December 19, 2008

Vita-Mix Blender Giveaway

First the good news:

We're giving away TWO Vita Mix Super 5200 High Performance blenders this week!

And these aren't the cheapo kind of blenders you get at the drugstore that get all panicky at the first sight of a big chunk of ice.

No, these are fancy-pants, high-end, state of the art, do-everything-but-change-the oil-in-your-car kind of machines. The kind real chefs use. ConsumerSearch, which compiles product reviews from folks like Consumer Reports and Cook's illustrated, rated the Vita-Mix 5200 the Best Multi-Function blender out there.

This thing can cook soup and make ice cream, grind grains into flour, knead dough, make a dress out of a feedbag and make a man out of... oh wait. You may need Peggy Lee for those last two. But the blender can do at least 52 things besides tackling simplest smoothie recipe ever. (For more info check it out here).

The (Possibly) Bad News:

We're afraid that due to shipping issues, the nifty 5200's can only be sent to U.S. and Canadian addresses. But Canadians, you're in this time!

And, due to my tendency to be disorganized about scheduling things, I'm going to stop even pretending that Fridays are giveaway days. It just got a little boring to have so many posts start off with: the reason we don't have a giveaway this week is...

So enough of that! From now on Fridays are not giveaway days, they could be anything! And giveaways can happen any old day. So, it's bad news if you like predictability, but good news if you were tired of whiny excuses.

And so how can you enter to win one of these kick-ass food pulverizing gizmos for your very own kitchen?

Two Ways to Win a Vita-Mix Blender!

Enter with a comment saying you'd like to win this thing, and your comment will be included in a Random Number Drawing for one of the Vita-Mixes. (First comment only, in case you stop by more than once).

However, if you choose to write a poem or haiku about blenders, cooking, cooking disasters, margarita's, or anything remotely related to the giveaway item, you will, in addition to being entered in the Random Drawing for the first Vita-Mix, be among the much smaller pool of folks eligible to win the second Vita-Mix as well.

I will pick my Three Favorite Poems/Haiku's/Limericks and use the Random Number Generator to choose randomly among the three finalists. (This means, if somehow you don't win, that you can console yourself by knowing that I actually thought yours was the very best, but the RNG picked the wrong entry).


Winner will be chosen as of Midnight, EST Tuesday the 23rd, and announced Wednesday, the 24th. (Holy crap, that's Christmas eve! Where's the time going?!?!) If you win, please email us to claim your prize by... oh heck, it's the holidays... please claim you're prize by January 2nd, even if you're still hungover or whatever. But earlier is better!

I just found out MizFit is doing a charitable comment drive over at her place. Every comment you make will result in a donation of ten cents to a domestic violence shelter! (What does this have to do with blenders? Nothing! But I thought it was cool and hope you can go over and check it out.)

Another Important Update:

So sorry, but the contest is over and the winners have claimed their blenders. Maybe next giveaway you'll be luckier! However, if you want to do some shopping, here's a similar one...


  1. I'd love to win one of those blenders! Thanks!! heading off to work on my poetry for my 2nd entry.

  2. Holy-moley, dare I hope that the random number generator will pick me? That's one heckuva prize!

  3. Oooh, I want one. But I live in the UK. :( But I shall give it to my Mom should the random number generator pick me!

  4. Im not gonna pretend you dont need to put me in the drawing.

    you do :)

    I MAY pretend Ill sell it on ebay and give the money to charity---but I wont :) I SOOO NEED A NEW BLENDER and that one fancy.


  5. Ummm yeah as if I'm not going to comment and get in on this nifty giveway. I'm in....please please please pick me. Okay now I sound like someones bratty kid. That thing rocks of course I want one.

  6. Pick me!!! My (grown) kids keep "borrowing" my appliances (and they live 3 hours away! Mama needs a new blender!

  7. I saw one of these at the state fair this year, I wanted to get one but could not afford to put any more on the credit card. I would love to have one!

