August 09, 2007

CrabApple Confusion!

The Crab has landed! However, she will need a day or so to get settled and caught up, so she is sorry to send you away, once again, for a Guest Post elsewhere.

Have you all discovered Mark's Daily Apple yet? It is a great health site full of much more information than Crabby ever manages to find about anything. However, the site is also frequented by people who are Very Serious about Health, and Crabby finds herself somewhat intimidated when she visits. If you go over yesterday's guest post by the Crab, you can marvel as Crabby attempts to justify her Use of Splenda and Eating of Cupcakes to folks who actually enjoy their big salads every day!

Crabby will, she hopes, be back with a "real" post soon! Thank you all for your patience.


  1. Welcome back, Crabby!

    I agree with you about Fuming Fuji. But, ooh, dark chocolate is not at all meager. It's highly-concentrated hardcore awesomeness. :D

  2. Cupcakes are a gift from the Universe.
    There comes a point when we should remember that we have five physical senses and the gustatory sense is as important as any of 'em.

  3. Although the extra click is, at times, strenuous, I am glad you're off visiting and making guest posts. The rest of the world needs a good dose of Cranky wisdom

    (Not to mention a few Splenda sweetened cupcakes. Yum, excitotoxins!! Maybe I'll write a post on that topic. Neurons need a lil excitement too!)

    Besides -- all that extra clicking uses calories. It nearly counts as a workout. So carry on, dear Crab!


  4. Hi Crabby - just popping in to let you know I nominated you for a blog award (when you get caught up you can check it out).

  5. "It is a great health site full of much more information than Crabby ever manages to find about anything."

    Good information or more like T.V. guide kind of information? :-)

  6. Loved the post!

    I've learned a lot about my eating habits and what certain foods do to me since having gestational diabetes. One very important thing I've discovered is that I'd rather have a little bit of the Real Thing, than a whole bunch of the Diet/Diabetic Modified To Be Sort Of Like The Thing (the exceptions being Coke Zero and Diet Mountain Dew - I like fizzy, cold drinks). It's much more satisfying.

  7. Hi Chicken Girl!
    Actually, you're right, dark chocolate is quite yummy! But I find when you get way way high up there in the cocoa percentages it starts to taste more like a supplement and less like a treat. But then I'm a noted sissy about bitterness!

    Leah, Yeah! And thanks for visitng me over there you guys, that was sweet! (And not artificially sweetened, either).

    Hi Mindtweaks chick,
    I haven't gotten a chance to properly say hello and welcome to the newer visitors as I've been a bit disorganized of late, but I appreciate your comments! And excitoxins do sound sort of intriguing, don't they? As long as something's going to be a bit toxic, let it at least be exciting.

    Hi Lady Rose,
    Well thank you! I shall have to pop over ASAP and find out what it's about.

    Hi John,
    Well, I keep finding really informative stuff over there, though as I said, I'm probably a little less hardcore natural and "crunchy" in outlook. They also seem to have a great sense of humor, too, which I really appreciate.

    Hi Lisa!
    So many of you are so much more sophisticated and sensible about the fake food issue. But I find that at least for certain junk food treats, the low-cal fake versions work just as well for me and save a few calories.

    And as a general update, despite the weather, I'm loving D.C. so far! We're staying not far from Georgetown & Dupont Circle and there's so much to explore. Just wish it would cool the f*ck down so I could go outside without getting drenched in sweat!

    I've noticed that some great new visitors have stopped by in the last few days and have not been properly welcomed! I'm also a bit behind (ok, way behind) in blog visits. Lots of intriguing new ones to check out and some old favorites and I can't wait to get back to!

    Thanks all, for your patience.

    Oh yeah, and I need to write some posts at some point too!

  8. Crabby, you have superpowers to post amidst a move. I just assumed you'd take a *couple* of days off! You need to have a little superhero cape attached to your little crab's neck.

    and I agree with mindtweaks chick. I love to see more people getting to know the crab!

  9. Thanks Katieo!
    Although I have to confess, this is somewhere in between a "move" and a "trip." The amazing Lobster found us a 'corporate' apartment with most of the essentials already here, so it's been really more a matter of packing my own stuff, arranging for house-sitting, etc. But I tend to be a big ol' whiner about anything that resembles a "chore!"

  10. It's supposed to rain tonight and be cooler tomorrow! Woo!

    Glad the flight went well.

  11. Oh, and I forgot to actually comment on the guest post-- I hate Splenda (only because it has a bad aftertaste) but I totally had watermelon and cheese and toast for breakfast and fries at lunch. I eat well about 90% of the time, but mmmmboy, sundaes.

  12. Hi Sarah!
    Hooray for rain! I couldn't believe the heat yesterday. We went for a long walk after dinner last night and at 10 pm, we passed a bank thermometer and it said 93 degrees. I'm not used to being drenched on evening walks unless it's actually raining.

    And I'm with you--if you're doing 90% healthy, enjoy the darn fries every now and then!

    (I used to hate Splenda too, and only got used to it recently, and only in some things. But for some reason it works great in coffee for me, whereas before I used to dump in a ton of sugar).

  13. The Crab has landed! And we all heaved a sigh of relief to know that the Crab and her loyal Lobster are safely back on the ground. Enjoy, enjoy - and stop posting for a day or two while you get settled in. We'll be sitting round the Crab pool dangling our feet in the water when you get back.

  14. Excellent idea, Dawn!
    I've got a post for today, but I may be spending a bit more time away from the blog in coming days and weeks--the problem is tearing myself away. (A problem you may yourself be familiar with!)


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