August 16, 2007

Arrgh! No Internet!

So this post is not the usual Friday Roundup, which is half-written and will likely remain unfinished. The sporadic internet access problems Crabby was having for the last few days? They are no longer sporadic but now are continuous. She lost her connection midmorning and it is still gone.

The issue seems to involve her computer's inability to connect to the LAN or something like that; Crabby does not quite understand it all. She was using wireless but that too has ceased to function.

This sad little update is being composed on the Lobster's laptop computer, which works just fine! Unfortunately, the Lobster needs her computer for an actual job. It is hard for Crabby to ask: "Could you please stay home from work, Lobster, so that Crabby may attend to her blogging duties?"

So Crabby will do the best she can to get the Damn Thing fixed. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon! Thank you all for your patience. (And to hell with her HP laptop which has already required three expensive repair bills even though it is only two years old!)


  1. You have my sympathy, dear! We've been dealing with router issues all week with our stupidly expensive Comcast. Grrr... For what they charge, I want it perfect, every time!

    I hope you get your internet fixed soon!

  2. Don't worry Crabby! It will merely be an inconvenient speed bump on the information super highway of your blogness!

  3. Crabby,

    Do not stress. Such is life. We will be here when the problem with your Internet access is corrected. Unless of course at that moment we are having access problems of our own.


  4. Sorry; you are living my worst nightmare :(

  5. Bummer! But, what this means is (on top of frustration and irritation) you have more time to explore and soak up your new Crab home! Yay!

    Have you tried going online at the library? Not as convenient, and possibly not as easy to be creative there, depending on your style, but it could work for you.

  6. Dang that's annoying. I feel your frustration. Maybe the Universe is telling you to spend more time exploring the new place?

  7. Argh! I am kind of a junior hacker. I wish I could be there to help! *wrings hands*

  8. we'll sit here patiently waiting for your blogs - imagine a group of happy pups sitting and then jumping and doing the dance of joy when you reappear. :-)

  9. Hey Crabby,

    I too have an HP laptop--our main computer is a lovely iMac--and though it hasn't had to be repaired it is THE MOST ANNOYING machine. I've had to use it for the last two weeks while I'm here at the festival.

    I know you can get online at the library, but if my experience counts for anything, you'll probably be hovering over your damn laptop all day being on hold with online tech support.

    My sympathies as well.

    And on a health-related note, I'm thrilled to be able to report that I took a lovely hike the other day down to the Hudson River and there's the most beautiful falls on the way down. I also got some nice rocks. (I mean real rocks--that didn't come out right.)

  10. ugh, i've been having issues too - sometimes i can access pages and sometimes, i cannot... makes me so angry, paying for something that doesn't work (unless its my comptuer then damn!)... thank god i have access at work... ;o)

  11. Poor crabby. I'll have a drink in your honor tonight.

  12. Never fear. I shall immediately dispatch a LOLCat to fix the problem.

  13. oooo, so frustrating!!!

    and I'm such a sucker for those cheeseburger cats Chicken Girl! lol!

  14. I couldn't help but notice, my dear Crab, that within seconds of touching down in your new city you were back at the blog. I agree with Leah. I think the universe and whichever gods commune with Crabs are telling you to get out for a walk, to take in the sensory impressions of your new home.

    And no it wouldn't be nice to wrestle the Lobster's laptop off her!

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. Oh boy, some entertainment for while we're waiting for Crabby to get back. :/

  17. Argh, Crabby, I'm so sorry to hear of your computer woes! Last year was my year of computer hell -- my hard drive died, our ISP started sucking golf balls through garden hoses and we had to switch, and all manner of minor annoyances. Misbehaving computers are a huge pain in the butt. I hope you're back up and running soon!

  18. I'd be willing to bet that Vera's last name isn't City.* But it was kind of her to send her best regards.

    And I'm miffed about this lack of useful Cranky reading material. At this rate I'm going to have to do something drastic, like go for a bike ride or even Clean the Kitchen.


  19. Thanks everybody! I'm borrowing the Lobster's laptop after a weekend of computer hell in which I finally just said "forget it" for a while and followed sensible reader suggestions and went out and explored more of DC instead. (OK, my actual words were much more crude than "forget it").

    And I've just deleted lovely Vera's comment, much as I'd like to start making Adult magazine recommendations to readers. "Porn Sundays at Cranky Fitness!" What do you guys think?

    So it's so great to log in and find so many funny and supportive comments over the last few days! Unfortunately I don't think I have time to answer them all, and I just can't seem to get the hang of picking out individual ones and leaving others unacknowledged. I know other bloggers do it, but I just can't! So I seem to have to go all or nothing-- either for a particular post or a particular time period.

    But how fun to get back on the web and find you all here!

    I have a new somewhat lame post in the works that I should be able to post tomorrow (monday) morning before the Lobster scurries off to work with her laptop. I hope you all can bear with me 'til this gets fixed!


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