December 09, 2009

Got Milk?

I confess: I drink milk. The kind that comes from cows.

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I drink my milk non-fat, and I make an effort to buy the kind without hormones. I get most of my daily calcium and good chunk of my protein from it. But the main reason I drink milk is because I like it.

So is this a good thing, or a bad thing? Should I be looking at alternatives, like soy milk, almond milk, hemp milk, goat milk, rice milk, or who knows, maybe bat milk?

After reading what seems like hundreds of studies and articles over the years, I still have no idea what to think. Studies are always saying good things or bad things about cow's milk. Will cow's milk make you more likely or less likely to have a heart attack? Will it contribute to inflammation or lower your risk of colon cancer or help you lose weight or give you prostate cancer or strengthen your bones or will it cause a pesky nest of snakes to come sprouting out of your head?

Damn, time to cut down on the dairy.

Most mainstream health and nutrition sources seem to consider nonfat or 1% milk to be part of a healthy diet, at least if you're not lactose intolerant. And there was a research review of milk studies over the summer that said milk drinkers were at 10-15% lower risk of death from chronic diseases like stroke and heart disease than non milk drinkers. I liked that one.

But plenty of other folks say stay the heck away, that milk isn't meant for adults to drink and we've all been brainwashed by the dairy industry. Charlotte at the Great Fitness Experiment did an informative post a while back on milk's Dark Side. A Harvard study a few years back found that milk drinking didn't seem to prevent forearm and hip fractures in elderly people. And the folks at Experience Life got me all confused over the summer by saying: if you do drink cows' milk, you should be drinking the fatty kind, not nonfat.

So originally I was gonna collect up all the research I could find about cow's milk and health, and then assess how convincing each study sounded, and then try to come to some sort of rational conclusion about how whether it's good for me or not. But you know what? Honestly, I'm just way too lazy for all that I'm not sure it would make any difference.

Because I think most people have pretty much made up their minds whether they want to drink cow's milk or not. For a lot of you, there's no choice--you're lactose intolerant. Or you're vegan. Or, on the flip side, you're a spokesperson for the National Dairy Council.

But even for the rest of us who don't have a medical issue or a nutritional agenda, I think there's a tendency after a while to just pick a side and pretty much stay there. For me, for example, it would take about 10 "milk is terrible for you" studies in a row before I'd have the energy to rethink my milk habit. And with the studies swinging back and forth almost every day, I don't think that's gonna happen.

However, I did find myself in search of a cow's milk alternative for a very particular purpose: to put in my tea. While studies have come to opposite conclusions on this issue, there were at least a couple of them that suggested that cow's milk could interfere with those powerhouse miracle antioxidants in tea. Horrors! Because whether the tea is green, white, red, or black, I MUST have milk in it or it tastes yucky. (Unless it's summer, in which case I drink it iced and combine it with fruit juice. This is really just a cold-weather dilemma).

So I tried soymilk, but I kind of have mixed feelings about refined soy products. Plus it got all curdly whenever I tried to squeeze lemon or lime in there, which is a good thing to do with tea to boost the antioxidants. (I know some of you are thinking: wait, milk AND lemon in tea? Isn't that against the law?)

Anyway, all this is to say that I finally solved my milk and tea problem. I tried some vanilla flavored, unsweetened almond milk--and it worked out great!

Awesome! Crabby Likes Almond Milk--We Were So Worried!

The stuff tasted fine (a little nutty, but I happen to like nuts), it didn't curdle up when I added lime or lemon to the tea, it seemed to last a really long time in the fridge even after I opened it, and, as a bonus: it had only half the calories of nonfat milk!

But my tea experiment got me wondering: is almond milk in the same ballpark, nutritionally, as cow's milk?

Well, as it happens, the L.A. Times recently did a nutritional round-up of a bunch of different milk alternatives. They looked at the pro's and con's of cow's milk, goat's milk, soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, and even hemp milk.

