

    I think joy is a essential key to staying young. You have to actively pursue a life that brings you joy.

    Now, we all KNOW that life is hard, and troubles and sadness seem to be byproducts of just living. We also have to force ourselves to do numerous things that we hate and dread ALL THE TIME, but those things are not the point. The point is always the end result. Is there joy in the end? And for those of us who can't wait, is there joy in working towards that goal?

    I watched a five year old boy learn to skip the other day. His face was set in a scowl. His whole body screamed determination. He hopped. He wobbled. He jumped. He tumbled. He got up. He hopped some more. Then he skipped, and his face was a brilliant light unto itself. He beamed. In that moment, he showed me how brilliant joy can be.

    That's what I want for myself. I want to figure out what will make me feel that joy, and pursue it. Get rid of stuff that weighs me down, and skip with joy. 'Cause when I'm skipping, I simply can't feel old.

  29. I'm nodding along to the suggestions so far, but i'll add one (cause i want a bike): play with animals. there is nothing more rewarding that watching a little kitty walk or feel a horse run for the first time or...

    people say the same thing about kids, but teenagers are just annoying (says the recently turned 20 year old) :)

  30. meant to add:

    i think the reason there is so much contradictory stuff about what to do for migraines is because different things work for different people. some things that help me don't work for my friend, and visa versa.

  31. I LOVE Lipton tea. I hate it when you are in a restaurant and they bring out the fancy box and all you want is some damn Lipton tea.

    Is white tea....uh white? How do you know if it is in there or not? I'd worry about that.

    I stay young by staying around young people. You have to be mentally on top of your game because the life of a teenager moves at warp speed.

    You also need the world's most wonderful Grandson to make you want to take care of yourself and have a young body, so you can adore him for many many years!

    And Great Friends. Friends let you get the ugly out, so the inside stays pretty.

  32. Staying young...

    Get out and about and be active...walk around the neighborhood...meet friends...new or old.

    Also need to sit on your duff and absorb nature around you....at least a small part of the time while sipping tea....revives the inner you.

    Read new books...or revisit old favorites...get on the Internet and join a blog group or groups of interesting people....find new friends.


  33. I think weight lifting is key to prevent osteoperosis and shrinking!

  34. Geez. You're even more long-winded than I am. I think your post gave me a migraine. All those rules and talk about working for it. Pffft. Of course it was clear.

    The secret to staying young? Simple. Don't get old. You mean you haven't figured out how to stop time and reverse the aging process? It's a scientific discovery that must be made on an individual basis, one person at a time. You'll just have to keep on trying until you figure it out.

    In the meantime, practice laughter. It's not enough just to laugh yourself, you have to make others laugh. Spread it like a disease. Infect everyone you know. Pretty soon you'll realize you're just looking for things to smile about and that you've always got a twinkle in your eye -- next thing you know you're buying a bottle of wine at the grocery store and being carded by some clerk who is young enough to be your son. Really.

    BTW, I looked at that bike and it looks pretty damn scary to me. You try to inflict that thing on me, I'm going to make my daughter take it off my hands. She'd know how to use it without killing herself and several pedestrians. Plus it would make her laugh, even though she's already young enough. I'll stick to my treadmill. Hmmm, now there's an interesting mental image.

  35. Wow. This contest. Is everywhere. But hey - who doesn't love bikes?

    I stay young by never taking myself too seriously. Seriously;)

    Well that and all the botox, plastic surgery, drugs and young hotties that $200/month can buy.

  36. "what people can do to stay young and active."

    Hey, I've got a yellow jeep and this bike will look really great on the bike rack as I cruise to my next ride!!

    My secret, for years, has been to do the opposite of what most people I know do, which is a whole lot of nothing! So I have been doing a whole lot of something, and friends, it really has worked for me!

    Dr. J

  37. My suggestions to stay young:
    1) Cycling exercise classes, core classes and wine with dinner
    2) White Tea with breakfast, Green Tea with lunch and wine before bed
    3)Never smoke, try not to work in a cube (which i do unfortunately) and limit TV
    4) Laugh as often as possible, if necessary for no reason whatsoever

  38. The biggest trick I've found to staying young is to follow your dreams. Don't be afraid to get out there and go for whatever it is. This gives you energy, frees you of fear, and makes you feel good about yourself. Don't worry about what anyone else says. When you start following your dream you will meet others doing the same and they will support you.

    Of course if following your dream involves sitting at a computer for hours writing, getting outside to walk, garden, play helps you stay even younger.

  39. How to stay young and active?

    This makes me think of one of my favorite quotes from Thich Nhat Hanh: "Smile, breathe and go slowly."

    Staying fit and active is a constant challenge...but the rewards are so great (both mentally and physically). Sometimes you just have to start by putting on a smile, and then putting on your workout shoes (or rolling out your yoga mat). Staying fit and active is a lifelong journey...so enjoy it.

