December 25, 2009

All I Want For Christmas Is...

My Christmas list is brief and in order from Global to Personal, as I've finally come to the painful realization that I am not the center of everyone's universe - simply my own.

My Global wish list:

-Peace on Earth
-Enough food to feed everyone who's hungry
-Enough love to comfort everyone who's scared and lonely and sick
-Enough education to light the darkness
-Enough shelter to keep everyone protected and safe
-Enough parents for every child who needs a good home
-Enough sense for world leaders to hold their next climate change meeting via teleconference
-A job for everyone who wants one.
-The Salvation Army bell ringers allowed back inside the stores again.

As for my personal wish list:

-A happy and healthy child
-The closeness of family and friends
-Good health
-An attitude of gratitude
-Good karma
-Meaningful work and a sense of purpose
-A Do-Not-Call list that is actually respected by telemarketers and enforced by the government
-A sporting goods store that carries plus-size workout clothes
-A self-cleaning house
-A dog-proof garbage can

-And for all our readers who celebrate it, a very Merry Christmas!!! And a very merry day off to everyone else!! Thanks for sharing part of your day with us this past year and contributing in your smart, funny and insightful ways. Let's have some more fun together in 2010!


  1. That sounds like a great list, and I heartily agree with the plus size workout clothes!

    Merry Christmas :)

  2. A compromise: let the Salvation Army kettles into the store if they leave the damnOWOWOW!painful bells at home.

    Dog proof garbage can: mine (inherited from my parents) was made in Canada in the 80s. Such heavy gauge metal may be hard to find now, but it's a step-on-to-open can with a lid that seems to be too heavy to be nosed open. I'm not sure why my current dog hasn't learned how to open it with the step since he learned how to open all the cabinets before we even moved in.

    Merry Christmas

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  3. Both lists are great. A self-cleaning house would be so nice.

    Happy Holidays.

  4. Wonderful lists.. I wish that at least some of them do come true. Salvation Army bell ringers are mostly indoors here (Ontario, Canada).

    Merry Christmas to you and yours. :)

  5. Love the lists! I too am hoping for that self-cleaning house. Oh, and a calorie free healthy cupcake that tastes just like the real thing would be nice too.

    Have an awesome Christmas Gigi, and everyone else have great one too (if you celebrate).

  6. Great lists! A very Happy Holiday to you & all!

    Wishing for something that will bring affordable healthcare for all Americans.

  7. It sounds like every woman's list. I hope all your wishes come true.

    Merry Merry!

  8. Yes?

    Oh, sorry. Thought MB was trying to talk to me.

    I think your list is much more noble than mine. I still didn't get that pony I've been asking for :(

    Merry Christmas and Happy Kick-boxing day!

  9. Wonderful, non-materialistic list!


  10. I love your list, and at least on the global side I hope you get everything you want. On the personal side, I want some of the things you want, so I hope we both get them.

    Oh, and dog proof garbage can: I haz one. At least proof against my dog, who is sometimes a bit of a quitter. He did give it the college try a couple of times though.

    word verification: wilisit
    If there's a cookie involved, both my dog and I will sit!


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