The article runs for many, many pages, and it's a great resource. So being lazy, I'll send you over there to research the milk-alternative of your choice rather than try to summarize it all here. But if you're curious about almond milk, here's the deal on that one:

  • Almond milk contains no cholesterol, saturated fats, or lactose.
  • It's low calorie. (While the article says a glass has 60 calories, the unsweetened vanilla-flavored kind I get is 40 calories for an 8 oz glass).
  • But it has way less protein and calcium than cow's milk: depending on the brand, just 1 gram of protein and maybe 20% of calcium.
  • While almonds themselves may have Vitamin E and omega 6's, there are not a lot of almonds in almond milk, and almond milk itself may not have any Vitamin E, and little Omega 6. (But I thought we needed to beef up Omega 3's, not Omega 6's? Aren't Omega 6's a little bit bad? Now I'm so confused!)
  • Many people who have nut allergies can't drink almond milk.

So I'm not giving up my moo juice anytime soon, but it's nice that almond milk works in my tea. And it's nice to see so many new alternatives out there.

What about you folks--what, if anything, do you put on your cereal or drink with your cookies?


  1. Great post :)

    (Mmmm... bat milk sounds good ;) ha ha

    I'm on the fence. I tend to think "all things in moderation", and as long as you don't overdo anything and interfere with your body's ability to maintain homeostasis, then you're ok.

    I don't really drink milk. We're the only species that continues to drink milk after weaning - is that nature's way, or our misguided modification of what's supposed to be?

    On the other hand, I eat lots of cheese and yogurt, and dump 80 calories of creamo in my coffee several times a day (there is no substitute for me - other than Bailey's ;)

    Bottom line, for me: milk no, other dairy, yes. Is it right? Who knows...

  2. I drink non-fat cow's milk every morning with my breakfast. I also consume yogurt and cheese made from cows milk as well.

    I don't feel like it's affecting my health in a negative way and since I like milk a whole lot there is no way I'll be giving it up anytime soon.

    I have tried soy milk and just wasn't a fan.

  3. You know, I've heard the argument that says we are the only species that continues to drink milk after weaning, so we shouldn't drink milk, but:

    (1) We are the only species that drives cars, uses the internet, exerts ourselves for the purpose of looking better (exercise), engages in wars for political reasons, etc. Let's face it, we are a unique species, can't compare us to anything else on this strange and beautiful planet.

    (2) What mother (of any species) would still let their teen or adult child nurse! My bet is that every mammal on this planet wants milk, but their moms are over it!

    BTW, love your blog

    team milk!

  4. I dont drink any and never really did.
    people say that if you dont "like it" thats an indication of lactose intolerance (?) but I love other dairy.

    That said I do offer my daughter all kinds from soy to almond to plain ole organic cow.

  5. You are doing all right, so drink it if you want to. I don't do dairy. I feel it's liquid fat. I feel it's for infants, and baby cows. Lastly, when I heard Mary Lou Henner after she had lost weight, say, "When I stopped drinking milk, I lost that bovine look," it was enough for me. But like I said, knock yourself out, Crabby! How bad can it be :-)

  6. I eat cheese and yogurt, but I don't drink milk. I don't generally drink my calories, though, so it's not about milk, per se.

    I use organic soy milk in recipes that call for milk, but most of my cooking doesn't require milk. I also put a splash of soy milk in my evening cup of chai, but that's because I tried it with milk and it tasted sour. I like the soy better.

    I don't think milk, soy or otherwise, is good in excess, but as long as it doesn't contain added hormones and weird chemicals, I doubt it's inherently bad for you.

  7. I'm not a huge fan of milk. It's really not that healthy for me since I only like it with cereal, cookies or chocolate cake. But mainly the cookies or chocolate cake. When I do drink it, I go for skim.

    I've never tried other types of milk, but since cow's milk is a little too thick for my taste, I can't imagine I'd like soy. My drink of choice is iced tea. If they ever came out with a study that said it was bad I'd pretend the researchers were paid off by the dairy people.