  8. WOOHOO! Back in the states baby, which means i'm eligible...right? I'm in... I'm in...

  9. There once was a girl from Saint John
    Who knew how to get her Margarita on...

    No, I just can't make that work. Besides, I usually make my margs on the rocks these days because my teeth are so sensitive, the slushy ones are scary to drink. Though maybe if I actually had a decent blender that didn't leave chunks of ice...

    Yes please! I want to win the super-fantastic blender!

  10. There once was a blender named Vita-Mix,

    From swirling liquid he got his kicks,

    He chopped, he pureed, he mashed, and frappe'd,

    All just to get me my smoothie fix!

  11. Want! I have several peeps in the states who will hold it (and probably use it, greedy so-and-so's) for me.

  12. Well, I'm not much of a poet, so I'll take my chances this way :D

  13. Wow - you are always two steps ahead of me:) I'm giving away a Vitamix blender on my site next week. So don't enter me in the contest but I did want to say that your post will be really hard to follow- you are one funny lady!

  14. "Vita-Mix" "High Performance"
    Such lofty phrases

    Aww to heck with the poem...

  15. Made some fudge; got soup.
    Recipe said five ounce can milk,
    Not fourteen ounce. Damn.

  16. Mix smoothies and grains
    The fix for hunger and health
    Vita-mix is king

  17. Oooh, pick me, pick me!!! How fun to think that I have a chance! I too am off to write some profound blender poetry... (If only I had a Vita Mix, I could take an actual poem, put aforementioned poem into the blender, pour shredded pieces of paper onto kitchen counter, then just write down what appears. Wait -- poetry would become soup in a Vita Mix, right? Darn!)

  18. A haiku about Vita-Mix

    Purring like a kitten,
    Or roaring like a lion in heat,
    Wish I had a Vita-Mix!

    (Yeah, I was a computer science major -- can you tell?)

  19. My pops, an artist, is a wild free hippy
    Who let little-me do unusual stuff
    like dippin' grass in a jar of Skippy
    And run around, age three, in the buff

    Among others, there were the blender days
    When my pops encouraged me to cook
    I found the machine behind brown clays
    And soon, its little glass shook

    As I added things based on shade
    Red tomatoes, red strawberries, red hot sauce
    Whites, greens, these smoothies I made
    Shimmering like an artist's gloss.

    Pretty as a picture, but tasting like poo
    I soon gave up my blender dreams
    But now I'm older with lots more schoo'
    And the VitaMix, oh how it gleams!

    So give me the chance to do pops proud
    And make somethin even non-hippys can love
    A smoothie for one, or drinks for a crowd
    Would help me be a better cook, kind of!

  20. Lite margarita
    Splenda, lime, and self-pity
    Martyr's bitter cup!

  21. I MUST win this! I need it. No, really!!

  22. Once there was a blender so inferior
    Makes me wish I could kick it in the derriere

    You see on us it broke down
    And I became smoothieless clown
    With the saddest saddest frown

    Then one day in front of my eyes did I see
    A Vitamix blender contest hosted by the wonderful Cranky

    If won it will solve all my snack time woes
    And pick me up from this all time low

    Smoothies, Soups, Pina Coladas Galore
    Oh please pick me and I'll be happy evermore!

  23. Blender, Blender you I need.
    Blender, Blender please pick me.

  24. Hi Crabby,

    Wonderful prize, I'd like to be entered.

    Also, Bag Lady already sent me to MizFit, but now you are sending me, so I will go and post again and she'll have to spring for a second dime! Everyone--follow me!


  25. A blender I need
    to mix delicious sweet treats
    for my mouth, yes please

  26. I'd love to win a vita-mix! Thanks!

  27. I bought my blender when a young, single gal in her 20s (3 decades ago). Several years later, spouser blew out the motor trying to mix cookie dough in it.

    I replaced said base with a lonely unit from GoodWill.

    Several years later I ruined the plastic top during a hand-made paper frenzy.

