March 13, 2009

Road Trip Quiz!

No prizes, sorry, this is just another excuse to put up road trip pictures. Regular health blogging will resume eventually, I promise!

1. Who is this is a picture of?

a. Lobster, Fran, Moo,

b. Mizfit, Lobster, Tornado

c. Crab, Mizfit, Fran,

d. Lobster, Crab, Fran

2. The picture above was taken on Monday. Where do you think the Crab is today? Here's a hint. We went by here:

3. Where did we see this giant bird?

4. Speaking of Giant things, here's a question for Sports Fans: the Lobster saw this guy at spring training. Who is he?

5. While in Bisbee, Arizona, we purchased something arguably impractical, but we couldn't resist and it seemed reasonably priced! What do you think we bought?

a. A hot fudge sundae from an Ice Cream parlor (as opposed to a McDonald's) for only $1.99!

b. Two packages of Christmas tree lights that look like hot peppers, marked down to $3.50 each, even though many years we don't even buy a Christmas tree.

c. An original movie poster of "The Courtship of Eddie's Father" for $14.99 even though we've only ever seen the TV show and didn't even know it was once a movie.

d. A statue of a cat that looks just like our cat marked down from $45 to $20 for our garden, even though it was too big to fit in any of the van storage compartments and who the hell needs a cat statue?

7. What in the world is this orange thingy used for?

OK, sorry, not much of a quiz! Will post answers in the comments later the next time I have internet. I really just wanted to say hi again from the road!

Miss everyone and looking forward to getting back to blogging "for real."


  1. Aw, so jealous that you got to meet each other! :) Looks like you're having a great road trip.

  2. I loved this quiz. Totally made me smile.

  3. Aw you got to see La Miz!!!

    While you are out and about enjoying the freedom of roaming around, please think of me in my tiny little office looking out my tiny little window wishing I could be free from the oppression of The Man (my boss). sigh. I envy you crustaceans.

  4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pic with Miz and the Tornado.

  5. I think the young man in a Giants uniform is Tim Lincecum, of the creepy MLB2K9 commercial:

  6. Fun quiz. You must have been in Arizona for that roadrunner and that last item looks like it might be a device to segment oranges?

  7. MIZ! LOBSTER! TORNADO! What a great picture! love it.

  8. Loving the road trip posts! Please tell me you bought a cat statue!!

    Great picture of the Lobster with Miz and her Tornado! I'm so jealous - looks like you're having a great trip!

  9. lovedlovedloved seeing you again.
    completely made my day and the Tornado's day (shes thrilled to have her FaceDebut here ;)).

    thanks for making time for us!


  10. SO jealous you got to meet each other! Next time you're road tripping I'm tagging along ;)

  11. as always, love the pictures! makes me feel like I was along for the ride.

    Next time though you are swinging thru DC, right? :)

  12. Oops, guess I should at least put up the answers!

    1. Mizfit, Lobster, Tornado, as you all knew!
    2. I thought the answer was going to be New Orleans, but we were actually on the Gulf Coast of Florida the day the post went up, at a campground called Topsail Hill State Preserve or something like that.
    3.A rest stop near Las Cruces New Mexico.
    4.Julia was right, it's Tim Lincecum!
    5. The movie poster, which was especially silly since it came full-sized, shrinkwrapped against cardboard, rather than rolled up in a tube.
    6. It's part of a set of stackable levelors that are kind of like giant legos. They're used for helping Fran the Van sit evenly in bumpy campgrounds. But sectioning oranges with it sounds intriguing!

    And I love DC, so next time it would be great to swing through there!


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