November 20, 2007

Multiple Choice

Why Yes, This Is the Same Stock Photo
Crabby Uses Over and Over Again

1. The reason there is not a Real blog post at Cranky Fitness today is because Crabby was:

a) Busy preparing to celebrate the 17th anniversary of her (not-yet-legal-in-this-stupid-ass-country) Marriage-like Union with the most amazing Lobster in the world;

b) Too excited about Cranky Fitness being mentioned in Women's Health magazine to get much done;

c) Unable to think of anything good to write about;

d) Too busy dragging some of the nastiest, smelliest, heaviest, disgustingest carpet remnants and other bug-infested cat-pee-soaked items out of the basement for a dump run; or,

e) All of the above.

2. Since there's nothing much going on at Cranky Fitness today, you should go visit another better blog that Women's Health also mentioned, like:

a) Back In Skinny Jeans;

b) Sister Skinny;

c) Big Fat Deal;

d) Lose the Buddah;

e) All of the above.

3. And Crabby will be back soon with her usual:

a) Hastily-researched, sloppily-written health news summaries;

b) Questionable fitness advice;

c) Posts that have nothing at all to do with health or fitness;

d) Awesome blog comments by Smart Funny Readers since the comments are the best reason for stopping by Cranky Fitness in the first place;

e) All of the Above.

The answers to the Multiple Choice Quiz are, of course: (e), (e), and (e)!

And while Crabby will indeed be back soon, it may be a lamer, lazier week than usual due to the upcoming (U.S.) Thanksgiving holiday. She apologizes, especially to all her Canadian readers, whose Thanksgiving she missed entirely because she totally didn't even realize it was happening way back then.


  1. Congrats on the mention! I am pretty sure I received the latest's buried under the huge pile of mail I still need to sort through. I was only gone four days, how did I receive ten weeks of mail?

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary (if you moved to Canada, you could get married...), and on the magazine mention, (and even on getting the disgusting carpet remnants out of the basement!)
    And enjoy your Thanksgiving, even if it IS way too late in the year - what's wrong with you Americans, anyway? Don't you need some recovery time between turkey dinners? :)

  3. Congrats on your anniversary too! Maybe after the next election things will be different. *crosses fingers*
    Bag Lady (hehe, I typed "nag lady" first)...we are Amuurrricans! Don't mess with our food!

  4. Okay, missi, the Bag Lady is backing off the food subject! Sheesh! Just thought y'all could "pace yourselves" a little, like we do up here :)

  5. Oooh, foodfight?

    Thanks missicat and bag lady! And since gentle ribbing is as close as we get to "controversy" with this awesomely friendly group down here, go ahead and fling some mashed potatoes!

  6. You lazy bum! Congrats on the anniversary, and everything else, even dumping the cat-pee remnants. Happy Thanksgiving, too.

  7. Thanks Jaime! You have a great thanksgiving too. (And one might ask why the hell we didn't toss out cat-pee stained rugs years ago rather than let them ferment for a decade in a dusty dirty crawl space filled with bugs? Der!)

  8. Marijke wishes:

    a) Crabby and Lobster a happy anniversary

    b) a happy Thanksgiving to the US readers who really could have had a second Thanksgiving if they had decided to come north of the border in October

    c) good thoughts to those mentioned in the womenshealth

    d) all of the above

  9. Mmmmm..mashed potatoes..could you toss some dressing and pumpkin pie this way too? I think the US and Canada should join forces and celebrate both days! eh?

  10. Ohh, congrats on all of that! I can't have a peek at this WH's issue myself, I very much doubt I can easily find it in France; but since I was already reading all the blogs mentioned, I guess I'm forgiven? ;)

  11. Good idea, missicat - too bad you already missed the Canadian Thanksgiving - we'll give you a little more warning next year! (Put some whipped cream on that pie before you toss it, would ya?)

  12. Well congrats all around. You've got a lot to be smiling about this week for sure.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and to all you Amurikan turkeys. ;)

  13. Awesome, Crabby! Congrats!

  14. Congrats to you and the Lobster! Sad that our messed up country won't let us wretched homosexuals marry because we'd "ruin" 'traditional' marriage and yet I don't know of all too many straight people who ever make it to 17 years, at least not happily... Sad... (I've been on a gay marriage rant a lot lately...)

    Also congrats on your mention in Women's health.

    And as you name is Crabby McSlacker, we expect some McSlacking from time to time only you actually have some good reasons. I have a blog, I last wrote in it eh, maybe a month or two ago... So in my eyes, you're doing amazingly well.

  15. Congrats on being mentioned in Women's Health magazine. I love all the blogs they mentioned but was surprised not to see Pasta Queen there. Hmmmm ... maybe they are waiting for her book to come out to start the PR campaign.

    Happy Anniversary!! I'm coming up on my 25th (non-wedding) anniversary. I never really wanted the piece of paper but I suppose if I couldn't it would seem more important (yes, I was a teenager when we met).