    I replaced the top with piece from the hardware store.

    A few years later the glass container broke.

    I found another that worked at Good Will.

    So who knows how old my blender is, or how much longer this sucker is going to last. Next time something goes, damn it I'm getting a whole new blender.

    I'd love it to be this one.

  28. I overheard someone the other day when I was at physio talking about her super-duper do anything blender, but didn't hear what kind it was. Methinks it might have been one of these.

    Would love to be included in the draw. How very generous of this company to include Canadians this time around!!

  29. Count me in...I could really use the hell out of a juicer!

  30. Ooh exciting! Now I'm happy to be Canadian hehe. I like haikus so here's TWO just for kicks.

    On kitchen mishaps:
    The cookies are burned
    I need to be supervised
    This habit costs lots.

    And another one on blenders:
    The joy of pancakes
    Smushed in a pretty blender
    Would start my day right.

  31. Here is my best answer.
    I read those cure cancer.

  32. wow.....I am having blender envy just looking at that. considering ours is on it's last legs and is struggling to make smoothies I would LOVE to win that.

    now I have to think of a poem too

  33. here's my poem (and totaly stolen from William Blake - but it is a Friday and my brain is toast)

    The Blender

    Blender, blender whiring might,
    in the kitchens day and night
    what eager cooking with hand and eye
    could master thy fearful energy?

  34. i've wanted a vitamix since i got my first issue of vegetarian times when i was 16 and saw an ad in there!!

  35. There once was a very slow runner
    who needed to make eating funner (ok, I needed a rhyme)
    she blended some fruit
    and yogurt to boot
    and came up with a berry stunner

    vita mix super
    blending delicious goodness
    smooth, healthy, cool, yum

  36. A haiku dedicated to my cheapo blender:

    I last blended soup
    And sadly melted my hand
    Now, my blender sleeps.

  37. I want to win that Vita-Mix Blender!

  38. Ok, I'm in with a haiku:

    Apples and berries,
    yogurt, bananas and ice
    make a blended treat.

  39. How much do i need a blender?? Well when i went to make the avocado smoothie that mizfit had on her site i had chunks of avocado still in it :( ewwwwwww

  40. Nice prize.
    I would love to have one of those Vita-mix blenders. It sure would come in handy for smoothies and such.

  41. This would be really great! Please enter me in the giveaway.

  42. Berries milk and juice
    Round and round the blender groans
    Need a Vita-Mix!

  43. and here's my post, dear random number generator!!! pick me, pick me, pick me!! :)

  44. I could definitely use a new blender...mine is second hand and leaks all over the place! I am def not talented enough for poems and haiku...but I may try!

  45. O VitaMix! O VitaMix!
    How many are your functions!
    You give me lovely smoothies bright,
    To tempt and please my appetite.
    O VitaMix! O VitaMix!
    How many are your functions!

    O VitaMix! O VitaMix!
    How grand are your concoctions!
    With yummy soups and ice cream fun,
    You really can please anyone.
    O VitaMix! O VitaMix!
    How grand are your concoctions!

    Happy Holidays!


  46. Need a new blender
    But can't compete with these rhymes
    Randomly I'll pray!

  47. oh how i would love one of these! great give away!

  48. Frozen daquiris
    Mudslides and margaritas
    Breakfast champions

  49. I've wanted one of these
    for a very long time.
    So pick my name, please,
    After all I wrote a rhyme.

    VitaMix will make my life
    Happier and healthy.
    What more could I ask for?
    Well, could you also make me wealthy?

  50. Yesterday with old blender
    Strawberry explosion
    Cleaning now is endless

  51. My health would improve
    And less fast food would I choose
    With smoothie goodness

  52. I would def like to be in the mix. Get it? Mix? Mixer? I crack myself up. :)

  53. I would LOVE to win one of these! I've heard so many good things about it.

  54. Making smooth soup is
    Easier if the blender
    Still has a bottom.

  55. Wow wow wow, that would be fabulous to win!

    I shall begin concocting some piece of poetry horror (oh man is my poetry bad...) in order to qualify for another chance at the prize. Muahahaha!

