August 02, 2007

Quick Note: Two New Blog Finds

Is Crabby capable of writing a very brief blog post? She never has before--but who knows, anything is possible.

She really only has two things to say: Chew On That and Half-Fast. If you are the sort who visits the Comments section, clicks on Commenter profiles, and follows people to their blogs, you may recognize these as the blogs of Jim and Vanilla, respectively. They are both quite amusing writers, damn it.

Crabby would just as soon stop finding new health/fitness/nutrition blogs that are amusing. However, she feels it only fair to alert you to them when she does. She already has Fitness Fixation and Sister Skinny and Elastic Waist and so many others to contend with, she really didn't need these guys to come by and be all witty.

Anyway. That is all. See you tomorrow for the usual Friday silliness.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I look forward to the Friday silliness. I'm all about the silliness (as if you couldn't tell that from reading my blog.)

  2. Wow, I'm trying this out too this week. Figured I'd follow my own advice. Was it ever hard. I like to ramble on.. and on.. and well, you know. You manged well I see.

  3. Vanilla,
    You're welcome! Awesome blog.

    But when your posts run long, they're full of cool information and links and pictures and other goodness. Mine are just Crabby thinks blah blah blah. Blah blah blah. Blah. Oh yeah, and blah.

  4. I will check out vanilla and Jim immediately.

    And Crabby, I always click on those blog links you provide! What a great way to find new friends... (wink wink hint-hint).

  5. You should vist my blog,, i love yours!

  6. Hi Katieo,

    I'm sometimes a link clicker and sometimes I'm lazy about it myself. It's interesting looking at people's outclicks to see which links actually get clicked on. (Haven't run into that on Statcounter but they have it on the MyBlogLog widget). Not always the ones you'd think!

    Thanks for visiting, Hungry Waif.

    And Good Morning Leah! Yep, always more places.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Hi Anonymous,
    We're starting to get just a little too close to spam here... it's a fine line. Links from regular visitors are fine; directly-related links (like above) from new visitors are a little sketchy and could go either way; but massage chairs are pretty far afield from this post so I deleted. But thanks for visiting.

  9. Thank you for the recommendation! You've made my day, crabby!

  10. Crabby, does this mean that I should refrain from posting a link to the new knife-selling pyramid scheme that I just joined?

    I'm going to be so rich!

  11. Vanilla,
    At first glance I thought you were saying something about a knife-swallowing pyramid scheme and I was wondering how the hell that worked!

    But at least for now, you have honorary linking privileges to any weird crap on the web you want to link to. Go nuts!

  12. Oops, sorry Jim, missed you there hiding behind the glass with the cute little paper umbrella in it. You're welcome!


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