March 29, 2008

Random Friday: Bloggers, Beer, and Bikinis

[By Merry]

Spring Break!

A lot of people took this week off for Spring Break festivities. To me, it felt as if we were having a Spring Break party right here on Cranky Fitness. Okay, without the beer and bikinis. But every day there was something new, and these guest posts explored a vast range of topics.

Bloggers Gone Wild!

Thanks to Mizfit for enlightening me about Chia, and Karly for making me think about positive self-imagery. (According to Dr. Mirkin, men tend to report their waist circumference to be, on average, 3 inches less than it actually is. It's interesting that women tend to think they're fatter than they really are, and men tend in the opposite direction.)

Kudos to Fury for going on her morning run, with or without gadgets, and to Maggie for training to walk 60 miles in 3 days for a good cause. Heather has definitely stirred my interest in yoga, and Leah has stirred up a tasty way to cook with bananas and also with schnapps. (Which added to Mizfit’s recipe for chia muffins has made it harder for me to think up good excuses not to cook. It’s hard enough to find chia seeds, the idea of finding chia muffins? Bah. You have to bake these yourself.)

You guys have made this a fun week. Thank you all!

Beer and Bikinis!

Lest someone should think that I only mentioned beer and bikinis in an attempt to keep up the number of hits from Google searches, well… you might be right, but I’ll redeem myself by including honest-to-goodness mentions of scientific research about beer and bikinis. Soon as I find some.

It's not strictly scientific research, but an inventor has come out with a solar-powered bikini. It provides enough energy to recharge an iPod or chill a beer. So you won't have to worry about warm beer at the beach -- unless you want to bring your iPod along as well.

UFO Sighting?

There were rumors of a UFO sighting -- yes, an Unlikely Friggin’ Object was rumored to be cruisin’ through the desert.

Naaaah.... that doesn't look like a giant crab on top of that bus. Must be a wannabe imitation crab, something like that.

Still, if you do happen to happen upon a genuine Crabby sighting, please snap a photo and send it in to our Paparazzi department. Who knows, they might even give you credit for the shot, though probably not any reward more monetary than that, since they've perforce taken a vow of poverty (at least until they get paid).

How observant are you?

And here's a video that’s a good test of your powers of observation.

Thanks to Xenia and BCB for sharing this; it is a subject Very Near and Dear to my heart, as well as the rest of me.

Have a great weekend!

Sand-surfer dude courtesy of flickr.


  1. Just had a note from the crab -- apparently she's in some state that has a lot of vowels in its name. To me, that sounds like she could be in Hawaii, but if that's the case she's taking the Hella Long Way to get to the east coast. I wonder if she's holding the map upside-down? :)

  2. Good Random Friday, Merry.
    The Bag Lady now has high-speed and actually got to watch the video!! And no, she didn't see it....sigh.

  3. Oh, Bag Lady, I didn't see it either. Good psych test about the powers of focusing on one thing and blocking out others :(

  4. Im joining ya bag lady and merry...


  5. I missed it too! You should run a poll to see how many people have seen the movie that that "UFO" still is from - LOL

  6. Who do these men "report their waist size" to?

    The only person whom i report my waist size to is the girl at the levi's store trying to find me jeans, and "under-reporting" that number might restrict movement of a few things.

  7. Wahahahaha! Moonwalking bear!

  8. Red, that's a good point. Probably a lot of people measure their waist by how their jeans fit rather than what the tape measure says.
    Gena -- yes, but did you see everything that was going on while you were watching the basketball or did you catch it later?
    Mizfit, Reb, you're both making the Bag Lady and me feel better!

  9. Love the video, was congratulation myself on the right count of passes and then found out I missed the bear! Boo Hoo. I'm a writer! I'm supposed to be observant!


  10. Solar powered bikinis! Have to admit, that got me here today.

  11. Shoot! I had to watch the video a second time to see the bear. First time through, during the 2nd half of the video, I was watching along the wall in the back. Aihhhh!

  12. That was a cool video. I spent the entire time however, wondering if it was some racial commentary and they were actually meaning the color of their skin instead of the color of their shirt. So I started counting with the shirts, but then switched to skin...then I kind of lost track. I was expecting to find out at the end that I am a horrible person (as far as racial awareness goes).

    Glad it was the moonwalking bear.

  13. So I watched the video twice and still didn't see the dang bear. But I'm not exactly known for my powers of observation.

    Just briefly checking internet and it's so cool to see all the great things going on in my absence! All I have to report is a sore ass--a side effect from sitting on it for too many days at a time.

    Actually I did manage to get in one run at a strange-smelling park in Cheyenne Wyoming (What's up with that, Wyoming? It was kind of like a combo of unrefined oil and something dead), and we visited two gyms on day passes, both with excellent water pressure in the showers and nice smelling soap. Oh the fitness equpipment? Yeah, that was ok too, but after several days in the van the hot showers grabbed all our attention.

    Have been eating the usual road fare: a mixture of healthy stuff (we do have a fridge and a stove) and Complete Unredeemable Crap. I discovered, for example, that Dunkin' Donuts are not nearly as good as Krispy Kremes. Have not yet found Chia seeds anywhere in the fine convenience food stores off of interstate 80 but will certainly keep an eye out.

    Discovered an interesting fact--not many campgrounds are open when it's still cold and snowy! Who knew? So we've been hanging out at quite a few Walmart parking lots, some quiet and peaceful and others, not so much.

    So we're makin' our way to our new home, where we plan to stare in the windows until the workmen are finished and the electricity and water are turned back on and our moving van arrives--probably Friday or Saturday. Meanwhile we'll sleep in the driveway in our van and drive all over cape cod shopping for a whole bunch of stuff. (P-town is great for high-end knick-knacks and original art but not so good for microwaves and tv's and doormats and lawn furniture).

    Missing you all and am looking forward to being back for real!

  14. We miss you, too, Crabby! Glad to hear the trip is going well, even if the parks are somewhat smelly.


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