August 06, 2007

Cranky Fitness, On the Move!

In one sense, Cranky Fitness is "on the move" because Crabby has a guest post over at Diet Blog today. Sorry for the extra click! Crabby hopes you dial-up people will forgive her these inconvenient blog relocations.

The post over there is about Eco-Running. Crabby hadn't heard of it, but she found out about it over at Crunchy 'Nana's! (For those of you who frequent the Comments section, that's the very fine blog hosted by "Norabarnacle."

But Cranky Fitness is also "on the move" in the sense that its author, Crabby McSlacker, is physically relocating for a few months. The blog itself will stay put, but Crabby, who has been mostly a West Coast Crab, will be joining the long-suffering Lobster in Washington D.C.!

The Lobster is actually more of a Go-Getter than the Crab, and has Gone and Gotten herself a consulting gig involving Managerial and Technological Things that Crabby's tiny crab brain can't entirely comprehend. But the bottom line is: an exciting adventure for the Crab! New neighborhoods, new stores, new restaurants, new exercise routines, new time zones, new weather--all kinds of Bright Shiny Newness!

However, as a McSlacker, Crabby is easily overwhelmed by anything resembling a "task" or a "chore." Transitions of any sort tend to involve them. So there may be a few interruptions in service. She apologizes. She is hoping to bring in occasional Guest Posts, so that even when Crabby is McSlacking, or Taking Care of Things, the lights will still be on most days at Cranky Fitness.

By the way, she hears it is hot and humid in D.C. during the summer. Crabs do not cope well with hot and humid! Perhaps it is an instinctive fear of being thrown into boiling pots of water. Any advice from those who are used to it will be helpful.

She is also curious about whether her readers like to Move Around every now and then or whether they prefer to Stay Put?

Anyway, Crabby leaves Wednesday morning. There will be a post tomorrow (it was the one she accidentally deleted a few days ago), but there may be some Slackitude mid-week until Crabby gets settled. Please keep checking in, frequently, obsessively even--because you know she will soon be back! She misses you all too much when she is gone. And if posting is a bit more "relaxed" over the late summer and early fall, and rest assured Crabby is feeling very badly about it.

Any comments about Eco-Running, Adventures, Chores, Transitions, or Any Damn Thing at All are of course always appreciated.


  1. I've actually always wanted to move and try a new city, but I have a great job and couldn't imagine giving it here we stay until I learn to dislike this place or something really super off the charts comes up!

    Good luck with the move and I'm sure Crabby will adapt.

  2. Well, good luck with the move then! I hope it will be a pretty good experience, and that you'll like it there. :)

  3. Cool! I like DC. We go there quite a bit; we have friends down there. Good luck with the move!

  4. Go with a sense of adventure, as it looks like you are, and you'll be fine.

  5. Crabby,

    I live in New York City
    D.C. is my second favorite city.

    All that history and it is never boring.

    I hope you enjoy your stay.

    As to the humidity, we have our share of that here in the Big Apple. During the summer, I watch the weather forecast very carefully, and adjust my day accordingly. Tomorrow it will be 92 and humid, so ordinarily I would not go out of doors at all, but my oldest grand-daughter is celebrating her fifth birthday, so out I go. (I heard there will be cake.)

    Also, humid days get worse as the day drags on, so any outdoor chores and exercise should be done early. And exercise away from traffic if you can. (parks, bridal paths, etc.) Humid plus car exhaust equals trouble breathing.

    Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. All that humidity leeches the water right out of you.

    Fortunately autumn will be here in about six weeks and that will be gorgeous.

    Great luck with the move and greater luck still to the lobster with her project.


  6. I terribly dislike the packing and unpacking part. The fresh start and reason to go out shopping to make my house homey is the best part. Right now my husband and I have lived in the same place for 8 years. It is a lifetime record for both of us. Before this our record was 2 ½ years. Needless to say I am getting pretty buggy! We really enjoy fixing things up and doing projects around the house. Now it is not as fun because when you curse the person that did the shoddy job before you…well, it’s you! Enjoy your move!

  7. I moved around a lot when I was a young adult, as long as it was in a 30 mile radius. I'm Montreal born and bred and have never lived anywhere else. I've not felt the urge to move anywhere else.

    My husband and I did toy with the idea of moving to New Zealand when we were first married. The NZ government was aggressively recruiting Canadian nurses at the time. Obviously, we never followed through on that. I've come to the conclusion that I'm a real homebody. I love to travel, but I hate being away from my home.

