December 16, 2009

Kuru Shoes: The Answer? Wait, What Was the Question?

So recently I wrote a post about Plantar Fasciitis: what it is, why it sucks, and what Dr. Google thinks you should do to make it go away and never come back again. Not unsurprisingly, I spent a fair amount of time whining about my own sore heel. Many helpful readers reminded me in the comments: "Wear supportive shoes, Crabby!"

Well, shortly after I ran that post, I got a most intriguing email from the Kuru Footwear people. These are the same shoes Mizfit reviewed and got me all curious about. And the Kuru folks offered to send me a FREE pair of shoes to review!

To know Crabby McSlacker is to know she is all about FREE STUFF so I was pretty darn thrilled.

Wanna know what I liked and didn't about Kuru shoes? Want to see pictures of my Kuru'd feet? Gosh, how can you resist?

Read more here!

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  1. Crabby, I made a comment to this one & your Holiday gift one too & all the comments are gone... what happened!!!???


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