    Wishing the Crab and Lobster a very Happy Turkey Day!

  16. 1a sounds like fun! Congrats!

    1d ... not so much. I'll pass, thanx! I just cleaned a litter box ... that was enough for me.

  17. "Tongue-in-cheek entries...are equal parts instruction and hilarity."


    love it!

    And happy anniversary. I don't get our country either - I mean everyone deserves to be as unhappy as the next married couple! ;)

  18. Yay for the mention in Women's Health!
    Now there will be a bunch of normal people coming to check out cranky fitness, lol!

    and 17 years. sheesh. That sounds like SUCH a long time!!

    (oh yeah, and thanks for the comment about the ads, I totally agree!)

  19. Congratulations on your anniversary and your mag mention! Enjoy your Late Thanksgiving and don't worry too much about your blog. If you don't post, we'll just make up stories like we did for Leah. ;)

  20. Happy Anniversary Crab and Lobster!

    I like the idea of multiple Thanksgivings as long as I am not required to cook for either of them.


  21. Wahoo!!! Congrats on your fame and fortune! And on your 17th anniversary! Yippeeeeeeeeeeee!

  22. Ok, I am totally off topic here, but I saw you and Katie talking ad spaces and I have been meaning to report in! The Amazon ads have been running for the book: The Microsoft Crabby Office Lady Tells It Like It Is: Secrets to Surviving Office Life

    That just cracks me up. Also, I needed to order a book from Amazon, so I came right to your site to click through and get you some big bucks. Did the check arrive yet?

  23. oh, and no more half naked cute guys selling underwear...I kind of miss them!

  24. Congrats on getting famous! I hope you get more hits than you can handle!

  25. So, Holly,

    While you are helping Crabby earn the big bucks, could you give me a hand?

    The next time you're on Amazon buy my book Murder new york Style--make Crabby and me rich at the same time! ;)


  26. Wow thanks everyone! Kind of a crappy time for me to be sloppy about new blog posts--I was thinking holidays... slow traffic... bad planning, apparently!

    Marijke, love the multiple choice comment!

    And jumping around a bit:

    Meg, I've been on that rant quite a bit too lately!

    MB--there are SO many great blogs like Pasta Queens that weren't on the list that it's kind of silly that Cranky Fitness was--but heck, I'll take it. And congrats on 25! And yeah, it's funny how the paper somehow makes more difference when they won't let you have one. (Plus we get screwed in a lot of ways financially not being "married," durn it.)

    And thanks so much Holly! I've almost stopped checking Amazon because, well, I'm not exactly a very popular shopping site. (And I used to have some setting that filtered out the word "crabby" because I'd get all this seafood related stuff-apparently, the filter has expired.) Will do my best to bring half-naked men back to Cranky Fitness!

    Thanks so much Kery and Hilary and Martha & Meg and Teena and Adora and Katieo and Reb and Terrie and ThickChick and Amy and anyone I may have missed!

    (Did any of you grow up with the kids show Romper Room? We had Miss Nancy, and the end she'd always look through her magic mirror or whatever the hell it was and say: "I see Timmy and Julie and Becky and..." Well, I remember waiting for my name and it like, never ever came up and it always made me so disappointed! And I wasn't even called Crabby then.

    That was apropos of absolutely nothing, by the way, except the string of names.

    Maybe Crabby does need a day off!

  27. Oh Terrie! I would love to jump up, say YES! and start clicking. However, I am such a library geek I rarely actually buy books. The reason I bought the one I did was because it was independently published by my neighbor with Parkinson's. It is a humorous look at Parkinson's called "What's Shakin'" The author's name is John Brisette.

    What is the title of your book and the genre?

  28. kudos to you and BOO for this sh**** a*** a little behind the times country :)

  29. Congrats on the magazine mention - that is very cool and very well deserved!

  30. Love your blog. Found it early this morning as I was snooping through Google ... can't sleep.

    I'm fairly new to the world of blogging ( and was excited to find such a fun, smarta## site! You're an inspiration! All right if I mention you on my blog? Thanks, Laurel

  31. What a great non-post posting! I checked out the other sites that were mentioned in the mag along with yours. Appreciate the links. But really enjoy your site. It's one of my favs.

  32. Hi again holly! And thanks so much Carla, Amy, MB, Laurel & Moanna!

    I can't remember if I said this further upthread, but I've gotten more than one email complimenting the awesome friendliness and funniness of the people who come comment here. It really is what makes the site fun. As I'm getting worse lately about having the time to respond as often, I SO appreciate people stopping by to say hello or talk about what's on their minds. Thanks for dropping by!

  33. Happy anniversary! My grandparents were married on whatever the date of Thanksgiving was in 1907, and always celebrated the anniversary on Thanksgiving--hard to forget that one. Wishing you sixty years of happiness, too.

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

  34. Mary Anne, that was really sweet, thank you so much! (And sixty years would put us at 90 (Crab) and 98 (Lobster), so we better keep eating our veggies and taking good care of ourselves!)


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