  40. To stay young, I love to do things that bring back childhood memories - coloring, riding a merry go round, or watching a Disney movie.

    Outside of training for a triathlon, I try to stay active during my every day life by taking the stairs at work, walking around the block at lunchtime, and biking or walking to do errands instead of driving. Sometimes I even do arm curls while I walk home with my grocery bags - I look dumb, but it's a great way to multitask!

  41. Staying young and active:
    1.) Eat whole, natural foods
    2.) Go for a walk every day to get rid of your stress
    3.) Laugh with friends every day

    That's it!

  42. Well, if they won't take responsibility for my falling off the bike, I think I'll pass on winning one. Really it's better this way.

    Merry - I also get very very sensitive to smells when I get migraines. Even normally pleasant odors are unbearable. For me it's more of a problem than bright lights.

  43. On staying young ... the best way to slow down the aging process is to stop worrying about it. Take every possible opportunity to laugh: guffaws, giggles, snorts and snickers; try them all. Be silly once in a while. Learn to appreciate quiet moments (perhaps with a nice cup of Lipton tea?)Also, surround yourself with lively, interesting people. Avoid people who are self involved and negative. Seek out the company of people who know how to tackle the bad stuff, put it behind them and move on. Angst creates wrinkles and gray hair. Be somebody you like. You're the one spending the most time with yourself, might as well be the best possible company. Never stop learning.

  44. To stay young . . .

    - spend time with people who make you FEEL young (no matter their biological age!)
    - run in the rain, splashing in puddles as you go
    - dance with young children to remember what it is like to move your body without hesitation
    - get a dog (they help you stay calm and compassionate in the midst of life's turmoil)
    - eat colorful fruits and veggies (they're good for you, they look good & they taste good - how could you go wrong?)
    - and my dad swears by a combo of green tea, raspberry tea and white tea (he drinks this brew by the gallon - and I'd say he's quite the youthful grandpa!)

  45. I agree about playing with young children. They have such imagination, energy, innocence etc. It will make you feel young again, which can only be good for you! We can learn as much from children as they can learn from us.

  46. I don't know the secret to staying young.
    I still am.


  47. Ok - I haven't read all the comments yet so I hope mine is original:

    Here is my entry.

    The best way to stay young is to laugh. To laugh at the silly things in life and not take everything so seriously.

    That's why I like this blog, I'm one of those people who do take things too seriously and does need to laugh more. Coming here gives me permission to do that, if that makes sense.

    When I was working in the hospitals, the patients who were the oldest but who laughed, no matter how sick, never seemed to be the oldest. Laughter has somehow slowing been eroding from our way of life.

  48. I think the secret to staying young is having a child, and then whenever they say "can we?" say YES! Yes we can play badminton, rollerblade, go for a walk, go to the zoo, visit the science center. Why not, the dishes and chores will still be there tomorrow, and doing them won't make you feel any younger anyway. Of course if I win a bike I could say "yes we can go for a bike ride". (He has a bike but I don't lol)

  49. I've discovered that daring myself to try new things makes me feel younger than I did ten years ago. I'll be 29 in July so I'm still 'young', but I spent 19-25 overweight and depressed and dang, did I feel old! Over the past few years, I've lost 80 lbs, gone back to college, taken up rock climbing and now I'm training for my first 5K. I feel like I'm sixteen again!

    Move, laugh and be bold. :)

    Love this blog, by the way!

  50. To stay young and active my mom kept trying new sports until she found one that "turned her crank" and now she's addicted. Not only can she paddle her kayak more deftly than most 20-somethings, but she has also seen some amazing scenary. I think the important thing is finding an activity that meshes with your values and is also social.

  51. Be optimistic and forward looking. play rugby. laugh. dont eat shitty foods. find something that you love doing. dont eat yellow snow. run around for no good reason. buy new shoes. have fun. take risks.

  52. oh, man, i would love both to stay young and active AND to win a free bike. one would assume that i could go a long way in accomplishing the former by doing the latter. in any case:

    my main suggestion for staying young and active is to build exercise into your everyday life. walk wherever you can. make sure you have at least one hobby that entails movement. produce things instead of just consuming them. let your mind stroll about, as ee cummings says. get 7-8 hours of sleep a night.

  53. I think others have said it already but the key to staying young is staying active -- both physically and mentally! When my great-grandmother was in her 80's she used to wait until the wee hours of the morning so that nobody would SEE her and then she'd run around her apartment building several times. I'm not joking. She also used to do loads of reading and crossword puzzles.

  54. Yay, we Canucks can enter.

    Keep hold of your sense of the ridiculous, don't let your mind become old. Practice Yoga for flexibility & ride a (new) bike to remind you how to stay young. Eat healthy and remember to play every day.

