December 16, 2008

The Guilt-Free Procrastinators Club

Let me guess. You've all finished your shopping and written holiday cards and done all the holiday decorating, right?


Okay then, you can keep reading.

I read once about a Procrastinators' Club. Apparently if you remembered to pay your dues, you were automatically ejected from the group. Last I heard, they were protesting the War of 1812.

That's kind of my approach to holiday shopping. However, this year I have a plan.

Anyone want some... Hannukah Squash?

Okay, that's not the plan. The plan is to do my shopping at the last minute. And I feel good about it.

No longer guilty about doing things at the last minute

Right now, Christmas shopping feels like one more straw on my camel's back. (Yes, I just compared myself with a camel. Except I've got a slightly nicer personality.) Work is going into overtime overdrive, weekends included, and I'm supposed to go shopping? Bah humbug.

Actually, I do have time to shop. I don't need to sleep a full 8 hours a day... well, I'll catch up in the New Year. But I'd have to give up something else.

Going shopping would have cut into the time I need for exercising, and I'm not giving that up. I'll shop next week, after all the work deadlines have been made. I'm not going to shortchange my exercising. For once I'm heading into the holidays prepared to deal with pie, stuffing, turkey, stuffing, cupcakes, more stuffing. Instead of starting the workout resolution after the parties, I'm looking ahead.

Need last minute ideas?

In case you're still looking for something for that special blogger someone in your life, here are some of the more unusual ideas out there.

Thanks to, I bring you a Sweater dryer with fan. Somehow, the fan amuses me. Possibly because it looks like a tentacled reject from an episode of Dr. Who.

No doubt many people already know about this, but for those who don't, this is a site where you can buy and sell handmade items. (I can do the buying part, anyway.)

When all else fails, there's always ... yes, you know this is coming, but wait for it...

The Slanket!

Yes, the infamous Slanket, Crabby's favorite gift. Ideal for lounging around the house eating cupcakes, this robe cozy blanket with built-in sleeves is also recommended wear for sitting by the fire watching all those crazy joggers running in the snow. It feels really good to do this -- especially if you've already done your workout that day.


  1. Had to laugh when I saw the title of this post! I'm all about the guilt-free procrastinating this Holiday Season! I've tried being Super Organised but that just means I end up spending way too much money, so in these recessionary times I am not going shopping until this Saturday - the last weekend before Christmas! I do feel a twinge of panic every now and then when I hear that others are totally set and only need to stick a bow on their gifts, but I keep reassuring myself I'm doing the right thing!

  2. Slanket is the most rediculous product name in the world...

    I got all my shopping done ealier this year. I did it all via the WWW! Thanks Amazon!

  3. Is it OK if I respond to this tomorrow? :)

  4. How terrible is it that I really want a slanket??? Seriously, every morning when I work, I wrap up in a big blanket to stay warm and I've always thought "if only this thing had sleeves!"

  5. Once I learned to leave the decorations up all year long it became a lot easier!!

    PS After watching the weather reports lately, I say give EVERYONE in Minnesota a slamket :-)

  6. Funny, the Slanket doesn't do it for me. I already have a robe. (And it took me several minutes to figure out why it's called a Slanket. Sl-eeves, duh. Not enough coffee...)

    The sweater dryer, on the other hand...

    And I haven't got but one present and that one I made myself.

    All my friends understand that I just don't DO cards. In fact I keep my Christmas have-to list to just two things: my great-grandmother's pecan cake and a Christmas tree. And I don't have my tree up yet, naturally.

  7. Don't do cards, don't decorate, certainly don't bake, do shop for six grandkids. I am so lucky.

    Hmmm I think I'll do a Lend a Hand post later this week. Thanks for the reminder.



    I've done all my Christmas shopping. I did it all in November. Then I got jealous of everybody else doing THEIR Christmas shopping and have since gone out and bought a load more stuff.

    Being organised is an expensive deal, I wouldn't bother.

    TA x

  9. Somehow, about ten years ago, I just stopped giving presents. This simplifies things.
    My painted porcelain tree that lights up from inside was one of the first things I moved before any furniture made it over here. That may be all, since the greenery outside is now coated with snow and ice, not a good time for cutting.
    But moving is always a good excuse for procrastination!

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  10. Procrastinate? Who, me?

    Can I get back to you?