  8. I have my skim milk w/ cereal or in a fruit smoothie. Seems to work for me. Great post by the way.

  9. Cool post. I like milk (and cheese and yogurt)...usually drink 1% as skim milk is just too umch like water to me. I don't drink a lot of milk, and use evaporated milk instead of cream in my tea and coffee, but I certainly dont' shy away from it.
    I know milk supposedly has lots of things wrong with it and I dislike how some milk cattle are treated, but I grew up in a farm town and milk is milk to me...I *like* it.
    I've tried to switch to other milks, and found I love almond milk. Rice and soy milk are OK but rather gritty. Almond milk is great in in smoothies - my husband doesn't like yogurt so we compromise on this.
    I think if you drank a LOT of milk it could maybe affect your health, but I just don't drink tonnes of it. I wonder at times if we really shoud, as wened adults, drink lots of it. But I'm not too worried...

  10. I've always hated the texture of cow milk; makes me feel like my throat is full of phlegm.

    I love the taste of just about everything else: goat, hemp, almond, soy, rice milk. You name it, I think it all tastes better than cow milk.

    But I don't use any of it on a regular basis. I'd rather drink coffee.

  11. I use skim milk (lactose free)in tea and coffee but rarely drink a glass of it.. occasionally I'll have some in cereal. I like the idea of almond milk. It sounds tasty.. and like it would work nicely with Chai.

  12. Hello

    Great article. I am going to bring up a point that most people don't know or realize and that is that your body stops producing the enzymes that you need to break down milk at around age 4. Also, because of the way that milk is processed, it literally changes the calcium to an inorganic compound that your body CANNOT use. To make things worse, your body tries to balance the inorganic calcium from milk by stripping your body of its largest source of calcium: your bones.

    This is why if you research osteoporosis, you will find that the top 5 countries in the world with bone diseases are also the top 5 consumers of dairy products!

    This is the very reason why it is ILLEGAL for the dairy council to use the slogan "Milk does a body good". It was scientifically proven and challenged in court that processed (even organic) milk harms your body and leads to all types of disorders and diseases.

    But as always dont take my word for it... DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

  13. I also just discovered almond milk, my container agrees with your 40cals for 8oz. Anyways - I was wondering if I should pahse out regular milk which I love. Thanks for the answers :-)

  14. I use skim milk. It goes on my occasional bowl of cereal, and with the very rare stack of cookies. I use it in any recipes that call for milk. However, we're not big milk drinkers. I keep it because the kids are random cereal eaters too, but honestly I threw out an entire unopened gallon last week because it had expired.
    Although I used to drink it warm every night with a shot of vanilla, stevia, and cinnamon. My sleep sucks.
    I used to get soy milk...for no reason other than to listen to the hubby mock me about never seeing a soy bean with udders.

  15. Oh, can I be all cliched with my favorite 2 cliches?
    1. Everybody's body is different.
    2. We're all going to die from something.

    See, here's the thing: I know some people who LOVE milk and actually seem to feel better when they drink it. Good for them! I know other people (like me) who get sick drinking cow's milk, but can eat cheese and butter (mmmmm, butter). So we stay away from milk. Good for us! All parties are doing what seems to be best for their own bodies! Yay!

    And we're all going to die anyway. If Teh Evul Milks don't get you, it'll be the pesticides in your broccoli or the nutrient-free soil your super-organic produce was grown in. All any of us can do is the best we can, given what we've got. (Cliche #3 for the trifecta!)

    So if you like milk, just freakin' drink it. It's all good. Or at least it's all equally bad. Or something like that.

    Having said ALL THAT, there are some nutrients in milk that are fat-soluble, so you're probably best off drinking 1% in order to absorb those nutrients. And you're probably not getting as much calcium as you think, both because it's inorganic (as Nate Lasko mentioned) and because milk contains phosphorus, which interferes with calcium absorption. So you should take a calcium supplement (preferably food-based) whether or not you drink milk.

  16. One more thing: for optimal nutrition you need mouse milk. And you have to milk them yourself. Sure, it's time-consuming, not to mention hard to explain to visitors why you have a cage full of mice in your kitchen, but we all make sacrifices for our health, right?

    Yeah. Riiiiiiiight. ;)

  17. I've tried soy (so-so) and rice (blech - like cornstarch run-off without the flavor) milk. I've settled on 1% but just don't drink too much of it - only about 1%.