  55. Wow, these are awesome, awesome ideas! (If I could enter I'd so just write down the first dumb thing that came to my head, but you guys have WAY more class.)

    I'm really impressed and inspired by these suggestions! And I can't wait to find out who wins the bike.

  56. I'd say:
    1)Make sure to spend time with a child and see the world through their eyes.
    2)Strike the word "should" from your vocabulary.

  57. Great comments here!

    Hmm, my thoughts on staying young:
    -Playin' rugby (like Colleen!).

    -Refusing to specialize my interests, fitness and otherwise.

    -Trail running with my puppy, Zoey. Crawling up muddy banks and watching how excited she is to be there -- OK, how excited she is about sticks and deer poo, mainly -- make me appreciate how fun it is to get filthy sometimes.

  58. mmmmm. The Lipton White Tea with Pomegranate is pretty fab.

    When I was very young, I decided to save all of my letters (starting in 3rd grade, when I received "Get Well" letters from the whole class when I was the first one to get chicken pox. Of course, I ended up giving it to half the third grade...)

    My thoughts at the time was that I wanted to keep my notes for when I was older and started to forget what it was like to be young. When you are young, the thought that grownup just don't understand kids was one that went through my mind A LOT. That was my way of trying to change that for myself--I wanted to become a grownup that didn't forget what it was like to be a kid.

    I have boxes of notes, and reading one every so often reminds me of what concerns and dreams I (and my friends) had at the time the note was given to me.

    If I ever have kids, I hope that these notes will keep my mind and heart young for them, so that I might be able to really listen and understand things that seem so trivial to adults, but which are so HUGE for them.

    I work in a public library as a circulation clerk now. I interact with children and adults of all ages and backgrounds. For the "teens" (I HATED that word when I was that age!) and kids that come in and need help, and often get shuffled around since they are not adults, I try to take extra time with them and find a way to relate. I think the fact that I have my "keep me young" notes helps tremendously with this.

  59. I loooove this bike! And my bike was stolen...

    To stay young, I like to play with kids. I volunteer as a soccer coach and have a ton of fun with the kids. Running around with them keeps you young at heart!

  60. For me:

    - Eating REAL food and drinking lots of green tea (yummm!). My theory is that everything that I put into my body has to have a purpose. Even if it's just to make me a little happier. Eat for a reason! I'm eating organic, plain, non-fat yogurt with raspberries and raw walnuts right now. YUM! Superfood!

    - Riding a fixed gear bike. It has completely changed the way I look at exercise! Every ounce of effort counts and my energy level is through the roof since I started riding three months ago. I can't get off the damn thing.

    - Working at a job that I love. I laugh all day every day and am happy EVERY single morning when I wake up to come to work.

    - Keeping a positive outlook! This may sound a bit morbid... but someone once told me that ending your own life is the most pointless thing that you can do. You will die some day, regardless, so why not take life for everything that it's worth? Enjoy every single experience because you never know how life may change.

  61. Tea is awesome right before bed, and the lipton white tea is good too.
    A free bike though sounds awesome!I'd love to get a road bike to bike more often to school and work.....atleast its incentive to, so here are my ideas to stay young!
    - watch cartoons every morning while drinking coffee
    - have tickle fights as often as tolerable
    - chase after a soccerball a few times a week
    - don't forget dessert, even if its just a piece of fruit or yogurt.


  62. Drink a Martini first thing in the morning... woohoo no seriously I am kidding. :)

  63. Stay young and active, hmmm?

    Read Cranky Fitness
    Include some young people in your life as friends - believe me this works!
    Get 7 or 8 hours of sleep everyday
    Nourish your body with mostly "good" food and a teeny bit of "bad"
    Be brave and try new things that are not in your comfort zone.

  64. I adore the White Tea with Raspberry, but that may be b/c that's the only one I've tried... hmmm.

    Staying young: my chickadees and I do mean High School Musical 2 workout in the kitchen, involving hairbrush microphones, dramatic lifts, dips and turns...you'd be amazed at the cardio involved in this craziness.

  65. Hmmm..... all I have to do to maybe win a new bike is come up with a suggestion for staying young and active. I can do that.

    I guess my first inclination would be to suggest that you get some kind of job where you work on a college campus. Seriously, when you hang out with young enthusiastic people pretty much all day every day, it's motivating to you to try to new things and activities. You also learn a lot and teach a lot, which means that you're always thinking about new things from new perspectives. It's rather awesome really. However, if teaching at a college isn't really feasible for you, just find some other avenue to make these same things happen. Join a book club where instead of sitting to discuss the book, you walk around your neighborhood instead. Volunteer with the youth at a church or civic center in your neighborhood. Coach youth soccer or basketball or whatever other sport you know how to play. Bottom line... to stay young and active, hang out with people who are young and active. It's usually rather fun even.

