April 18, 2008

Seriously, This Could be YOUR Bike!

[By Crabby]

Note: This Is an Important Public Service Announcement (and it includes you Canadians too!). Random Friday appears Right Below.

So here at Cranky Fitness, we are not known for Optimism and Over-Promising. But what was perhaps not clear about the Lipton Tea contest--because we didn't entirely get it ourselves--is this amazing fact:

A Cranky Fitness reader will be winning this bike!

Due to Lipton's insanity generosity, they're setting aside one of these bikes for YOU FOLKS to win. It's not just one of the prizes in the big $25,000 video contest . (Which you also may want to enter, 'cause it sounds fun).

And I've been told that while they aren't eligible for the video contest, Canadians can enter and win the contest for THE BIKE!

As many of you have no doubt figured out, Cranky Fitness is NOT a huge blog with bazillions of readers. And of the readers we have, many don't of you don't bother to click on things or vote on things or enter things. (Yes--we can see the pageviews. No problem, we love you all anyway!)

But the point is: your chances of winning this bike are way higher than in most contests. And yeah, the bike is yellow and says Lipton on it. But Scientific Research shows that riding a bright yellow bike will keep you young! (Well, we made that up, but it seems plausible, doesn't it?) Most importantly, this cute little Lipton bike is set aside for just for us, and it's a FREE BIKE!

So go back to the Lipton Tea Contest Post ASAP (and at least before Friday the 25th) and leave a comment with your suggestion as to what people can do to stay young and active. You've got ideas, right? It can even be a stupid idea, or sound just like someone else's, we really don't care!

Hard-working Merry will collect the entries and randomize them and pick a winner on Friday April 25th. If you commented before but didn't make a suggestion, by all means GO BACK AND MAKE SURE YOU ENTERED!


  1. So... what can people do to stay young and active? My suggestion is to try something new at least once a month. If you're a hard core runner, go to a yoga class. If you're a Pilates devotee, take a kickboxing class. If you love biking, try rock climbing. I think the novelty keeps you young!

  2. I entered without knowing it? (Just because I always have advice!) If I win, I have to give it somebody with good knees.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  3. no freaking way! (uh. that beats magnets any day)
    going to enter RIGHT NOW...

  4. ok, I entered for real this time. :-)

    You know what Crab and Merry? You two make my day. Thanks for being here.

  5. Yipee, I just went back and entered!

  6. I like Crabby's style of posting -- very clear, no obfuscation.

    And there are some great tips on how to stay young! This is so cool!

  7. Thanks for checking back in, all--don't mean to wear you out with so many posts today!

    But Merry, I have no Tibetan monks in my post! What fun is a post with no Tibetan monks? (You were VERY clear, btw.)

  8. Hey Crabby!

    Can UK folks enter? I was assuming not (it might be hard to get that bike across the pond!) but let me know if we can...


  9. Ali--Will check on the UK question (and other countries too)!

  10. Ali--So sorry! Looks like they can't ship it outside of the US or Canada.


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