March 21, 2008

On the Road: Cranky Q & A

[By Crabby]

OK, so I'm not actually packed yet--we don't head off on our cross-country trek until Monday. But Merry's taking over the helm (she's got a post coming up any minute, so stay tuned) and I'm already wondering how I'm going to survive Cranky Fitness withdrawal symptoms over the next couple of weeks. What will I do without you all????

(Boring background for non-regular readers: Crabby, along with her spousal equivalent (the Lobster), and their expressive cat (The Moo), are traveling cross-country via campervan (Fran the Van). They are moving from the San Francisco Bay Area to Cape Cod, at least for the non-winter months. However, their Provincetown house, which has been undergoing renovations, may or may not be ready when they get there. So for the next couple of weeks, the Crab will be concentrating on relocation issues and perhaps not so much on the blog).

But What Does This Mean for Readers of Cranky Fitness?

Plenty! Here are some answers to questions I cannot even pretend have been Frequently Asked.

Should I Keep Visiting Here Every Day Anyway?

Yes!!! In fact, Cranky Fitness will be far more entertaining. Here's why:

Merry will still be here, and will not have the Grumpy Crab breathing down her neck. Who knows what Unrestrained Cheerfulness may break out.

Plus there will be Guest Posts!

So People Actually Bothered to Send in Guest Posts?

Holy Crap, yes they did!

If fact, we have a BOATLOAD OF GUEST POSTS. All of them are good, and some of the are totally awesome. We won't say which are which, obviously.

At first I thought it would be best to run some now and save some for later. Merry might someday have the nerve to consider going on vacation, and having some guest post banked seemed like a nifty idea.

But then I realized that wasn't quite fair. I didn't say, "Please send us a guest post, and we'll run it sometime, possibly months from now, when you have no idea we're running it." Instead I said, "I'm going on a trip, please send stuff."

So since Merry is also here posting, and I might (or might not) send in some updates along the way, there may be quite a few days when we feature more than one guest post. Which just means more Guest Post Goodness for everyone!

Are You Going to Run Every Guest Post Submitted?

Alas, no. We're trying to be inclusive but, perhaps arbitrarily, we're still being somewhat picky. Our taste is certainly questionable enough that no one should take it personally if their post wasn't selected. It was probably too good for Cranky Fitness anyway.

I Sent My Guest Post And Never Heard Back. Should I Be Concerned?

Unfortunately, YES!

I seem to be having some freaky email problems--I've heard from 3 people so far that they have sent something that did not arrive. WTF, Gmail? Is anyone else who has a Gmail account experiencing missing email or is this a special gift to me from Google? I seem to be getting MOST of my mail but not all of it. So if you've sent something and did not get a "sorry no," or a "thanks, we'll see..." or something, please leave a comment and we'll see what we can do. We may not run it this time, but we'll hang onto it.

Will There Be More Opportunity for Guest Posts Later On?

Hell yes! One of us is often going on vacation. Plus, here's a little secret: Cranky Fitness is always open for guest posts. When one of us isn't on vacation, we might be extra choosey, and we'd prefer stuff that hasn't already run on your blog, but if you've got something you think would be a great fit for Cranky Fitness, go ahead and send it in and we'll see what we think.

Don't Want To Be "Part of the Crowd?"

If you've sent a guest post in for Crabby's upcoming vacation and you're now wishing it was going to run at a less crowded time, just let us know (ASAP) and we'll hold off and keep it in the "bank" for later.

Will You Edit My Guest Post?

Possibly. I started editing a few and then, well, stopped. Editing is work, and work is icky! Perhaps that's why people get paid to do it. So most of the posts are running "as is." If yours looks funny, it probably means I got to it and messed it up before I stopped bothering. Sorry!

Will You Be Reading And Responding to Comments While You're Gone?

Whenever I get internet access I'll definitely catch up on everyone's comments. I love reading the comments! However, I probably won't be commenting much myself.

Are You Ever Going to Visit My Blog Again?

Blog friends of Cranky Fitness may have noticed fewer Crab sitings recently; sorry about that! Sometimes I've been stopping by without commenting. This situation should improve greatly once we are settled in P-Town.

What if We Like The Guest Posts Much Better Than The Stuff You Write?

Tough luck--I'm still coming back anyway!

I will miss you all very much for the next couple weeks. And thanks to all who sent in Guest Posts, it's very much appreciated!


  1. We will miss your crabbiness... hope you get many chances to check in during your cross-country crawl.

  2. Have a wonderful trip. May all your adventures be fulfilling and joyful.I am sure everything will be fine.
    We will miss you terribly and will be counting the days until you're back among the blogging.

  3. Thanks bag lady & leah!

    But I think the blog may be a bit improved for my absence. Plus I'm planning to come back with all kinds of energy and enthusiasm! Oh wait, this is Cranky Fitness and I'm Crabby McSlacker... well, at least I'm planning to come back.