  18. Once upon a time, I was a big milk drinker. Loved it! Then, at some point in my 20s, the icky-phlegmy crud that seemed to result from the smallest drink of milk became to much, and I switched to soy milk for cereal and whatnot.

    It was a bit of an adjustment at first, but now I love it. Especially in coffee. (Mmmm, cafe au lait with soy milk, don't even need to add sugar.) I do still use milk for cooking, and every so often I have a sip (you know, to make sure it hasn't gone bad), and blech. I've really lost my taste for it, and it tends to leave me feeling a bit ill when I do have some.

    Also, for anyone who my be considering switching to soymilk, I've found that there's a wide range in taste/texture. I definitely like some more than others, so if you try it and don't like it, give another brand a try. I'm pretty happy with Silk, although the lite version is too thin for coffee.

  19. Well, I can't do milk products so this is not a prob for me. I eat non-fat Greek yogurt & also supplement along with the other goodies I have that have some calcium in them. Even the good yogurt effects me but not as bad as milk. I have also found that different brands of Greek yogurt work better for me than others in terms of the "probs" which may be TMI for some of the readers! :-)

    I say if you have done all the research, stick with what you feel comfortable with & like as well! Heck, in 5-10 years, they may be saying something totally different!

  20. I only have milk in cereal, can't stand to drink it on it's own. Asthmatics shouldn't drink milk though, it thickens the phlegm and makes breathing harder. Hm, maybe I should go back to toast for breakfast.

  21. I use soy milk because of lactose intolerance. On the upside, knowing that I'm going to have a violent stomach ache really discourages me from indulging in ice cream and extra cheese pizza!

  22. I only use milk on cereal and in cooking/baking. I get a terrible after taste from it and from yogurt, which I still use, but hate the after taste. I have discovered almond milk (both vanilla and chocolate) and I love it!

  23. No disrespect intended, but I would like to say something to those with this opinion:
    2. We're all going to die from something.

    Although on the surface this is true, from what I have witnessed as a doctor, our dying can be with peace and grace, or with incredible misery and turmoil, depending on the lifestyle habits that have paved the way to our ends.

  24. I admit I'm a milk confused soul as well when I bother to read the press.

    I'm a moo juice gal as well. I don't drink milk unless it's loaded with chocolate. I use it on my cereal nearly daily. I use it in my shakes/smoothies. I cook with it. And cheese and yogurt are daily staples.

    I do make sure to get the hormone free stuff. And if I can find a local source, all the better.

  25. My family drinks 1%. They wouldn't be able to eat cereal without it.

    I eat raw vegan.

    Find what works for you.

  26. I like milk, have gone from 1 to 2%, and I'll stay there. I'd stick with almond milk, bats are going to be extinct soon (welcome to the insects), so that won't be an option. I don't much care for soymilk. I've heard that about milk in tea as well, but I'm still on coffee.

  27. My body isn't dairy intolerant, its downright dairy racist! Cow products make my body throw a full-out, asthma inducing, hive-growing, call the national guard protest!

    Which really has no bearing on the conversation, I just though it was an amusing metaphor :D

    I don't drink milk-imitations straight - but I never drank cows milk straight either. But I use a ton of soymilk in smoothies, hot chocolate, coffee, cooking, baking, etc. Recently some friends introduced me to almond milk, touting the low-cal properties. I must say I love the taste, but I don't like to sacrifice the calcium and protein. Maybe if they start fortifying almond milk like they do soy milk, I will consider it! Instead, I just drink the "light" brands of soy milk.

  28. I love milk. I used to drink it ALL THE TIME until I was like 50, for every meal.

    I drink full-fat (sometimes 2%) organic hormone-free milk. But only occasionally now. I went for the last several years not drinking any, and now I drink way too much Chardonnay as a result.

    What about all those studies that say drinking milk helps you lose weight? Weren't there some? Or did I dream it?

    I don't like cold cereal, and on my oatmeal I have butter. Yes, real butter. (Let the judging begin.)

