November 22, 2007

Cranky Fitness: Blog Update!

Screw These Dumb Blocks, It's Time for Pie!

So, what's new at Cranky Fitness?

Hmm... same tired old cupcakes.... same unsophisticated design layout... same inability to post videos, create tabs, or move to a 3 fancy column format...

But wait!

What's that thing sitting there above this post? No, not the weird naked figures playing with blocks. Further up... Why yes, it appears to be a guest post, but nowhere on it does it say: Guest Post!

What does this mean?

Well, maybe nothing. It's an experiment. Cranky Fitness is trying to lure a new contributor to the blog, Mary, whom you already know from her witty comments, previous great guest post, and amusing blog Sheesh. Crabby is hoping to talk her into co-blogging, but for now, let's just say she's going to be hanging out here a bit and testing the waters.

Here's the deal: Crabby would love to have some company. She'd like Cranky Fitness to have plenty of Crab, but also other stuff too! She's thinking perhaps, eventually, a small team blog, one that encourages guest posts too, especially by writers who are funnier and better informed about Health and Fitness than Crabby is. So that readers don't have to put up with a million posts by Crabby, but can still check in pretty often and see new stuff posted.

Crabby, being both ambitious and slothful, would like Cranky Fitness to Grow and Grow, but she wants other people to do the work for her! Seems perfectly reasonable, doesn't it?

It's actually not all just laziness--Crabby would really like to spend some of the time she spends blogging getting back to her unfinished novel, or tackling her not-yet begun series of Crabby McSlacker self help books. But the blog has become a Really Important thing in the Crab's fairly uneventful life, and the last thing she wants to do is get too slacky and lose the great readers she already has.

(And yes, she is aware that normal people can do more than one thing at a time. But "normal" is an adjective very rarely used in the same sentence as "Crabby McSlacker.")

So Crabby will still be here, posting almost as much as usual, and maybe Mary will stick around too if we don't scare her off--and who knows, at some point there may be other regular or occasional contributors as well.

Of course this may be one of those ideas that Crabby announces with great fanfare and then fails to follow through on and has to retract later. But if somehow it happens, Crabby will have even more than usual to be thankful for next Thanksgiving!

(And if you haven't already done it, go read Mary's Holiday quiz!)

Have a Great Thanksgiving or a Happy Thursday!


  1. Does that mean less Mary on sheesh or MORE Mary in general?

    I'm praying for the latter :D

    Go Team Cranky!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Crabby. I'm sure we would eventually adjust to less of your postings, which are plenty funny, by the way, but, we will whine a lot about it.

  3. MAN you make me laugh.

    heres hoping you and yer lobster had a FANTASTIC thanksgiving.

  4. Thanks all! Thanks for stopping by over the holiday. And I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving (in countries where applicable) and didn't stuff themselves as full as I did!

    It totally snuck up on me too! Urrggh, so much for moderation.

  5. I did fine on Thanksgiving, it was the day before that got me...

  6. get off of blogger and on to wordpress, you will thank yourself immediately. trust me.

  7. Well Fab Grandma, doing well on thanksgiving is quite an accomplishment no matter what happened the day before!

    And Israel--I hear great things about wordpress, but last I heard, the free version doesn't allow ads, and I'm too cheap to spring for hosting! So blogger it is.


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