  66. Laugh, everyday, alot. Use your brain, if not everyday, then most days. Ditto for your body. Appreciate it all. Stay in touch with younger people and what's happening in their world. Listen to Music. Get outside. Find a way to stay positive whenever possible. Give back to others. Smile at somebody.

  67. my suggestion to stay young and active is to not take yourself too serioulsy, exercise regularly, and don't drink too much!

  68. I would LOVE to win the bike. Exercise is a sure way to stay young, and feel young.
    Get plenty of rest, drink lots of water (and tea). Eat in moderation when you are hungry. Love strong, Laugh Often and Forgive Easy!
    (found your blog after reading a funny comment on Bossy's blog)

  69. My suggestion is to always pay attention to what your body is saying to you. If you're body seems content and up for anything after you eat veggies and drink water or tea, that's good. If you eat seven chocolate chip pancakes with butter and lots of syrup, and your body is making angry noises and telling you to lie down in bed in a fetal position, that's not so good.

    Keep moving. Do whatever you have to to keep moving. And make sure you don't resent having to keep moving, or else the moving is going to make you frustrated and stressed. Drink lots of water, and listen to awesome music.

  70. My suggestion: go outside and move. Working out in a gym is nice and all, but nothing is better than getting out of doors, even in crap weather, and seeing the world. Be it the park, your block, along a lake, or in an entirely new town/state/country--get out there and move. Walk, run, bike, rollerblade, stroll, cartwheel, unicycle, whatever floats your boat.

  71. How to Stay Young (and win a bike!)

    1) Live in a two-story house. Even if you sit on your butt eating potato chips all day, the fact that you have to go up/down stairs at least twice a day gives you a little bit of consistent mobility. And as you get older, mobility is like anything else -- don't use it, and you lose it.

    2) Do a class with your friends. The happiest, healthiest seniors I've met have been at the seniors' yoga class at my local yoga studio. Stretching keeps you from getting too stiff, and having an enjoyable, regular date with friends keeps your mind and emotions in a good state.

    3) Positive self-talk. If you find yourself in a slump, wake up and tell yourself, "Self! Time to get moving and start enjoying life again." Physical and mental health go hand in hand, and if you ENJOY life, you will be better able to navigate the physical stress of aging.

  72. What do I do? Hrmmmm. I like hula hooping, playing outside, good things like that.

    If you act old... you will turn old. :(

  73. Okay, for a chance at a bright yellow youth-making bike... One way to stay young is to get a dog. You have to walk it. You have to run around to pick up its poop. You have to bathe and groom it. You have to take agility courses with it. Believe me, these efforts add up to many burned calories.

    A relative of mine got a dog, a rescue pup. She now walks three miles a day, every single day, to keep the dog healthy. That's three miles a day more than she was getting before!

    Landry's Mom

  74. My tip for staying young and healthy is to do what makes your heart happy. If it's sleeping in on the weekends, then do it. If it's changing careers, get to it. If it's indulging in a little bit of ice cream a couple of times a week, then enjoy it with all your heart. I think a little extra happiness pays off with a much younger body and mind!

    Can I have the bike now? lol ;)

  75. I'm from the south and sweet tea is the wine of a good life. Make it with artifical sweetener and have fewer calories. Make sun tea and save energy. People should definately bike to be healthy. It is great for your heart, joints, and range of motion. Stay young bike! Sorry to be so enthusiastic but I love my bikes both stationary and outside. It is the only fitness stuff that I can be self diciplined about.

  76. Whenever you combine friends and the outdoors, it takes a year off your age. It doesn't even matter what you're doing, but playing games ALWAYS helps. Who can feel cranky and old when you're playing tag for the first time in two decades?

  77. How to stay young? Play! Remember when you were a kid and you didn't want to go to bed because you were having too much fun playing? Play, enjoy your days, love being alive. Don't do (too many) things you don't like to do.

    Oh, and get outside. Fresh air is key.

    And yoga. I like yoga.

  78. The Bag Lady is entered in this contest, right?

  79. Go dancing! Contra dancing, Scottish Country dancing, and swing dancing. You get exercise and flirtation to get your heart rate up two ways.

  80. Ooh, cool bike! Ok, here's my suggestion...

    Drink lots of water. And have a lot of sex. Even when you think you're not interested... get interested. It will make you happier, rosier, more energized, with fewer headaches and an overall better outlook on life. (I'm attempting to implement this one now...)

  81. To stay young and active I recommend stealing the life force of a fallen star that may or may not resemble Claire Danes. It also helps to be a witch that looks like Michelle Pfeiffer.

    I hope I win the bike! My current bike is over 10 years old, has a flat tire and a padlock that I don't remember the combination to.

  82. Hmmm, how to stay young? Exercise and a healthy diet is a must, but we know that already.

    To feel young is something different though and I think it starts with accepting your flaws even if it involves a wrinkle or gray hair. Once you do that, you're more open to experiencing and learning new things. How can you feel old when you're doing or learning something for the first time?