  56. My attempt at haiku(I'd really like one of the blenders)

    Smoothies are tasty
    With a blender I could make
    creamy yumminess

  57. Margaritas are for me
    I love them as you can see
    One shot of tequila and a bunch of ice
    Push blend and it tastes so nice.

    I know it's bad.

  58. delicious smoothies
    I need a better blender
    mine no longer works

  59. my poor Magic bullet blender, which is all kinds of awesome, is on its last legs. I think pureeing the pumpkin was the last straw, and now it smells kinda burned when I attempt to blend anything thicker than water.

  60. ME! ME! ME! I need a new blender! Mine broke a few months ago and I haven't been able to go out and get a new one so I've been stuck using my giant food processor for everything.

  61. Oooh fancy! I would love to win and be able to replace my $10 blender (that somehow hasn't stopped working yet).

    I'm not much for poetry or I'd write something clever... I will take my chances this way!

  62. Hope I get picked, my own blender just gave out. I'm really enjoying the blog.

  63. Oh, if I owned a Vita-mix
    The smoothies from my fingers I would lick

    My daily dose of fruit
    Would be mixed in something cute

    The perfect smoothie made with a banana
    Would be like getting a gift EVERY DAY from Santa!

  64. Oh my god I am TOTALLY LOVING these entries. The Lobster just popped in to see what the heck I was laughing out loud about.

    You guys rock!!!!!

  65. A rhyming haiku.

    Blend Puree Mix Crush
    The Best is to Pulverize
    Margarita Slush

  66. I'd love to win
    A blender from you.
    Just think of all
    The food I could do!

  67. Holy shit! I wanna win one of these units! My friend in LA bought one in September, and it was awesome to use. :-) Please pick me!!

  68. Vita-Mix - yes!

    Hi-Fat LC Green Smoothie Recipe
    1 1/2 cup red leaf lettuce
    16 oz cold water
    1/4 cup blue berries
    1/2 cup heavy cream

    Blend several minutes with old dying blender. Be sure to hold lid down.


  69. I would so love one of these!

  70. How much would I love this? Enough to write a haiku.

    My Vitamix brings
    All the boys to the yard, so
    Suck on that, milkshake

  71. I need a blender
    A blender that works
    A blender that won't break
    Or end up in the garbage crate

  72. Yay! The Canadians are in! (I live in California, but many of my friends are Canadian.)

  73. o sweet vitamix
    veggies in entirety
    no more excuses

    Wow, would I love to win one of those...


  74. Can grind grains? Oooh. Want one!

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  75. Wow, those are some really nice giveaways, I'd love to win one.

  76. Soup so fine, winter
    delight, creamy, smooth, with ease
    Vitamix for me.

    There is my horrid haiku.

  77. RNG, pick me, pick me!!

    OMG a Vita-mix
    To be able to get my smoothie fix

    Stay healthy, fit and feel alive
    Sure would help to win that prize!

  78. SOO, incredibly, not creative. But, I just want to say that I would absolutely be ecstatic if I won one of those blenders!

  79. I see these at costco all of the time and I always want one!!! please enter me, I love your blog, thanks so much.

  80. psh! Im getting my OWN biatch! exceot they are only sending me one :(

    sorry about the biatch.


    Kelly Turner

  81. A gadget that can take regular food and remove all texture?


  82. blender broke smoothie
    everywhere need new one stat
    to get breakfast back

  83. OMG, I don't stand a chance, but here goes anyway:

    Vita Mix can’t be beat

    And winning one would be neat.

    Please Crabby, pick my poem

    And give that blender a friendly home.

    LOL.........It's comes from the heart..........:)

  84. I actually have a screen saver of this mixer... sad huh? random number generator hear my desperation...hahaha

  85. Here's to a healthy 2009, with a new Vita Mix to help!!!!

  86. Would love to have one of these. Had one years ago, in an earlier incarnation, but sadly, it died of old age, but happily he is now playing with the other mixers and blenders up in Small Appliance Heaven. Sure do miss him. Sure would like to have a new pup to raise up in his stead.