    Have fun in DC. We're driving by there in September on our way to North Carolina and then a week later on our way back. If you look out the window in the direction of the highway at the right time, I'll wave. :-)

  8. I moved from California to Florida during the about climate change I thought the humidity was going to kill me...but after 7 years I actually enjoy the weather now -- you'll adapt, and D.C. is a great city; I go there a lot for business...

  9. DC huh. My sis just went there and said the drivers suck so be careful. If my favorite Crab got run over while trying to jog I would be ever so sad. And squashed crabs are not as healthy as the non-squashed variety.

    Sis said it was a bit whacked out; but you'll likely find lots of good blogging material that way. Good luck with the move. I hate moving.

  10. i've lived in the MD/DC area all my life and guess i'm just used to the humidity... yea, it sucks in the summer but come oct/nov -- its a beautiful place to be... gotta love the redskins! :o)

    as for moving, i've pretty much lived in 3 places: during college, 2 years after college, and back home... my b/f wants to go to back to pittsburgh, where he's from, and the thought of leaving my mom and my friends just sickens me...

  11. DC has many beautiful parts. The view of the government buildings from the East along the river makes one proud! The whole Smithsonian complex is fabulous. The main train station is a city unto itself, with a food court that is unbelievable! I did blow out a radiator hose there on July 4th on Dupont Circle of all places, but hey, comedy=tragedy+ time! Best of fun and luck!!

  12. I've lived in the same house almost my entire life. Keep in mind that I'm a cat and was born in the spring of 2001. In the scheme of things that isn't particularly long.

    Anyway, we're moving this fall. I'm not thrilled as Karen is packing and cleaning and painting and doing things merely that drive me crazy. When she's ready to lay carpet (or have someone lay carpet for her), we have to "stay at grandma's" (gag). Karen is so inconsiderate of our needs. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

    -- P

  13. I am definitely jealous of a certain crab! DC tops my list of favorite cities I've been to, and it seems once I graduate college there's a great chance I'll be moving to DC for some great job opportunities.

    Maybe in the future I'll pass a crab on the street.

  14. Oh.. just a few months. Hah! I always skim over the important details. So... nix the last part of my post :)

  15. I'm jealous, Aaron's been there a couple of summers for internships. I think he wants us to move back there eventually. No mountains though. and the humidity! YIKES! I loathe humidity. I would stay indoors constantly.

  16. Amanda,
    And great jobs are hard to find! But who knows maybe an even better one in an Exciting New place will lure you away someday.

    Kery, thanks!

    Hey eh, yeah, it's seems like a cool city. For now, just temporary, but who knows what the future will bring.

    Thanks Leah!

    I love NY too--got to live there for a couple of years and really loved it. Good advice on the early outings and the hydration!

    Thanks Holly!
    I hate packing too--fortunately this time it's not a permanent "move" so at least it's just packing a bunch of suitcases and not a whole house.

    We sound similar in that the Lobster and I tend to get antsy if we live the same place too many years. We've been lucky to have some mini-adventures like this upcoming few months in DC--which will be great, because we've been in our current house for a number of years and are due for something different!

    Back in a little bit...

  17. I used to live in DC (well Virginia, but I worked in DC). I really liked it there, so I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself.

    I've moved so many times I have it down to an artform. When I first left home I moved to NYC, then Boston, and then DC. Now I'm in New Jersey. Of course I don't have much to move, most of my stuff is in storage, and only the essetials go along.

  18. Hi Marijke,
    Montreal is a great city, so no wonder you haven't strayed. New Zealand would be wonderful too--especially now that we have a good Kiwi friend! And yes, do wave as you go by!

    Brian, so you really got used to it? That's encouraging. Not for this visit in particular, since it's only a few months, but the Lobster and I sometimes think about Heading East on a more permanent basis someday.

    Thanks, Jennifer, will keep my eye out on traffic! We lived in NYC for awhile so am at least somewhat used to more aggressive drivers. For us West Coasters it's an adjustment since at least in CA, pedestrians pretty much rule.

    Hi Jodi!
    Yeah, I hear fall is great there. And it seems like there's so much going on! Sure hope you don't have to leave friends and family behind for... Pittsburgh.

    Thank you, Dr. J! Am really looking forward to all of that--except for the radiator blowout! Glad you have a sense of humor about it.

    Okay, lunch time, back soon!

  19. Treat it like an adventure and you'll be fine. You're going to have a hundred new things to post about and it's going to be fun!