  83. How to stay young forever?
    Laugh often, love unconditionally, be forgiving of others....and don't forget the sunscreen. Oh, and never smoke and if you do, quit ASAP.

  84. A free bike would be awesome since I've just finally managed to get back ON a bike! LOL

    How to stay young? Keep moving (every day!) and learn to love yourself...the real you, not the you that you think people will like.

  85. Young and active? Easily found at your neighborhood playground! Don't kick any small children off of the swings or anything, but go and play just like you did when you were a kid. See how high you can swing, how dizzy you can make yourself on the carousel, and don't forget the slide!

  86. love you Crabby!

    how to stay young and active...easy!

    Laugh, move, love...

    done... food is good too.

  87. uhmmmm... I posted that anonymously which will make this contest MUCH harder to win...

    but I am serious about the laugh, move, love and food...

    That's all there is... oh, but a dog is good too.


  88. My advice for being young (at the ripe old age of twenty-four)...

    It's springtime. Go for a bike ride, pedalling hard harder as fast as you can down the hill! Wheeee!

    Or, hey, ask your mum to pack a lunch and lather up with gooey sunscreen to head out on a boat all afternoon. Be sure to splash the adult steering in back whenever possible. Don't forget to put on sunscreen twice and look for the fishies underwater.

    Finally, be curious. Don't you want to see which flowers are blooming in the neighbour's yard? See if the geese are honking around the pond yet? Go outside for a while, clear your mind - maybe a new best friend will offer to skip rope, play tag, or split a fruit popsicle.

    (Sure, they always said not to talk to strangers, but there's no harm in a friendly smile of acknowledgement! We are adults, after all!)

  89. I am LOVING these suggestions! They are so smart and creative and appealing.

    I'm going to be going back over these for a long time to come.

  90. Here's my recipe for staying young and healthy, and no, it's not nice :)

    Look around at all of your friends. Notice the ones with cigarettes clamped desperately in their shaking fingers, sheet marks from sleeping past noon, and atrophied muscles from a 24-hour schedule of hanging out on people's porches drinking the same working-class canned beer your grandfather drank. Try to be kind as you sprint horrified in the other direction, toward some vegetables, a pair of running shoes and a great big fresh glass of water. (This practice is especially effective if you, like me, reside permanently in disillusioned twenty-something hipsterburg.)

    I am the ONLY person I know of my age who leads a healthy(ish) active(ish) lifestyle - and to look at us, you could barely tell the difference. But who's going to be slim, muscular and bright-eyed in ten years? Oh, also I want that bike. Mine was, tragically, packed in a box and put in storage in another state as it won't be practical where I am moving. So I must find one with gears, and brakes and stuff.

  91. What a wonderful contest! My tricks for staying young are:

    1) Play! I play with my kids everyday. My husband and I are going to sign up for an adult kickball league next season, and I can't wait for that!

    2) Enjoy learning new things. I love picking up new hobbies and interests. No old dog here!

    3) Strike a healthy work-life balance. Know what's really important in life, and prioritize those things.

  92. I'm doing this same contest over on my blog too, but I figured I can enter on OTHER people's sites! I want a free bike, too! :)

    My recommendation for staying young and active? CHALLENGE YOURSELF and take advantage of things you've never done before. My roommate and I are currently taking belly-dancing classes, and I'm trying to schedule a time to go to a rock-climbing gym with another friend. If you're constantly challenging yourself, activity will always continue to be interesting.

  93. Well. Yes, I eat veggies up the wazoo and drink half a dozen cups of green tea a day and try to take the more active option whenever possible (stairs, walking, etc.). BUT!

    I personally recommend that they follow my own plan of going to all the rock concerts in the universe, and shaking their asses thereat. Keeps the spirit AND the bum young. :)

  94. What's the best tip to staying young and active?

    Find an activity that makes you happy and do it. You want to hike in the mountains? Go for it! You want to bellydance? Go get those little finger cymbals and sway away! Want to bounce on a trampoline? Have a flipping good time!

    If you can get friends to go with you and you feel it's more fufilling to do so? Awesome-- but do this activity for you. Can't find a friend to do anything? Join a class and make more! Or... make it your special time just for you. You are important, you are who matters, and you should enjoy your life and what you do to move. Oh, and a free bike would really help me to move ;) No pressure or anything :D

  95. I have to add my own two cents. I absolutely adore white tea. I'm not a huge tea drinker in general, but white tea is so light that I can drink it hot, cold, or even somewhere in between!

    As for staying young, the advice we (as nurses at the hospital) give people is to eat balanced diets, exercise, and to write with your nondominant hand. Heck, do anything with your nondominant hand! It actually creates new pathways in your brain that allow your brain to stay young!