    There was a piece in the NYTimes a couple of weeks ago that was a real eye-opener: it was about how dairy and calcium supplements don't do anything to prevent osteoporosis. The thing is that meat and dairy protein (except soft cheese for some reason) cause excess acidity in the blood and the ph has to be stabilized by the leaching of calcium compounds from your bones. !!!???!!!

  29. Love the comment from Marste - we're all gonna die from something.
    I would be very miserable without non-fat cow's milk on my morning cereal. And if I had to do without it in tea, life would hardly be worth living.

  30. Man, I'm STILL so conflicted about milk. Seriously - I wish someone would come out with the Definitive Dairy Study and just be done with it. Ah, if only life were that simple... I do like Almond milk though. I haven't had it in a while. Thanks for the reminder!

  31. Hi,
    Contrary to what another poster wrote, not all bodies shut off the gene that produces the enzyme (lactase) that breaks down milk. It stays on in some people that most likely had ancestors who raised cattle and depended upon the milk as a food source. It's just an evolutionary adaption that some people still carry around. I drink it but like most foods I just use moderation.

  32. I looooooooooove cow milk. Plain, chocolate, I don't care, YAY COW JUICE. ...which is why I don't buy it except in the little single-serving cartons Horizon makes or by the pint, because if I get a quart of milk I WILL DRINK A QUART OF MILK AS SOON AS THE OPPORTUNITY PRESENTS ITSELF.

    I used to drink whole milk until I discovered that organic 2% milk tastes exactly like non-organic whole milk.

    But for cereal and oatmeal, I usually get almond milk instead. It takes a little getting used to, since there's always that initial shock of "whoa, almond" on the first sip, but it's so good.

  33. I use soy creamer in my coffee and the other night I had to use it as a replacement in a sauce. Silk makes a version and so does Trader Joe's.

    I use almond and/or soy in my coffee when I make an espresso drink. I don't drink much milk and don't eat much cheese. I'm eating some Morning Star vegetable burger for lunch. So give me a big gold star!

  34. I grew up mildly lactose intolerant, but I seem to be ok with it as an adult. However, I just never got in the habit of drinking milk. I eat cheese, but I don't really do much dairy other than that.

    I think it's mostly the drinking calories thing. I do know that sometimes I crave dairy and when I consider what I've been eating, it's usually after a few days of asian/indian food indulgence.

  35. Mmmmm, milk.

    I drank gallons of it as a kid and as a young adult. Cheddar cheese, milk chocolate, yoghurt, you name it, I had it. I would still love to drink it.

    And then sometime in my 20's I developed something -- not sure what you'd call it -- where milk products would literally make me itch. You remember that feeling in your mouth when the dentist tightened your braces? Kind of itchy and aggravated and starting to swell? Well I would eat a chocolate chip cookie or have a slice of cheddar, and the itching would begin in my mouth and then go from one end right through to the other. Exquisitely uncomfortable and embarrassing! Itching is a special kind of torture, and it's completely rid me of any desire to eat most dairy and many desserts.

    I stick with soy milk. Oddly, lowfat yoghurt is fine (perhaps because the enzymes have digested the lactose already). Sadly, chocolate truffles, Hobnobs, most baked desserts, and full-fat dairy anything are all off the menu. I can tell within 10 minutes if I've made a mistake -- that'll be me, scratching, over in the corner. Not pretty.

    I envy you!

  36. I drink skim milk and I love it!

    I put it in my black tea, I love to make cocoa with it (I also add fat free evaporated milk and it makes it so creammmmmmy).

    I have it on cereal, on oatmeal and it is wonderful for dunking. I also find it cleanses the palate after scarfing up pancakes with syrup.

  37. I drink raw milk, from a cow I've had the pleasure of meeting. I also make my own cottage cheese, yogurt and mozzarella from her milk. It's not for everyone, but it works for me.

  38. I quite enjoy almond milk, but I prefer soy milk on my morning oats. That said, I'd use cow juice if I could.

  39. This is fantastic, Crabby.

    I've been really on the fence about dairy for aaagggessss. But since my vegan challenge I realized that I can get enough calcium from other sources, I don't really crave/like dairy, and my body doesn't always react well to the stuff. So I drink almond milk, too (unsweetened vanilla or chocolate Almond Breeze). I don't drink it straight up, but I'll have it with puffed wheat or oatmeal or in a recipe that calls for it, or smoothies or White Russians etc. I don't go for the soy milk for the same reason as you.