  4. We'll be your excuse for times when you can't face One More Decorating Decision: taupe or oyster-colored? pewter or gold-tone? Sorry, can't think about that now...I have to go blog...

  5. Good luck with the packing and the drive and the cat... I'm sure we'll all still be here when you get back!

  6. As was said in the quite fascinating movie, "The Lathe of Heaven,"

    "To Leave Is To Return."

    See you on the flip side!

    Dr. J

  7. Have a great, safe trip! I look forward to hearing stories when you're settled.

  8. Have a great trip!

    Now you've got me all excited for the guest posts...

  9. Have a safe trip and know that I envy you! I have so many fond memories of the Cape! Happy travels!

  10. Have a great trip. I am still hoping for tile pictures! :)

  11. I applaud you for driving across the country. I can't do it, my butt gets too cranky. Bet it will inspire many great posts. Have an awesome ride! We'll miss ya!

  12. Wishing you three a safe and comfortable trip. Take lots of notes about moving so I can suffer along with you and get into (psychological) shape for my own upcoming ten mile move.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  13. I'll miss you!

    I've heard about people having problems with gmail before, but I've got three gmail accounts and have never not gotten my mail. Have you checked your spam/junk folders? Maybe the filter got a little over-excited (although I'm not sure by what metric a blog post would be confused for spam).

  14. Hi all!

    Thanks for the good wishes!

    Kaeti and katieo, your names are so similar I always wanted you to line up and you did! (OK, I need a life).

    And Chickengirl, ZOMG! I am such a moron! Thank you thank you thank you for saving me from my own idiocy. Yes, I checked my spam folder a time or two, and saw nothing but penis enlargement ads. (What IS it with guys and their thingies?) However, I forgot that since I have two different gmail accounts and get my mail forwarded from one to the other, I should check BOTH spam folders.


    So voila--a whole bunch of missing emails were in spam. With (ulp) 3 more guest post submissions I never got.

  15. Huzzah, the Case of the Missing Messages is solved!

    Bad Gmail for sticking them in spam! *shakes finger*

  16. Wow - guest posts! I'm totally amazed and awed that people can plan ahead enough to pull off such amazing plans. I'm lucky to get showered and dressed in time to get my kid off to school in the morning, let alone plan anything in ADVANCE - heaven help me when he needs to take a lunch to school, too! Have a fantastic trek to Cape Cod - what a wonderful place!

  17. A journey of a thousand miles begins with loading and gassing up Fran the van. That is that how that goes, right?

    Safe traveling and clean bottoms!

  18. Hi Crabby thanks for explaining the whole guest post situation for us!
    I was one of those who sent in a post and didn't hear back (it was a day or so ago)
    Did you get it?
    If you didn't you can see it on my blog: (it's a new blog, not so many visitors yet!)

  19. Lady G--
    No, I didn't get it! And I still don't see it, even in spam.

    Dang. I'll go check out the link.

    At this point, I'm afraid I can't squeeze any more guest posts in for the next two weeks, but I'll hang on to it because I'll definitely be running more in the future. We have some great ones coming up after I get back, we'll just be spacing them out rather than running them all together.

  20. I think you should stop in a variety of Walmart parking lots on your cross country trek and give "motivational" speeches. It could be like "Crab: the Tour" and you might even get groupies.

    That would be awesome!!!

    -- P

  21. Hmm, tempting Penelope--
    Yet from the Walmart crowds I've seen in previous cross-country tours I'm not sure how well I'd go over:

    "Stop eating all that crap!"

    "Get out of your goddamn cars and get some aerobic exercise!"

    "Do weight training even if you hate it!"

    I'm guessing I might not be greeted with thunderous applause, but who knows?

  22. Ack! I hope I'm not too late to wish you a safe trip. I've been a tad preoccupied with.. um... house repairs. But like everyone else, I'll miss your Crabbiness though I'm looking forward to guest posts and Merryness. Have a great trip and keep in touch if/when you can.

  23. Oh my goodness, Hilary, "house repairs" is an understatement! But I can't believe it's another cliffhanger over at your blog.

    Readers, if you have not been following Hilary's amazing wildlife/home improvement adventure, get thee to the Smitten Image immediately (click on Hilary's profile; you'll find it.). Start with Part One on March 21st.

    Thanks again, folks, and I'll sure miss everyone for the next couple weeks.

  24. Good luck with the move.
    Google/g-mail is messing with me too. I noticed a comment I got on a post but never got it in my e-mail. P-town is a great place for a Crab and Lobster to live. Sunrises instead of sunsets here. Happy Trails.

  25. Hilary...
    one prefers the term "Merryment" rather than the more mundane "Merryness" :)

    Now I'm off to see what perfidious snarkiness has been taking place on your blog...


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