  96. Biking and tea: the secrets to eternal youth! :) Aside from that, the most youthful people I know are the ones for whom positivity is a fact of life. It doesn't come naturally to everyone, but a little positive thinking can go a long way. Also trying new things- whether it be a new hobby, type of exercise, whatever- keeps the body and mind sharp.

  97. I wasn't going to comment because it seems pretty easy - to stay young and active, stay, well, active, which is a popular answer, along with laughing a lot...which brings me to the point that having fun while moving around (along with eating right and all that stuff - like drinking tea?!) is absolutely important. Don't take most things TOO seriously and have fun riding an awesome yellow bike.

    And thanks for the migraine tips, commenters!!

  98. Stay young by getting out of the car and onto your bike. Ride it as often as you can. It's fun to smile at all the people cruising for parking spaces as you lock up to anything handy and get on with your day.

  99. Taking aerobic dance and strength training classes make me feel great!

  100. The best way to stay young...get outdoors and have some fun! Rake up all the leaves, then jump into the pile before bagging them up. Go swimming, mountain biking, or just walk around the neighborhood.

  101. The way I stay young and active is singing in a barbershop quartet. You have to have a lot of stamina to keep up good breath support. Learning the words, music, and the harmony helps keep the mind sharp, and having 3 close friends to sing with is a guarantee for lots of laughs, and laughing a lot definitely will keep you young.

  102. Go yellow bike!!

    I love white tea, and have been drinking it for years. Like one of the previous posters, I've been told to brew it with water that is just about to boil. I usually have it with some milk and sweetener, but it's also great when combined with fruit-flavored herbal teas as well, like raspberry.

    The best way to stay young is to pay attention to your body and mind. Be mindful of your diet, and try to make healthy choices most of the time. Find some cardio exercises and strength building exercises that you really like to do, and practice them a lot.

    Staying young at heart can be a little more challenging. Everyone makes mistakes, so try to learn from them without getting bitter or pessimistic. Remember not to be too hard on yourself. To be honest I'd rather my mind get older and wiser - experience can be a great teacher if you can keep an open mind.

  103. Quit eating junk food and drinking soda. Move too a warmer climate so you are more motivated to be outside.

  104. My advice to staying young is to not stress and do things that you love to do as much as possible. =)

  105. Wow, I'll have to try the black tea sometime. I also get migraines on occasion.

    As for the staying young, I think the most important thing is to LAUGH! Take time to watch silly funny movies, tell silly jokes, hang out with funny people...you can't get enough of laughter.

    I also second the suggestion of staying out of the sun. Sun exposure gives you wrinkles and ages you faster.

  106. Oooh, shiny new bike!!!

    My tip for staying young is to get enough sleep that you can enjoy every moment of your day. Sometimes this means taking a nap in the sun on Sunday afternoon, which is perfectly acceptable! But you'll always feel older than you are if you're going through life in a sleep-deprivation-induced fugue state.

  107. The key to staying young::staying active! I have a client (I'm a personal trainer) who told me yesterday that she's been getting questions about her age---people are telling her she looks 35, and she's 50! I've been working with her for only a MONTH! Imagine how adopting a wHoLe LIFESTYLE of activity will do for your vitality =D

  108. I think to stay young you need to play ball in the grass with your kids. If you don't have any, borrow some. Be sure to run like Phoebe and tackle even in soccer and volleyball. It will definitely keep you young!

    That, and wear sunscreen while you are frolicking.

  109. My tips for staying young and active

    - get enough sleep!
    - try to make it fun: try new things, find activities you enjoy so that you will keep doing them.
    - Smile. It makes you feel good.

  110. To stay young and active keep reminding yourself that every little bit counts. I heard this quote on a podcast once and it always pops into my head, reminding me to be active: "do some now, so you can do more later". Like, take the stairs now, so you can be fit and able to climb/hike a mountain later. Also laugh a lot and surround yourself with people and things that make you happiest (even if that means the occasional (daily?) chocolate/treat. And if you fall off the horse (or your new free bike) don't be afraid to get back on and try again!

  111. I see a sprint triathalon is in my future. I need a bike!

    To stay young and active, I say minimize stressful people and situations in your life, get active, and take care of your skin (otherwise you'll feel young but look like old leather).

  112. How to Stay Young and Active:
    I am a young and active person, so I don't have the wisdom of hindsight, but definitely have thought a lot about how to maintain my youth and my active lifestyle.

    1) Develop a network of active friends: the older you get, the more sedentary people tend to get, and nothing helps more than having a group of like-minded individuals to get you out of bed on a beautiful Saturday morning for a hike or a Sunday trip to a farmer's market. What's more, you will inevitably laugh and share your memories and concerns and priorities with them, and this will deepen your relationships and keep your spirit young.