  11. It's not procrastination if you put it off this very minute. That's my theory, anyway.

  12. I saw an add for the Slanket on TV last night. I started giggling...

    I sort of got a head start on my holiday stuff and got most of the store involved stuff done and then it fell behind...Now it's a lot of homemade stuff to make before the big day-baking, sewing, bath salts...With any luck I'll get some sleep Christmas eve and not be up all night sewing :)

  13. Merry, this post made me feel so much better!

    (And not just because you've found a a sneaky way to recruit new members for our secret cult, Crankyism, which encourages the wearing of slankets--one of the oddest items of apparel I've come across).

    But because I am a guilty procrastinator, and you've reminded me of the many benefits of waiting until the last minute! (And I love that sweater dryer!)

  14. Slanket!? That's genious! I want one!

  15. Like the 'slanket' idea.... but only for some reason because it has the first 2 letters of sl-im.... although dash it, it really doesn't look as if there is too much slimming about the slanket, either visually OR in all the hiding places it provides when you're caught in the middle of a binge! So I think I'll just put off buying it for the time being....ah! Now I feel much better for having procrastinated about doing that!

  16. I actually have all my shopping done...I'm giving a lot of homemade stuff this year - so there are all the fruit butters and preserves, and some random stuff I pulled out of the gifts box that I'd forgotten about, and I'm making meringues next week. I also got a load of really nice free books from my company's book sale, so those are going in there too. I don't do cards unless it's really expected of it...and then I'll not do it if I feel I can get away with it...

  17. I'm waiting for the SLomforter. I need more warmth and cushiony softness. And, I need one to wear outside right after running on the treadmill; when my dog needs to go out even though she knows that I'm sweating, and it's 17 degrees outside.

    Also, when I'm not last minute on gifts, I go completely overboard. I'm not procrastinating, I'm budget conscious (plausible?)

  18. I want a Slomforter! And I want it now!

    (Also, in case Santa is listening, I'd like a pony, and a Porsche, and someone to chain up my car so I don't have to do it.)

  19. My husband was just on me about this (Christmas shopping) last night. I said I'm waiting for his Christmas bonus to arrive before I shop. "Yeah, but, it's good to have a plan," he said. My plan: to procrastinate some more!!

  20. That is the same gown I bought to wear for Obama's inauguration.

  21. OMG, I saw the Slanket on TV while running the other day and laughed out loud. And I'm sure they're selling millions of them. lol.

  22. As a part-time worker who sits on the sofa almost all morning wrapped in a blanket, I would LOVE to have a slanket...Or even better, the Slomforter...Awesome!!

    That being said, the shopping has been done for a while now, since I had to save up for a long time to get what I got for people...However, The Saturday Market (top picture) has some cool schtuff this year for the last minute shoppers. If only I had tons o money, I would have gotten A LOT...

    Anyone out there have a snow worthy vehicle I can borrow? I'm stuck in the house with this storm that's blown through P-town and I'm about done with being stuck inside!!

  23. But Sambo, it's the perfect excuse not to go in to work!

  24. I'm making 2 presents (one's already done), and have no idea what to get for the other 3. So BK and I are going shopping together tomorrow in the hopes of finding things.

  25. mmm, procrastination. For me its more of a "its way too damn cold out I can Christmas shop later" thing.

    The slanket is now #1 on my wish list:)

  26. Wow...i was just berating myself for not buying everyone the perfect gift, but at least I haven't bought anyone a sweater dryer or a slanket! those made me laugh out loud. I do most of my christmas shopping on-line it's not tough. It's the other stuff, cards, decorating, etc that I put off. Oh, and my diet...I'm starting it tomorrow, or possibly next week at the very latest.

  27. I've been feeling a little guilty because I haven't got the Christmas decorations and tree up yet but I see that I've landed in company here!

  28. The only thing good about being broke, broke, broke: Nobody's getting presents from me. I don't have to worry about it. Yeeeeeees!

  29. I love the Slanket! Well...i don't own one...yet.

  30. I cna't say I procrastinated this year, for once, but i have to tell you that the slanket cracks me up! Someone is making a killing on those because i see the advertisements for them everywhere. LOL!

  31. So true! Rather than beat myself up about never getting presents before Christmas Eve, I've decided this year to just embrace it. Besides, I'll never really change. When you think about it, it's efficient, right? Get all that shopping done in 2 hours!?

    The Slanket just might be my contribution to my family's Yankee Swap, but the sweater dryer is better replaced by a big dog crate. LOL.

    Confession: I've lurked for a couple of weeks - adore the blog.

  32. Procrastination, who me? LOL...

    I'm glad my blog helped you set realistic goals in running btw!


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