    I figure what works for YOU is the way to do it. But I went for years thinking milk DID work for me, and it wasn't until I stopped eating dairy that I realized my body was in a much better place. So maybe we should all try taking a break from it, just to see how we react!

  40. When I am pinched for calories, I use the unsweetened vanilla almond milk. But I really prefer a nice, real, grass-fed reduced fat milk. Oh so yummy, the flavor is fantastic.

  41. I don't drink much milk but do use it in my tea and coffee.

    I usually buy 1% cows milk.

    I should try some of the various alternatives like soy milk, almond milk, hemp milk, goat milk, or rice milk but I think I'll pass on the bat milk.

  42. I liked Nate's comment, except I would have said it with a LOT LESS use of all caps.

    And I agree with Dr. J's comment about how the quality of your declining years is more the issue.

    And even with both of those two on my side, I bet Crabby's going to be the one in the nursing home doing pull ups and running rings around us lesser folk. Dang that Crabby anyway.

  43. Well, I know it's not the type of comment you're looking for but I saw your post today and it came to mind...
    I read an article in prevention magazine last month that says arthritis is agravated by cows milk. It was nothing I had ever heard before so I found it interesting.

  44. I can't drink milk straight anymore, but will take it in my coffee and as an ingredient in something else. Organic, hormone free cuz anything else is toxic mammal juice.

    And I drink it for the same reasons you've pointed out...I made up my mind after years of confusing research to just shrug and chug it, hoping for the not-worst.

    Oh, and have you seen this commercial? I have one foot in the Rice Dream faux milk (soy be damned) team after watching this. Cut 'n paste, 'cuz I don't know how to embed in comments, if that was even possible anyway:

  45. We've been making dairy free hemp milk ice cream sandwiches since 1997 in Boulder CO. Our Hemp I Scream! sandwiches are sold in 7 states and our summer gig is vending concerts at Red Rocks Amphitheater.
    The nutritional virtues of hemp milk are: complete protein, omega 3and 6 polyunsaturated fats, and fiber.
    At its best hemp milk has a sweet, hearty and nutty flavor. At its worst it tastes like dirty socks.
    There is no THC or marijuana in hemp foods. Which is a reassurance to some and an apology for others.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. I have drunk skim milk since I was able to hold a cup in my hand. I will always drink skim milk, use it on my cereal, a splash in my scrambled eggs, wherever! And if I become lactose intolerant? I'll probably drink it anyway.

    The prevalence of soy milk (and other soy products for that matter) is due to successful marketers having managed to persuade the public that it's somehow healthier and an aid in preventing heart disease. Marion Nestle ("What to Eat") argues that we should be skeptical and I rather agree!

  48. I love cow milk, and drink plenty of it. (2%, organic, no icky hormones added). My blood was recently tested for calcium, and I came out above the normal range.

    Team milk! *feels bad for expateek*

    PS. Goat milk is pretty good too, particularly fresh from the goat.

  49. I have VERY mixed feelings. The thought of drinking it is gross. I like the taste (only I like the fuller fat better than skim now)...most days. But, I tend to stick to soy if I can help it. I don't know how I feel about that either. But, it tastes good, the thought doesn't gross me out and it doen'st have the cholesterol issues. But, who knows - they say conflicting stuff about it so often!
    OH, but if it's a hot drink it's milk all the way - soy is just weird in coffee and tea!

  50. I love milk....I feel we get fair with milk...lolz..i love drinking milk with chocolate...try it..By the way awesome post..

  51. Along with most of the other overthinkers, I'm completely befuddled about milk. Is it healthier for me to dwell on all of the info, or take a pill to forget it? Because now you have me sitting here thinking - why AM I giving my 3 kids 3 cups of milk/day? Do you know how much money I can save on organic pastured milk by just giving them water (which is basically the only option they've got left)?
    I'm sure that the fake milks are no healthier/more dangerous than drinking milk itself; so I'm back to doing what works for me. Crap. Maybe we'll cut back on the milk and the kids can drink beer - but only dark beer.