    2) Read for a bit of inspiration every day: I find that just a few right words can move you, make you sing, inspire you to recommit time and again to your health. I find these in good fitness books and blogs, and make sure to read a little bit every day. My favorite inspirational athletes/trainers are triathlete Eric Harr and trainer David Kirsch. You'll develop your favorite role models over time. Keep them close to you.

    3) Meditate: I grew up in Asia where you encounter Buddhist monks who meditate daily. They are some of the most clear-eyed, youthful, and active people you'll meet. There's no baggage in their brains and hearts they need to get rid of by using alcohol, work, food. They process it and get rid of the baggage through meditation. And you cannot be youthful and active in your body and mind with emotional, mental, or spiritual baggage weighing you down (which often translates to extra body fat--physical baggage!). Whether it be through yoga, meditation practice, or running (google "running monks" for the amazing monks in Japan who run 52 miles every day for 100 days), participate in a form of meditation regularly and reap its benefits!

  113. My stay young have fun tips:
    1. do yoga
    2. drink wine
    3. ummm...retire early? That would be waaaay fun.

  114. Staying young? Do something fun/child like everday. Play hopscotch, hulahoop, dance around the living room, sing along to the radio, draw on the driveway with sidewalk chalk.

    I feel younger since having my daughter than I ever did before.

    Leigh Anne

  115. I think there are so many things that can help you stay young, but the biggest one is don't be afraid to try new things, and especially things that support your physical and emotional well-being. Don't be afraid to try new exercises or new foods to keep yourself healthy. Don't be afraid to find new things that support the life you want - new friends, new books, new activities, and new places to live can all be excellent ways of getting what you need. Don't be afraid to try something that you've always wanted to do, be it oil painting, trapeze, or flying planes. Don't be afraid to laugh and be silly and have fun - laugh lines don't make you look old, but frown lines can. And most of all, don't be afraid to laugh at yourself while you're doing all your new things that help you to feel good - taking yourself too seriously will undermine all of this good work.

  116. I think that swimming is a great way to stay young and active. Not only does splashing around in the pool remind me of summers as a child it is a great way to exercise without putting stress on my joints! If you can't find the fountain of youth, might as well swim in one, right?

  117. How to stay young and active? Get a dog, preferably a high energy one like a border collie that goes for 3 hour hikes then comes home and wants to play. You'll get involved in a dog sport like agility that burns lots of energy chasing around an obstacle course after your dog but also is kind of an aggravating hobby in the same way that golf is. Then you need another high energy dog because competing with one dog is boring and next thing you know you have 3 high energy dogs and you find yourself exhausted exercising them all and keeping them entertained. Wait, maybe that's a way to age yourself prematurely. Sorry, maybe I'm not much help here but c'mon, who doesn't want a new bike?

  118. Hanging around kids is a good way to stay young, especially if you play with them!

    Get involved with a community theater. Memorizing lines keeps your brain young, performing keeps your voice strong, and it's fun and social. Or, if performing isn't your thing, work backstage.

    I started riding my bike again a year ago, after 10 years of not riding, and I felt like a kid again!

    (Do they make Big Wheels for grown-ups? If they do, I am so there!)

  119. Stay young... play in water, play in the snow, run around the parc, get on a BIKE!! That also happens to cover staying active, imagine that.
    Also, read a book (one or more, you know), it does wonder to your brain cells, I promise.

  120. Oi, I'm late in the game. But here's my tardy two cents: Remember to play — whether it's playing tag, getting muddy in a rainstorm or dancing around to bad music by yourself in your apartment. Maintaining that element of fun will keep you young and fit forever. ("Forever" might be an exaggeration.)

  121. My advice, other than staying out of the sun if you are vain about your complexion, is to sing a lot and dance a lot.

    Singing should not be left to the professionals, any more than sex should be left to the professionals. Even if you only sing to yourself--you should let 'er rip often. Just think about all the studies coming out about stroke speech recovery, and alzheimers therapy, etc. Singing is good for your health. If you can't stand the sound of your voice, think about taking some lessons. I'm a professional singer, but I love teaching even remedial students.

    And of course, dancing--the benefits are obvious. Even if you only dance for yourself.

    And by the way, it should be against the law for anyone to make fun of anyone's singing or dancing.

  122. How to stay young and active?

    Move whenever you think about moving. If you're sitting on the couch and you think "I should be doing something right now"; go and do something, anything. Run when you feel like running, sing when you feel like singing and don't compare yourself to other people, it may lower your expectations for yourself.

  123. "what people can do to stay young and active."

    Staying young and active to me is all about bringing out your inner child often. Don't be afraid to pull the car over on hot summer days and play in a sprinkler (even if it isn't yours). Have ice cream sundaes for dinner on occasion. Play in the mud or climb a tree. Dance around your livingroom when no one else is home (or even if someone is, then grab a partner).

    Just have fun, don't take life or yourself too seriously!