  87. Oooooh shiny. I want. Count me in. :)

  88. I would like to get in the mix. :)

  89. I am actually fairly certain that I cannot live without this.

  90. Oh my gosh, that has been on my wish list forever!

  91. This Vita-Mix giveaway's splendid
    But the outcome may be unintended
    Because if I won
    The blades would be spun
    'Til each thing that I own had been blended

  92. The Vita-Mix Blender is a must have-Pick me please!

  93. ahem.. a haiku

    My Margarita
    Sweet salty seductive drink
    I heart Vita-Mix

  94. I call this masterpiece:

    "I Have Too Much Time on My Hands"


    We're not a blended nation,
    And never shall we be.
    At best, we're individuals
    Who work towards unity.

    Just look at Cranky Fitness:
    There's happy Merry Sunshine--
    On the other hand, there's Cranky-
    And all SHE does is WHINE.

    But her whining is SO CHARMING :-)
    I'll cherish and defend her.
    Why sucking up so much, you ask?


  95. Oops, an editing mistake: I called "Crabby", "Cranky". Corrected version is below. Note the new title:

    "Now Everyone Knows I Wasn't Joking About Having Too Much Time on My Hands"

    We're not a blended nation,
    And never shall we be.
    At best, we're individuals
    Who work towards unity.

    Just look at Cranky Fitness:
    There's happy Merry Sunshine--
    On the other hand, there's Crabby-
    And all SHE does is WHINE.

    But her whining is SO CHARMING :-)
    I'll cherish and defend her.
    Why sucking up so much, you ask?


  96. This is the best blender EVER EVER!

    I Never Thought That I Would See
    A Poem About Blender-osity

    Oh Vita-Mix, You Do it All!
    I want you at my beck and call!

    Vita-Mix can heat soup that will steam,
    Not only that, it makes vita-ice-cream!

    With a Vita-Mix, I could conquer the world,
    And have the trim figure of a shapely young girl.

    If I have a problem, Vita-Mix will help!
    We'll dupe my two children to eat Vita-Mixed kelp

    Poems are written by fools like me,
    But Vita-Mix and I were truly meant to be!

    onlycancan at hotmail dot com

  97. WOW!! With this many comments I think my chances are slim but ILl take the shot anyway! Good luck to me !!! :)

  98. A blend 'ku

    whey protein powder
    i mix mine with Lactaid skim
    a spoon won't cut it

  99. My blender's on it's last legs and I'd love to replace it with a Vita-mix!

  100. I would love a vita-mix! There are so many things that you can do with them.

  101. A limerick born of desperation and a love of all things blended:

    Monica went on a bender
    Put everything into her blender
    Went one step too far
    With puree of new car
    But relished her relish of fender

  102. Exhausting workout complete,
    A body craving
    berries blended.

    would LOVE to win a blender. berries make the best paleo workout recovery deliciousness.

  103. me please! Wee!!!

    Vita-Mix Blender
    Looks so powerful and tough
    vroom vroom vroom crush crush!

  104. I'd be so psyched to win one of those blenders...what a great give-away!

  105. Yes, I would love to win a Vita-Mix. Consider this my two entries, or whatever


    Swirling fruit chopping

    Crunching slurping vita mix

    Nutrition drinking health

  106. Heck yeah, I need me that blender!
    Two months I'd be nothing but slender.
    A frenzy of smoothies -
    It would all be so groovy!
    And without even being a big spender!

    Hurray for free blenders!

  107. I'd love to win!! I'm been trying to kill my current blender so I can justify getting a Vita-Mix.

  108. I would love to win and would use my blender to get so healthy in 2009!!

    My vote (not that you asked) for best haiku is Liz Turtle.

