October 19, 2008

Call for Guest Posts!

So the Crab and Lobster spent a lovely spring and summer in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

And now it is fall and that's wonderful too.

(Wish I had better pictures. For awesome fall photography Hilary's your gal).

However from what we understand, winter is not quite as wonderful on the Cape. Plus we have family back in California, and we miss them. So we plan to return soon to free-load off of them spend valuable time with them during the holidays and the colder winter months.

This means that come early November, the Crab will be on the road for two or three weeks, making a somewhat indirect journey across the country. (Yep, for those who have read the "Crabby McSlacker" info page, the Lobster and the Moo will accompany the Crab in Fran the Van).

Fear not, Cranky Fitness isn't going anywhere! Merry will still be here. And there may be a few random on-the-road posts from the Crab as well.

But it would be really cool if we could fill in for some of the Crab's slackitude with guest posts. We've had some great contributions in the past. We know we can't always count on your generosity, but we can sure keep our fingers crossed.

Unfortunately we can't pay anything, but we will certainly link to your fine blog or website or your favorite charity or whatever else you'd like to promote as long as it's not something sleazy. (Well, if it's sleazy in the sense there are many pictures of semi-naked men there as a Feminist Statement, that's fine. But no other sleaze, please.)

So if you are interested in writing a guest post for Cranky Fitness on a health and fitness related topic, we'd be very grateful! Email your post to us at the cleverly disguised (not) email address: Crabby McSlacker at Gmail dot com. (no spaces)

The Fine Print:
Posts may be edited for length or based on whim. Also, as I'm getting increasingly fond of the Dreaded "Read More," posts may be broken into two pieces unless they're really short.

And we can't guarantee we'll run every single one, without knowing ahead of time what kind of posts or might get submitted or how many might be coming, but we'll certainly try.

Also, sometimes my gmail account eats things; if you don't hear some sort of acknowledgment within a few days of submitting a guest post, please try again!


  1. Crabby, I could hear the ocean in that fall pic.

  2. [evil laugh] What is this "read more" of which you speak? Does not apply to feed readers! [more evil laughter fades away]

    If I'm going to start blogging about living in the new house (which I half-heartedly mean to) I should get some practice in. But I don't think I can actually try it while the whole Moving Thing is hanging over me. I can't commit to words-in-a-row while I'm obsessed with objects-in-boxes.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  3. Lovely photos. Have a safe and wonderful trip!

  4. Thanks, Leah and April!

    And Mary Anne... ANYTIME you want to try a guest post, we'd love it!! And that's awesome that you're thinking of starting your own blog. Beware though... it's addictive.

  5. Crabby--You were living in PTown? We probably passed each other in the GU a bunch of time. I was working at the Town Hall this Spring before we settled in Maine. I kept it on the dl on my blog.
    And you're probably giggling because Im so behind on your blog.
    Man...we should have gotten together and complained about exercise while we drank huge, fatty lattes from the Wired Puppy.
    I could probably write a guest post. I'm training for another marathon--which is also on the dl on my blog. I'll email you if I can get up the motivation!

  6. Driving across the country! Wow. The programmer just might get roasted and eaten if we were in a vehicle together for that long. He'd definitely receive the evil wife eye if he tried to touch the radio dial. Have fun (and don't eat the Lobster)!

  7. Those are beautiful photos and they make me wish I could revisit the east coast again. Sigh. I hope you have a safe trip out west.. it seems you just in Provincetown.

    Thanks very much for the linkage, Crabby. Much appreciated. You're too sweet. :)

  8. Beautiful pics!
    I was in Boston last week, and it was gorgeous!
    But now I'm back in the Bay Area, and I must say I love it.
    (My mother put it perfectly. She said "This is the time of year when I think 'I love New England! I can live here forever!' Then you fast-forward to January. Ugh.")

  9. Hey, Crabby, where in California are you headed? Any plans to pass through Santa Rosa?

  10. Oh cool, Dragonmamma & Azusmom, sounds like we've got some bay area folks. Perhaps we should have a 'meetup' some day!


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