    Keep in mind all the advice about staying hydrated. A dehydrated crab is not a pretty sight!

  20. Penelope,
    So sorry, moving is indeed annoying for cats.

    Perhaps your new place will have new nooks and crannies to explore.

    If you can't escape on moving day (always best in terms of causing Maximum Impact and reminding people of your Importance) perhaps you can find a tiny little hidden space in the new place to go sulk in for a few days until Karen really starts to worry. She should of course be punished for causing you inconvenience!

    Hi Jessica!
    Hey, who knows--the Crab could end up anywhere in a few years, and the East Coast is not out of the question. Hope you end up in DC or somewhere similarly fun after you graduate!

    Yeah, there's the mountain problem and the hot and humid summer thing. But everywhere seems to be about tradeoffs, and just think of all the Learning Opportunities there are for kids there! Glad Aaron had a good time there--perhaps some day you'll have an adventure there too.

    Hi Noah,
    Wow, you've lived some very cool places! (And before anyone makes a crack about New Jersey--I spent a very pleasant 9 months in Madison New Jersey--and it was quite pretty there!)

  21. Hi Dawn!

    Thanks for the encouragement--I think it will be a blast. We've visited DC before and enjoyed it a lot, but there was just too much to see and do. And yes, Crabs need lots of water!

    We do have to tempt you into traveling to the states one of these days, perhaps for a blogging conference, or more likely, on your International Book Tour.

  22. DC is nice-- so much to see and do! But it's expensive!

    As for the humidity, nothing much you can do but try to stay indoors with the a/c on full blast. Expect your hair to suck for the rest of the summer, no matter what its style or texture.

    The big problem with humidity is that your sweat doesn't evaporate. Since evaporation is what cools your body, you can get overheated quick. And having a wet, clammy shirt pasted to your back sucks even worse than humidity hair.

    But just keep reminding yourself that rich women in Phoenix pay hundreds of dollars a session for steam facials. The American South provides them for free!

  23. Thanks Jim!

    And Bunnygirl, that is too funny. I'm due for a haircut, so perhaps if I'm going to have crappy hair no matter what I should should just skip it and save some money?

    I'll try to look on the bright side and say "spa, spa, nice relaxing spa" every time I find myself stepping outside into a sauna.

    Oh wait, when I go to a spa, I never go in the sauna! Because I hate heat and humidity...

  24. I am a native Washingtonian who escaped to the suburbs of Maryland. I live about 20 minutes from the city. As you know, Maryland is well known for the blue crab so you will have plenty of company. While you are visiting, you'll find great crabs at the Wharfs downtown. I have great memories of picking up bushels of live crabs, bringing them home and watching them crawl all over the floor. The crabs are excellent this year so do try some. And yes, it has been a dreadfully hot summer, but after around 8 or 9, it's fine and it's actually a great time to visit the momuments-very pretty after dark. Have fun!

  25. Thanks, Terri!

    Great advice, and thank you for sparing Crabby the story of whatever may have happened to the crabs after they were last seen cavorting on the kitchen floor.

    Evening walks, after it cools down, are definitely on the agenda! We're staying a few blocks from Georgetown and lots of things appear to be within walking distance. And night time monument visits sound like a great idea!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  26. Hi crabby! I've lived in DC for the last 10 years, and I love it. It's a crazy little town (crazy in a sort of schizophrenic sort of way).

    It's also great for fitness freaks. You'll find people out running, cycling & skating at 3am. There's nothing like a midnight jog around the monuments when there's a full moon.

    Anyway, if you need advice on what to do & where to go, feel free to hit me up.

  27. Hi Aery!
    That's great news that it's a fitness-friendly town. My first order of business is to find an air conditioned gym! Glad you're lovin' it in DC (though it sounds like the heat & humidity are getting bad, huh?) and thanks so much for stopping by!

    Very cool blog you have, btw.

  28. I just (as in less than 2 weeks ago) moved out of DC, to the midwest. Prior to that I was on the west coast, and prior to that western Pennsylvania, so I've moved around a reasonable amount. I hate packing, and unpacking isn't great fun either, but sometimes it just has to be done (and I like to count it as exercise, since I'm generally not going to the gym during those times...). DC is actually my favorite so far--hope you enjoy your time there!

  29. Thanks, Janedoe4!

    So far, I'm really liking it--there's so much to see! It's a temporary move for now, but we're already starting to speculate what it would be like to live here more permanently.

    Good luck settling in in the midwest! And yeah, I'd say moving counts as exercise--the stress calories alone must count for something!


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