  109. There once was a mixer named Vita,
    Who was won by a lady in China,
    But why ship all that way?
    Send it here to LA!
    To make smoothies and treats for this diva!

    pick me pick me, I love this mixer!

  110. This comment has been removed by the author.

  111. To the tune of "Oh Christmas Tree"

    Oh Vita-mix, Oh Vita-mix,
    How I want to win thee!

    Oh Vita-mix, Oh Vita-mix,
    Please Crabby pick me!

    You'll crush my ice,
    You'll kneed my dough.
    I'll use you twice,
    A day you know!

    Oh Vita-mix, Oh Vita-mix,
    How I want to win thee!

    Thanks for the chance :) I'll keep my fingers crossed (toes too just for good measure!)

    Sherri :)

  112. lonely cupboard:
    longs for Vita-Mix to fill
    the dark empty void

  113. ice like diamonds
    cup of milk, sugar absorbing
    o, will it blend?

    Thanks for the fun contest :)


  114. Ooooooooo.........I just moved and somehow managed to lose my blender in the process. :o(

    I would love a VitaMix!! May I have it please?

  115. A summer yard sale
    Vitamix calling to me
    Woe. I didn't hear.

    Please enter me. I've always wanted a Vitamix. (And I really did miss out on one years ago at a yard sale.)Thanks!

  116. Come on, Random Number Generator, please pick me! I'd love to own the king of blenders :)

  117. Hope you pick me,
    Random number generator,
    I like making smoothies with protein,
    and treats to save for later.

  118. I'd love to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

    zekks at yahoo dot com

  119. Hey Cranky, put me on both your lists as 'sender'
    Man... do I ever want and need that blender
    I fancy home-made bread but for that need to gizmo grain
    'Coz that stuff they masquerade as bread isn't real, it's a pain
    Methinks this blender will be my answer - my situation-mender!

  120. Oh competition
    So many fit commentors
    But, really, I want it!!!

  121. Mixes fast, mixes well.
    Will I win it? None can tell.
    If I do, I will not sell.
    Those who lost can go to ...

    (read as a Burma-Shave ad)

  122. A poet I am Not
    yet the Vitamix Blender I do Want,
    Blueberries and Strawberries
    Bananas and Radishes,
    to blend them and eat them is my goal
    so that I can finally look hot!
    thanks for this opportunity, pretty cool!

  123. The shelf down below
    where I fear to go
    because of the musty odors
    is filled with burnt out motors

    The shelf down below
    where I fear to go
    is filled with bottomless tops
    sometimes I have the drops

    and then the cheapo blender gets
    stashed down below
    while another one takes it's place.

    If I had a fine machine
    I'd smoothie myself into lean
    I'd hold that blender strong
    It would last real long.

  124. Once a blender met a blender in the blender beans,
    then the blender asked the blender if the blender could tell the blender, what the blender means!
    Yes, please put me in the blender pot for a chance to win. Thanks.

  125. Once a blender met a blender in the blender beans,
    then the blender asked the blender if the blender could tell the blender, what the blender means!
    Yes, please put me in the blender pot for a chance to win. Thanks.

  126. My blender is 21 years old... it's about time to bury it! Please let me win!

  127. This would be a wonderful gift for muslef. All I have now is the magic bullet and it can not do what this can...please pick me ;)

  128. i'd love to win the vita-mix. seriously, who wouldn't???

  129. Wow! My (insert non-Vita-Mix brand here) blender just broke last night as I made a smoothie. I had ruled out the awesome (but unaffordable) Vita-Mix and was debating which brand to try out for the next few weeks until its likely trip to my blender graveyard. Guess I'll try my odds here before I finalize my decision.

  130. Dreams of silky smooth hummus, ice creams and nut butters.

    Only the Vita-Mix can electrify my taste buds in a minute or under.

    The thought of energizing green drinks that alkalize

    Only leads me to contemplate the many recipes I can prepare that mezmerize!

