April 25, 2008

And the winnah is...

[By Merry]

[photo courtesy of flickr]

The moment has come to draw the magic number to win a Lipton bicycle.

You know, I was going to glean Merry's top 10 favorite ways to stay young from the terrific comments on the Lipton Bike post, but the more I read them the less I liked the idea. Because there were far too many great ideas to choose a mere 10 favorites. And so many of the comments were thoughtful and inspiring and funny! (Those of you who haven't read them all yet might want to go back and do so). I think you all deserve a bicycle. (Lipton? Any chance that... oh. Well, it was worth a try asking.)

Okay, the moment has come. We will now run the Random Generator, numbering 1 through 137 inclusive, and have the magic computer pull out a number.
[Well, it's not me. Crabby, is that you in disguise?]

Please imagine some dramatic music playing right now, if you would be so kind. It helps build the moment.

[The suspense begins to build...]

And the winnah...
[Anxious crowds gather to hear the news from Cranky Fitness]

of the Cranky Fitness Lipton Tea Bike Contest...


[Oh Please... ]





Okay, enough drama.

The winner is Pushupullme!
Congratulations ! You are now the proud possessor of a Lipton road bicycle!

Pushupullme, what you need to do is:
Send your name and address to crabbymcslacker @ gmail.com (yes, without the spaces) so we know where to send the bike! Lipton has promised not to use your name for any marketing purposes. Along with the bicycle, Lipton will send you a $75 check to have the bike assembled.

Thank you everyone for all the great comments! I enjoyed reading all of them. I only wish everyone could win a bike!


  1. I am crushed not to have won.

  2. Alice, I agree! You /should/ have won. (Well, I have to say I also think Cara should have one, and Lori and OrangeHands and Marijke and... well, I think we need more bikes!)

    Sorry it took me so long to post this -- I was paranoid about losing count so I double checked the numbers a few times. (We English Majors are never too confident about them numbers, and I wanted to be absolutively sure!)

  3. Sheesh, I really can't type first thing in the morning, can I? Let's rephrase that:

    Everyone should have won.


    A free bike, everyone should have one.

    Either of those statements are valid; my foolish early morning-befuddled brain tried to combine them. :(

  4. STOMP.... STOMP.... SLAM!

    {mareyeka is pouting in the corner}

    Sigh... ok... I'm not really pouting. What this has done has got me getting my bike out of the shed and serviced though so good on the post and the contest.

    And congrats to the winner. May the bike take you on many travels and tighten up those leg muscles!

  5. PS. mareyeka = marijke - I just can never remember where I use my real name and where I use that nick.

    Or maybe, mareyeka is Marijke's evil twin.....

  6. I love the idea of having an evil twin -- you always have someone to blame that way. My evil twin Yrrem is always stomping and slamming. Beats keeping things inside and feeling repressed!

  7. I too am crushed.

    I shall never exercise again in protest.


    (and merry? Im with you on being an english major and possessing major suckage in the numbers arena. Ive hired the accounting firm which does the oscars to help me)

  8. Well now I'm gonna have to be one of those "I really Should Buy a Bike Someday" disorder people. Sigh.

  9. Oh, sigh...I never win anything! Well, now I guess I will just have to get my bike out and tuned up, see if a professional can help!

  10. excellent job building the suspense!!!! Congrats to the winner :-)

  11. See? I was sure I wouldn't win! Soooooo today I found a really cheap on-sale exercise bike (stationary bike? what do these young whippersnappers call them?) that I could almost really afford and it is partially assembled in my sewing room right now! Tomorrow when the light is better I'll finish it, with the help of my next door neighbor if you really do need another person to hold parts and an ironing board and some C clamps won't do.

    You people have corrupted me.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky (an English major)

  12. Congratulations Pushuppullme... And hey... if you, ah, really don't want that cool bike, I'd be more than happy to give it a good home. ;)

  13. Crap.

    Now I have to tell my husband that a bike is still top of the list for my birthday.

    Oh well. Congrats to Pushuppullme (hope I got that right)! Enjoy it!


  14. Great photos, Merry!

    I hope that beautiful yellow one has a fun life and not end up in some basement corner.

    I still like my old black cruiser, Desperado!

    Dr. J

  15. Well, good for you PushU!

    There I was hoping to win, and then I got to thinking about what endless opportunities for hurting myself a bike would present, especially in this neck of the woods.

    So I guess I'm relieved in a way.


  16. Oh, stop complaining, says she who couldn't ride a bike if her life depended on it (and I am sure someday it may!)

    Congratulations to pushupullme and nice job to Cranky Fitness--Crabby and Merry, and thanks to Lipton.


  17. Wow, and they even send money to have it put together for you. That's SWEET! Congrats!

  18. I enjoyed that contest. What an awesome prize to win. Congrats to the winner!


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