March 11, 2009



Note to new visitors: this is normally a health and fitness blog. But Crabby McSlacker is on a cross-country trip and is posting pictures from the road instead. Because… well, just because.

Let’s take some random pictures and try to create a fitness analogy, shall we?

So has this ever happened to you? You have a perfectly good plan, like say, to go to an aerobics class. But then the class is canceled so you have to try something else. Like a spinning class or a whole new piece of gym equipment. And then the new thing turns out to be great! And you never would have known about it had your original plan not gone awry.

And so, um, the lesson is to take advantage of when things go wrong and keep and open mind or something like that?

Yeah, that's it!

Anyway, the picture above is the sign that greeted us at the end of a long day of driving. We’d stayed at that campground before: it was nearly empty, quiet, a night sky filled with beautiful stars, a nice trail for running or hiking in the morning...

Bu who knew? Apparently camping destinations in temperate climates are popular when it's cold in the rest of the country. So our route changed and we ended up taking a detour through Bisbee, Arizona!

The Lobster says hi from Bisbee!

It’s a cute little mining town that sits next to a very big hole in the ground.

There used to be stuff in here, but they took it out.

The town has been nicely preserved, and made tourist-friendly without totally ruining the flavor of the place.

This is shortly before Crabby got a free sample of espresso.
She was smiling a LOT more after that.

In Bisbee, they’ve got old Western stuff all over the place.

Yet the town also has a funky counter-culture vibe. Lots of bikers and hippies and eccentric-looking old guys who looked straight off the set of Deadwood. (No pictures of the scraggly old cowboy dudes, sorry.)

Plus, Bisbee has way cooler graffiti than most places!

So, um, remember next time your gym class is canceled... that you could end up in a cute little mining town in Arizona! Oops… dang-- analogy FAIL.

Anyone else ever end up doing or seeing something better when your original plans went awry?


  1. Yes.
    And you are sure taking your sweet time getting across the country!

  2. Cool. Bisby, Arizona is the setting for J. A. Jance's series about Joanna Brady, the sheriff. Nice to see pictures of it to connect to the novels!

    Glad you're having fun, detours and all!

  3. I LOVE the analogy fail.

  4. Hmmm.... I once found my usual gym class full and landed up detouring to the donut shop - does that count???? Like the sound of Bisbee - does IT have a donut shop to detour to?

  5. Free espresso? [swallows last drops of coffee] which way IS Bisbee, now?

    My unexpected fitness detours lead straight back to the armchair and the laptop.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  6. Love the photos. Thanks for taking us along on your trip. Looking forward to more.

  7. i was planning to visit an old and very dear friend in San Francisco the first week of April. but the person i have been talking to for the last few months is not even recognisable as that same friend... and he is no longer speaking to me. my plane ticket in hand notwithstanding.

    i am changing the trip to visit a different friend in New York City instead. it breaks my heart whenever i think of missing San Francisco, and the person i thought i knew there -- but i am excited all the same about New York, where i have never been before. i think it will be great.

  8. Free espresso? Quick, MaryAnne, pass me that map!

    I'm soaking up the vicarious sunshine and desertness of the place. Bet they haven't gotten snow all week, dang it.

  9. i love the pictures!

    I had to take a fitness detour the other day. We got booted from the gym daycare (due to hysterics) so I came home and did 50 walking lunges and 50 frog jumps instead. (and now, I can barely move my legs!)

    your detour looks like it was a lot more fun!

  10. Free espresso?

    My kinds place....

  11. You guys would like Jerome, then. It's a bit further north, halfway between Phoenix and Flagstaff, where I am.
    But actually I just remembered reading an earlier entry where you were in Scottsdale, so I guess you're not coming back in this direction. Oh well! Next time!

  12. So it all worked out.

    Kinda like my car going kaput being a good excuse to keep on jogging into town :-)

    Things always work out somehow.

    (Sorry if this is annoyingly Pollyanna-ish--I'm having a flow-state day.)

  13. Thanks everyone for stopping by! And yes Mary Anne we ARE taking our sweet time! Cape Cod is still cold!

    Just grabbing some quick wireless; I'm going through withdrawal! Am having a great time but will also be glad to keep in better touch with the web world again.

    And Karell, we did go through Jerome on a previous trip and it was great! Alas, coming down the big hill on the way we smelled smoke and discovered we'd burned out our brakes. (Fran the van is kinda heavy). After spending a couple of unplanned days in Durango getting the van fixed, Jerome became forever known as "that cute little town where we burned out our brakes!" But it really was cool.

    And I'll have to check out the Jance series bag lady!

  14. Diversions and detours are the spice of life. Unless they involve sub-human clans that terrorize families in an RV, or cave creatures that feast on the flesh of spelunkers. So, uh, don't swerve too far off the path!

    Bisby looks uber cool, and the weather perfect for touring new surroundings. I'm jealous.


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