  124. I get so freaked out by all the magazines tell me I have to do to stay young, I am thinking about cryogenics. If I decide that being frozen alive isn't my cup of tea however, I think strength training, a vegan diet (or like, 5% vegan), and early retirement might be my plan!

    Also a lot of karaoke.

    (I need a bike! I've decided to starting biking to work, but I guess owning a bike would be a good first step!)

  125. Recommendations to staying young... Laugh a lot - until your gut hurts! :) Enjoy the little things in life. And don't "sweat the small stuff."

  126. Go raw! Eat more raw fruit and vegetables.
    Gain perspective. Take life a little less seriously.
    Enjoy each day.

  127. I like to read tips on staying young and feeling like they are helping :)

    Don't take yourself too seriously, and try to find a way to do a routine task in a new way.

    Have fun, and drink lots of tea ;)

  128. I stay young by skateboarding and playing on the jungle gym. I highly recommend both to everyone.

  129. People never believe me when I tell them my real age because I look much younger than what the driver's license says, so here are my personal tips:

    - Lube up on the sunscreen. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. Stay out of the sun at peak hours when the sun is it's brightest. Years of sun worshipping ages your skin.

    - Drink water every day. Water hydrates your skin, again very important.

    - Eat more organic and fresh and less lab coat created foods. Eliminate processed foods as much as possible. Your colon will thank you dearly.

    - Put on your sneakers. Once those puppies are on, you gotta move.

    - Empty out your emotional baggage and clean up the attic of your "I'll deal with this later" emotional past. People get old and crotchety because they start accumulating too much emotional pain and not deal with it. The initial cleaning will be tough, but once you get things nice and organized life becomes so much more joyful. Stress and baggage ages you. Peace, calmness, and good laughter keeps you youthful and alive!

    - Start doing your life purpose work. When you do something that has meaning to you and the world, your life opens up in ways you'd never imagine. It's beautiful!

  130. It sounds silly, but to stay young forever, I recommend spending time with a young person. Every time I sit down with my 8 year old daughter and say ok, what do you want to do today--and really mean it--I end up having the time of my life! Her favorite is to play "cooking show" where, while we're cooking dinner, we pretend that we're on an actual t.v. cooking show. Yes, it's silly. And I feel ridiculous when my husband, "Dr. Marinade", walks by laughing at us, but it reminds me that life's about making the most out of the every day activities (like preparing dinner) and having fun with the ones you love the most. Besides, I always wanted to be married to a Dr....

  131. To stay young you need to:

    1. Love yourself, laugh at yourself, forgive yourself
    2. Try something you've always wanted to try but were a little afraid of.
    3. Have a good squirt gun fight!

  132. My tip to stay feeling young is to find an exercise you enjoy and set a goal.I enjoy running and I ran a marathon two years ago and plan to do it again soon.

  133. Well, since inside I always feel 23, but my body and attitude and PRs are far younger now at 51, I figure I'll keep getting younger as I get older. So I'll keep on doing what I've been doing! Which is to run some, swim some, cycle some, hike some. And keep figuring out what makes this particular organism rock!

  134. That is such a fancy-looking bike! Must have it! :)

    I try to stay young by doing stuff that is for kids. I like to color sometimes, or write silly stories about my friends, or blow bubbles in a glass of milk with a straw (I taught my nephew this trick and my sis was less than amused). Mostly, though, my favorite thing ever, is dancing like a goofball. I have kind of stolen Ellen DeGeneres' theory, and I try to dance a little every day. Even if it is just in my car.

  135. Well, I'm a young one (21), but I know how to stay young from watching my mother , grandmother, and great-grandmother take care of themselves.

    1. They laugh a lot, even at the most ridiculous things, especially at themselves.

    2. They drink a lot of water, every day.

    3. They make time for themselves to do something that they enjoy every week, and it's usually something physical such as biking, walking, and gardening. I'm trying to get my dad to get into biking too, although he as a pretty physical job as a mechanic.

    4. They eat a ton of leafy green vegetables, such as spinach and collard greens, and very little food of low nutritional value.

    5. They READ!!!!

    On another note, I did not know that black tea helps with migraines. That is a very helpful tip :)

  136. My three ways to stay young: exercise your body, your mind, and your spirit.

    1. Get some kind of physical exercise several times a week. Go for a walk, go for a run, go for a swim... just move!
    2. Do some crosswords or Sudoku. Read some intellectually stimulating books. Watch some PBS.
    3. Be happy. Do something nice for someone else. Smile :)

  137. Ummmmm...To Stay Fit (In MY opinion):

    1. Take A Walk for a while, NOT while the Sun is up.

    2. Drink Lots of Water. It helps even if it does feel funny.

    3. Don't Eat too much. You'll increase weight than ever.

    That's my three reasons to stay fit.

    And I Hope, wish, and pray that i get the money and the bike.

    I'm so DESPERATE!!!!!!!!!


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