    I would absolutely love an opportunity to win a Vita-Mix. It is a vegetarians dream.

  131. Vita-Mix 5200 Haiku

    A raw food affair
    Healthy hummus for pennies
    Green smoothies galore

  132. i'll blend my own drinks
    so Jamba Juice can suck it
    that's six bucks i'll save!

    yay i did it!!!

  133. Ode to a Lost Vita-Mix

    One day, a couple of years ago,
    My mother decided lots of things had to go.
    A garage sale she had because of the urge
    To get rid of it all - to rid, to purge!
    One of the things,
    Among all the others
    Was a Vita-Mix,
    From my grandmother.

    This was pre-smoothie,
    Before I knew
    The mashed fruit goodness,
    Delicious morning stew.

    So it escaped my clutches,
    That vintage Vita-Mix, tush!
    Instead I've a blender
    With "Powerful Ice Crush."

    But a true Vita-Mix,it must be said,
    I crave!
    So I submit this -
    And I promised it would be bad. :)

  134. Splendid mixer more
    than one could ever hope for
    Vitamix the one

  135. Ooh ooh! Random Number Generator pick me! pick me! :)

    If the blender is as good as i think it is, i can use it to make baby food for the wee one when we get to that!

    And then a thick chocolate milkshake for me :)

  136. My poem-writing skills aren't working out so well - guess I'll have to hope the random number generator picks me!

  137. I used to hate anything involving physical exertion,

    But now I love my 9 mile running excursions!

    I used to hate raw veggies or anything colored green,

    But now I love veggies more than anyone my family has ever seen!

    I used to hate people who naturally loved to eat healthy,

    But now I love spending hours in Whole Foods as if I were wealthy!

    I used to hate smoothies because they would always have big ice chunks,

    But now (with a Vita-Mix) I love to be a smoothie punk!

  138. Ooooh! I would love to have a new blender!

  139. bananas, berries
    honey, milk, a noisy crush,
    smoothie magic. yum.

  140. Crushing ice
    Rum and coconut are effortless partners
    Pina coladas yum

  141. If ever there were a cause worthy of a haiku...

    Slayer of blenders
    Three have fallen before me
    Stop me, Vita Mix

  142. Holy protein shakes! I NEED one!

    There once was a Mom from SoCal
    Who no longer makes shakes for her pals
    Her kids made mud pies
    Full of dirt, worms, and ice
    Now this Mom is -

    Ugh! I can't go on w/out breaking down! Tragedy!!

  143. I need a brand new blender
    It will help to make me slender
    I could make some shakes to slim my bum
    But chances are I'll blend some rum
    If only I had a way to crush my ice
    Thanks Cranky Fitness for being so nice

    There's my lame poem. :) I am currently without a blender, so winning this would make my day!

  144. blue margarita
    like absent sun in winter
    blender to rescue

  145. After years breaking all brands of blender,

    Wiping tears each event would engender,

    A top notch Vita-Mix,

    Is my ultimate fix,

    Since it outlasts the nearest contender!

    You can remove my earlier comment from the drawing since I am adding my limerick here. Thanks!

  146. Please, please, please enter my name to win! Thanks!!

  147. My wife has been all over me to get a Vita-Mix 5200 for Christmas. So this would be the best Santa surprise of all!!!

  148. I would love to win one of the blenders. Thanks!

  149. Vita mix Oh Vita mix
    I long to see you in my kitchen
    You will whirl & twirl the days away
    & together we will make sweet green smoothies!

  150. If I'm not mistaken, this is the blender used in the engaging "Will It Blend" series on YouTube. It's really quite amusing, especially when they blend the iPhone! Count me in... I think I'd like to blend my Blackberry. Cheers!!

  151. Oh! I was mistaken! The "Will it Blend" series uses a rival inferior brand blender! Vita-Mix is far superior and most certainly should have it's own show. Maybe it does?

  152. Wow...and thank you for offering this giveaway.


Thanks for commenting, Cranky Fitness readers are the BEST!

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