March 18, 2008

Guest Post Update

[By Crabby]

Today's upcoming post is a wee one, so I thought I'd slip in a quick update on Guest Posts first.

For those who are not regular Cranky Fitness readers: I'm moving cross country right after Easter and will be gone for about two weeks. Merry will still be here, thank goodness, and I may send in an occasional report or picture or complaint of some sort from the road. Yet that will still leave some empty days--which will be a great opportunity for Smart Readers, many of whom have blogs of their own, to share their clever health and fitness observations.

So guess what?

We've got lots and lots of submissions, hooray!

I still haven't figured out whether to (a) run them all sometime between March 24th and April 4th or (b) hang onto some of them for later. I'm leaning towards the latter option, because, well, I'm lazy! Merry will also be taking a vacation later on, and it will be nice to have some options besides endless days of Crabby ranting on about her usual gripes.

Here's the deal: If you've been meaning to help us out and send in a guest post but haven't done it yet, you can still go right ahead! But it may not run during this current period.

And if you've already sent one in, and I told you we'd use it--then we will! But due to my inability to count, there's a chance we may use it a little later than I previously thought. When the schedule is a little clearer, we'll try to email to let you know if your post is running later rather than sooner.

Sorry for the confusion, and thanks to all of you who have sent in submissions! The management of Cranky Fitness is most grateful.


  1. What if, just hypothetically, a person sent an email about guest posting but never heard back? They would, just for argument's sake, still love you even if you didn't want their stinking post, of course, but, hypothetically, they might be wondering what's going on.

  2. Jaime,
    Hypothetically, said submitter should alert the Crab and the Crab would then search her Gmail box and discover no such guest post therein and exclaim WTF, Gmail?????

    Thanks so much for leaving this commment--I did NOT get a guest post submission from you. Still got it? Want to resend? Makes me wonder if there's other mail I haven't gotten.

    Anyone else not hear back one way or the other? Yikes!

  3. I hadn't heard back one way or the other, so I forwarded the original e-mail to you. It's from


  4. Hi Crabby!

    Just wondering if the last e-mail made its way to you.


  5. Okay, I replied to your last e-mail twice--once with two photos attached and once without, just in case that was making a difference. Maybe if our e-mails just do not want us to correspond, I can post the guest post copy on my blog, and you can lift it from there...let me know!

    I had fun putting my post together, so I'd at least like you to be able to read it (whether or not it gets posted on cranky fitness). Thanks again!



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