October 03, 2008

Bright Shiny Distraction Post!

So alert readers may notice that the word "Giveaway" does not appear in the title of this post. WTF? It's Friday, isn't there supposed to be one?

Uh oh!

Yikes, sorry!

We do have some nifty giveaways in the pipeline, we think, but alas, not this week. This week: we got bupkus. (And for you literalists out there: no we are not giving away goat droppings).

However, stay calm--other blogs are giving away stuff, so we'll tell you at the end of the post where you can go to Win Cool Things.

And in the meantime we just have to hope that you forgive us for not having...

...products of our own to give give away. Because we really don't want you to get out of the habit of...

visiting us on Fridays with the hope that there might be something...

...fun going on here.

(Sorry Dr. J and Noah and all our other Best Straight Guy Friends. It's all the fault of Jenn at Fit Bottomed Girls (a hilarious blog). It was she who suggested Beefcake Fridays become a regular feature! But we'll stop, we promise),


Anyway, here are some alternative places where you can maybe go win something. (Note: some of these expire soon, so you may need to hustle to enter. And some of these did NOT have too many entries as the time we noticed them, so you might have a pretty good chance to win!)

Our BFF Mizfit is giving away something special with 3 initials... OK, it's MBT shoes!

Lady Rose at Diet Pulpit has a Fancy Skin Care Product giveaway that I believe expires today;

Our friends at Grounded Fitness are giving away a Rhythmball set;

And check this out, there's a site called Modern cat giving away an Eco-friendly Bumper Bed.

Er... Health and Fitness related? Nah, but any excuse to mention cats will do.

Oh, and speaking of cats, one of Cranky Fitness' best blog pals way back from the first days of blogging, Thomma Lyn, has a must-see cat compilation video. (It's not a giveaway, but what the heck, we all need to view the occasional cat video for medicinal purposes).

Note: Healthbolt often has a Sunday giveaway round-up so don't forget to check them too!

Do any of our other blog friends have a giveaway going on your blog that we spaced out? Please let us know in the comments! Or just stop by and say hi! And have an awesome weekend.


  1. Ummm, wha'?
    Distracted? Who, me?
    No giveaway? Umm..... that's okay....

  2. Educational photos. Thank you. My eyes are opened. Seriously opened.

  3. Beats the underwear ads that I was so previously enamored of.

  4. Cute picks. Something to enjoy with no calories.


  5. Bright, shiny, and beefcakey!! My favorite!!

    I just acquired a new lil kitty this week, so I really hope I win the bumper bed!! Squee!!!

  6. Ha Ha!! You never fail to surprise, Crabby! I always look forward to seeing what Cranky Fitness is showcasing!

    Gotta run to the gym now, got some serious work to do :-(

  7. Glad I didn't offend you, Dr. J! And I'm sure you could probably kick these pretty boy's asses in a streetfight.

    Or if not, at least you could stitch yourself up afterwards.

  8. NOT giving away goat droppings? And me with a new garden to prepare for next year at the new house? (I could certainly use the guys with the muscles to dig the goat droppings in, too. And of course I want the goats they came from...)

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  9. hey, I'll take the distractions any day ;) Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

  10. Alright, now I've penalized you 3 posts for springing that on me. I'll see you again in 3 posts once the Man models have safely made it to the bottom of the page.

  11. I'm going to agree with Nitmos about the man models (sorry, that muscle-y just isn't my type).

    But I'm not going to penalize you any posts.

  12. fanning myself
    whew... rather warm in here, isn't it?

  13. The cauliflower popcorn really is one of the most amazing discoveries I have made in 2008. I'm going to do a post on it next week as more than a few people have asked about it. It's my new favorite treat, but the cooking time and need for rotation can be a hindrance.

  14. However you decide to get all hot and sweaty (you give some good ideas here!), we are giving away yummy, smelly-good soaps:


    Enter by next Friday morning!

  15. YAY Free stuff! Thanks for the pics.... :-) whew!

  16. Woohoo, hey, higher heart rate is good for metabolism, right? So those picks are good for our health! :) (yeah, honestly, that's the ONLY reason I'm interested in them, uh huh, yum...I mean yup!)

  17. Ahaha. Oh we all do enjoy photos...

  18. Aren't there studies showing that admiring the scenery is good for your health? I want to get a grant and study this... question... in detail :)

  19. Oh man, that video is hilarious! Poor kitties!
    (And the beefcake isn't too bad, either.)

  20. O God, thanks so much for the cat video. I just got back from having my stitches out which was so so more horrible than I was expecting. That took my blood pressure way back down!!!!

    (The guys are nice too, but don't do much for the blood pressure.)

  21. Loved the cat video, um, were there words to go along with the rest of your post?

  22. You're not doing a lot for an old ladies blood pressure, Crabby!

  23. you may not have an official give-away, but you certainly gave me something today. Thank you.

  24. Ack! It's too early in the day for biceps bigger than my head! :)

  25. Thanks for the link love, Crabby! :)

  26. ooooooooo pretty colors.....

    what were we talking about?

    Kelly Turner

  27. I have to admit, I really liked the distraction! Better than a giveaway! :)

  28. i don't think anything you've ever written has shocked me as much as these pictures. I'm kind of blushing - and I'm generally un-blush-able.


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