  52. This is a great post- thanks! I'm going to preface my response by saying that I do follow a vegan diet, but regardless of that fact perhaps something to look into would be the variations on where the milk comes from. These days in the United States, with 99% of meat and dairy coming from factory farms, it is hard to really tell what exactly is in your milk, as these cows are generally fed grains rather than grass, and are given growth hormones to grow and produce milk faster and in greater quantities. Even if milk isn't bad for someone, does that mean that it is good? And all that aside, since it clearly isn't the wonder substance that the dairy industry would like us to believe, is it worth it to support the horrendous treatment of animals in order to drink it? There are plenty of other, better, ways to get calcium and protein, or if you feel you absolutely must drink cow's milk then at least research where it is coming from. I personally am a big advocate of hemp milk and almond milk. I drank soy for years but I believe that my body has built up a bit of an intolerance to it, do to its proliferation in the foods we eat. I drank milk for the first eighteen years of my life, and I am fine. I drank soy milk for the next three years, and I came to like it better. Now I try a variety of different things and it works really well. I encourage everyone to at least try different types of milk, and from different brands as well.

  53. Love, love, love milk. I actively crave it. The fact that I'm able to get it from a family dairy about three miles from my house in adorable glass bottles may contribute...but not really. It's non-homogenized 2% that tastes like whole milk and worth the higher fat content for the WAY HIGH satisfaction quotient.

    I drink about a gallon a week, just me. No kidding.

    In the last 2.5 years, I've lost a total of 32 pounds, without any changes to my milk habits.

    I take all the studies with a grain of salt. We only believe the ones that confirm what we already believe, anyway.

  54. There is no question about it: Cow's milk is the perfect food for baby cows, just as human breast milk is the perfect food for human babies. (And yes, bat's milk is the perfect food for baby bats.) Humans are the only species on the planet who drink the milk of another species or consume any milk at all beyond infancy. Contrary to what another commenter here said, it's not because mothers are "over it." It's because the babies no longer need it! (Nature kind of works in that perfect way, you know?) Cow's milk is a maternal lactating secretion designed to make a baby calf grow into a 1,500 lb. cow (or bull) in a few short months. Therefore, it is loaded with excessive protein and saturated fat, which have both been conclusively linked to a plethora of preventable diseases including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, and reproductive organ cancers. (It's interesting to note that a product from the mammary organs of one species should negatively impact the mammary organs of another.)

    Anything you might read claiming that cow's milk is actually GOOD for you, should be taken with not a grain, but a HUGE mountain of salt! The only "professional" positive opinions about the health benefits of dairy come from either uninformed or uneducated sources, people paid by the dairy industry, or the dairy industry itself.

    But please don't take my word for it. Get your hands on a copy of "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell, PhD. It's based on the largest epidemiological nutrition study ever done on the planet. In it you'll discover how and why excessive animal protein is responsible for so much of the sickness experienced by people who consume the standard Western diet.

    Like you said, there are a plethora of substitutes for cow's milk available today. Some are really great-tasting, like the new coconut milk beverages made by So Delicious. The original and vanilla flavors are far tastier in coffee, smoothies, chai tea, cereal, and in all my baking and cooking than cow's milk could ever hope to be. And unlike the saturated fat found in cow's milk, the medium-chain fatty acids found in coconuts are actually good for you!

  55. I'm so glad you included hemp. It's really nutritious, packed with omega 3, protein, and so much more, plus it has a light nutty taste which is somewhat similar to the taste of sunflower seeds. Hemp milk is often excluded from the dairy, soy, almond conversation when its just as nutritious.

    I work for Living Harvest, who makes Tempt Hempmilk and Tempt Frozen Dessert as well as Organic Hemp protein powders and organic hemp oil. We're at and sold nationwide in the US and Canada. I know hempmilk is pretty novel, but here's a link to a coupon for $.75 off.

    Peter from Living Harvest


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